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The Keep of Belial



Level range

45 - 50


Area description

High Priestess Sonoria,

I am writing to you with great urgency as I have discovered a true oddity. It appears that the northern lands which were shaken hardest by the Shattering have unearthed an ancient Keep. Nestled within the tall pines of the north is a keep without a castle, and whilst the keep is normally created to protect against intrusion, this one appears quite the opposite.

I have inquired as to the nature of the history of the keep to the few locals in vain, none shall speak of it save one, who vanished shortly after my inquiries. His words were cryptic nonetheless I shall relay them to you here in hopes of shedding some light on this situation. His words were spoken with great reverence, yet nare above a whisper:

"There will be those drawn to the Keep. The lovely virgins who seek to serve Him and become His concubine, those that thought to bathe in His dark and loathesome power, and those that thought to conquer Him only to fall at His hand. And that evil shall be named... "

May the Gods Bless and keep us all.