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Keep of Lomar



Level range

0 - 65


Area description

During the dark time of the human race, the bands of humans feared daily the raids from the surrounding orc tribes. It was a time of chaos and dread, when no man could step foot outside at night without risking a blade in his back, or an arrow through his heart.

The human leaders came together and decided that in order to protect their people, they had to unite and build a place to defend themselves properly. A secret location was chosen, and a sturdy keep was built along the Westwick River. The remnants of all the human clans retreated to the keep and managed to elude many of the orc tribes. The ones that discovered the keep were in for a hard battle.

Eventually, peace came, and the humans scattered away from the confinement of the keep. They went on to build great cities, some as nearby as Ofcol. Soon, only a handful of families were left in the keep. Most of its wartime armaments were dismantled and it settled back into a small, tight knit community.

It remains there today, forgotten in the memories of many, but still a stronghold for humanity should the need rise again.

This area is home to a Nation and may not be accessible by all races.