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Major Oak



Level range

10 - 20


Area description

Cities, ever growing and prospering attract the attention of merchants,consumers, traders and their money. In an effort to get a good deal for their merchandise, merchants travel from city to city, selling where they can find good demand. Likewise, the consumers that can afford to, travel in search of good prices. The cities themselves are often well guarded for the protection of their citizens, guests and visitors. The trade routes between the trading centers become the ideal place for thieves to wait in ambush for these migrating sources of wealth. Major Oak, a very large, hollow tree in the Forest of Tears, is one of these great ambush locations. Overlooking the Western Trade Route, the enormous oak is home to a well known, admired and feared band of outlaws that always manage to stay slightly out of the clutches of the city's guards while being everywhere that a wealthy merchant might be counting his coins. Rumours state that the tree is built on tunnels with secret exits leading to many ambushes as well as escape routes.