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Reomyr Village



Level range

0 - 65


Area description

Tamorl recalls:

During the early times in the Realms, the Pixie race led a peaceful existence in Kontaur. They spent their days with pandas, otters, and members of the other Sylvan races. It was not long before the Balrogs and Carnifex laid siege to the peaceful Realm of Kontaur.

The Pixies and other Sylvan races fled the onslaught to settle in the Pixie Forest. Handing control to a quasit, they lived in peace for a time. Soon, however, the destruction of this peaceful abode could be seen in the near future. Sensing this, a brave young pixie named Reomyr gathered together other wise and foresighted pixies. Together they constructed the Village of Reomyr.

The Village is said to be hidden somewhere within the Pixie Forest. Rumor has it that Reomyr still resides in the Citadel in the city's center, keeping watch over the race he helped save. It is said that he advises the new leaders of their history and of the future, in hopes that the wisdom he grants will aid the leaders in carrying on the race he has served for so many years.

This area is home to a Nation and may not be accessible by all races.