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The Sands of Teracchei



Level range

0 - 60


Area description

Separated from all other worlds by a portal, Teracchei thrives amidst spiraling towers and a desert climate. Hardened by their tough existence, the gith who live in this growing city war between each other, split by race. The githzerai defenses slowly crumble before the encroaching darkness that is the githyanki might, led by the demi-lich queen. Trapped between the two factions, the Pirates of the Gith deviously fund their own survival by selling necessities to both sides, at a price. As with vultures, the gith feast off any who wander into their harsh realm, picking over the remnants of old corpses. Leaving their plane in search of adventure, gith nobles seek, kill and consume all others who are not of their race. Hating all others who are different, few gith survive in this plane without learning the fundamental laws of greed and fierce loyalty to ones self.

This area is home to a Nation and may not be accessible by all races.