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Scourge of Time



Level range

50 - 50


Area description

Since the origins of life, the mysteries of time have managed to swiftly elude any mortal attempts to decipher them. Following the Githyanki's brutal massacre of the village of Brokovia however, a spirited, desperate survivor sought revenge against the Gith. She devoted herself to the practices of Infernalism in an attempt to uncover the puzzle of Time, hoping to travel to the past and rescue her village. As her studies progressed, she became unable to control her thoughts and actions. She came to realize how to travel through time, yet her evil mannerisms aroused the anger of Father Time. The ancient lord banished her from traveling in time forever because of her demonic powers. Unable to complete her quest, the demoness Malsangre now wanders the Astral Plane, slaying the Gith and sending willing travelers back in time against her new foe, Time itself. In fear of her threats, the Father has generated a massive defense to protect the sanctity of his realm.