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Seth's Fortress



Level range

20 - 50


Area description

Terrifying. Awe inspiring. Majestic. Legendary. Throughout the Ages, these are but a few of the words used to describe the Dread Lord Seth and his black fortress. His schemes in the past allowed him to obtain vast powers from now dead Gods. He has brought to his banner beings of unquantifiable power in preparation for the day when he will, at long last, bring his will to bear upon the Realms.

The Dread Lord has, in addition to an impressive cadre of minions, a daunting fortress in which to dwell. A small but loyal faction of priests dwell by the entrance. Beyond the priesthood lies the Chaos Maze, a swirling mass of corporeal chaos where direction and logic have no meaning. What lies beyond is only for those who possess might and knowledge beyond the scope of the common man.

In recent years, the Fortress was warped and changed by new servants. The increase in the Dread Lord's powers were never fully understood. Now the Shattering has come to pass and the Fortress stands strangely quiet between the Southern Peaks.