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Tayalardian Rangelands



Level range

25 - 50


Area description

So, on a slow afternoon, a dwarven ranger came into the shop, furtive and wanting to sell some information about a new land in the Realms. Only after a large infusion of gold did the ranger describe a vast and circular impenetrable white barrier of light. Her beardedness dubbed the place "the Tayalardian Rangelands" from a translated rock carving. She hadn't the faintest idea where the place had come from. Its arrival was violent and sudden, and her sources told her that the astral plane was shaken. However, the disturbance quickly settled down and since then the Rangelands have quietly existed, peacefully obscure and mysterious. I couldn't wrangle the exact location from her, but she hinted that it was somewhere south of Darkhaven. It'd probably be an interesting place for one to wander around provided you found a way inside.

- A story told by Bodschek while drinking at The Grim Smile.