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Tribal Swamplands



Level range

1 - 50


Area description

Deep in the heart of the southern swamps lies the entrance to the ancestral homelands of the lizardmen. It is said that these elusive creatures gather here to chant in a tribal ritual, which often requires the devouring of human flesh. Guarded by their own kind, the lizardmen can come together here safely, without fear of intrusion by their enemies.

During the Age of Eskhatos, the eggs of the lizardmen ceased to bear progeny. As the shells were cracked by anxious elders, every child was found dead and deformed. The lizards looked through the night sky and saw the ominous Tower of Despair at the edge of their marsh. Their instincts were true, for the toxins generated from the black magicks used therein poisoned and destroyed the future generations of lizardmen. Perhaps with the passing of the Shattering, the race may revive...only time will tell.

This area is home to a Nation and may not be accessible by all races.