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A beast who is idle will not long survive. A beast that takes more than it needs to live will soon find it has wasted what it needed to survive. The barbarians, who live as the beast does, know this as fact. They fail to comprehend how the towndwellers, with their bizarre magics and supposed book-wisdom, can not understand. To the barbarians, the decadence and selfishness of the towndwellers seems foolish. A life where the best interest of the individual surpasses the survival of the tribe is unthinkable. Though towndwellers would consider the barbarian life uncivilized and crude, it is a simpler way of life based on tradition, honor and duty to the spirits. The strength, courage and hardiness of the barbarian is honored only when it serves these beliefs.

Favoring the region of Tar'pa Cithm over Darkhaven, barbarians enter the world in a more harsh environment. Therefore only experienced Realms of Despair players are encouraged to play this class.


Barbarians live in a daily struggle for survival. Strength is their foremost requirement, but constitution to endure long hunts and harsh living is a close second. Barbarians do not waste their time on idle pursuits like study and are deficient in intelligence as a result. As such they are unable to read or recite scrolls. Their superstitions concerning magicks render them highly susceptible to spellcasters and unable to use magic items.


By foregoing the strength of weapons in favor of their own bodies, Barbarians are able to inflict incredible pain on their opponents using their bare hands.

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Barbarians may join Orders, Sects, or a Tribe or Band.

Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.