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Bladesingers are the result of years of training and dedication in the art of swordplay. Bladesingers rely on edged weapons for combat, eschewing other weapons as inferior. Fanatical devotion to this form of combat creates a magical bond between blademaster and weapon. The Bladesinger may infuse his weapon with powers beyond the ken of normal warriors. In order to keep their disciplines honed, Bladesingers only follow the deadly path.


The swordplay training of Bladesingers develops their dexterity to unimaginable levels. However, a strong blade in a weak hand is useless. As such, the Bladesinger's physical regimen also requires exceptional strength. The strict discipline and training of a Bladesinger leaves no room for chance. They do not believe in luck.


This skill allows the Bladesinger to attempt an additional attack each round for the next five rounds.

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Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.