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The Druid is a lover and protector of the natural land. Be it the forests full of centaurs and deer, the streams full of fish, or the bug-infested swamps, a Druid always strives to protect and preserve nature. Wielding spells drawn from the might of nature, druids are vigilant and dutiful. A Druid possesses spells capable of both healing and harming. They can soothe the pain of combat and provide sustenance for the weary. In times of combat they can quake the land and split the sky. The Shattering of the Realms, while devastating, has brought the druids more in tune with the world surrounding them. Their mastery of elemental skills has been greatly enhanced beyond their capacity in previous years. While not exponentially more powerful, the druids are certainly more diverse and stand ready to guard their shattered world.


A Druid is blessed with wisdom to aid in wilderness survival. Survival does not owe solely to wits. A Druid must be strong in body as well as mind. Dwelling in the bowels of nature has made the Druid exceptionally hardy. They possess extraordinary constitution. However, their time spent in the woods among the creatures has done little for their social graces. Druids tend to be gruff, blunt and occasionally odoriferous. Charisma is not their strong point.

Dorn Nadur

Using the strongest of magic available to the shaman, a Druid is able to summon a force of nature to strike at an opponent.

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Druids may join Orders, Sects, or the Guild of Druids.

Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.