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A Ranger is an outdoorsman and adventuresome spirit in a time of troubles. A self-sufficient person, the Ranger is adaptable and can survive in almost any locale. Skilled with weapons and able to utilize some of the finest armor available, a Ranger is physically skilled enough to take on most any foe. However, for especially hardy opponents, a Ranger also can cast many useful spells to both hinder his opponent and aid himself. From minor curative magicks to blinding his enemy, the Ranger is one of the classes most adept at surviving on its own.


A Ranger typically travels light, but he has attained a strength equal to any Warrior if he should be required to carry more. Years spent surviving in the wilderness easily equal the strength training of a Warrior. A Ranger is served not only by his physical strength, but also his wisdom and knowledge of nature. Their solitary nature leaves little time for social skills among Rangers, and they are often seriously lacking in charisma.


This skill gives the ranger the ability to increase their dexterity beyond natural boundaries, making them the only class to effectively have two secondary stats.

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Rangers may join Orders, Sects, or the Guild of Rangers.

Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.