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The nomenclature of 'Thief' is often misleading. Those who follow this path are not mere pickpockets and burglars. For every bandit and swindler, there is also an assassin, a spy, or the occasional rogue who uses his skills for selfless motives. Despite these varied roles, all Thieves have common abilities. They are extremely effective combatants, possessing devastating attacks as well as excellent evasive maneuvers. Thieves are masters of stealth. When used in tandem with their ability to pry locks, a Thief can enter most any location undetected. The focused combat skills and stealth common to all Thieves makes them some of the most functional and feared characters prowling the Realms.


The life of a Thief is dependent on dexterity. Whether it be avoiding a foe, circling behind for the perfect backstab or carefully removing a trap, Thieves live by their agility. However, for those rare times when agility is not enough, many Thieves must live on their charm and ability to smooth talk the unwitting. For any Thief unlucky enough to be caught, charisma is an endowment that is sorely needed. Though thieves can lead lives of daring and adventure, it also requires someone who is not wise enough to realize how great the risk to their life and health being a Thief truly is. To say those who become Thieves are deficient in wisdom would be the most polite way to broach the matter.


A skill unique to Thieves, it inflicts damage comparable to backstab and can be used under certain conditions during combat. Circle requires a piercing or stabbing weapon.

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Thiefs may join Orders, Sects, or the Guild of Thiefs.

Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.