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12th Annual Realms of Despair Awards; Malkatov: Never Trust a Gnome ...; "Zombinotaurs"?

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	     [Editor]     |::|  | [This Issue's Writers]
	     Falennt      |::|  |  Threndil, Klaatu, Annale, Miyaki, Carvin
	                  |::|  |  Alinaryth, Minda 
	                  |::|  | 
	     [Sponsor]    |::|  | [Imm Contributors]
	     Falennt      |::|  |  Romani, Belkira, Stoneheft, Sepharoth
	                  |::|  |  Malkatov, Stoneheft
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	                  |::|  | 
	                  |::|  |  [Issue 153 March 2012]
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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

   Letter from the Pro tem Editor      - Romani          CRY3
   2012 Nation Olympics                - Romani          CRY3a
   Realms MSDP Plugin                  - Belkira         CRY3b
   The Symposium News                  - Emmalise        CRY3c

 Special Articles     
   Spotlight GoR - Threndil Interview  - Romani          CRY4-8 

 Nation News
   Khazad (Dwarf)                      - Stoneheft       CRY9-11
   Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)                - Klaatu          CRY12-16
   Quendi (Elf)                        - Annale          CRY17

 Orders, Guilds and Clans News         
   Arcanes                             - Minda           CRY18
   Baali                               - Alinaryth       CRY19-20
   Dragonslayer                        - Carvin          CRY21
   Excordis                            - Miyaki          CRY22

 Quest Contest News
   Cry of Despair Quest Results        - Sepharoth       CRY23
   March CoD Contest                   - Romani          CRY24
   Annual Desktop Art Contest          - Romani          CRY25

 Realms Living
   The Mobs of Darkhaven Word Search   - Romani          CRY26
   Channel Funnies                     - Various         CRY27
   Help file of the Month              - Annale          CRY28
   Never Trust a Gnome from Ofcol      - Malkatov        CRY29-31
   Annual Realms of Despair Awards     - Romani          CRY36-41

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Advertise with the Cry!                               CRY33
   Roleplay Wiki:      CRY34

  Cry of Despair Staff
   Write for the Cry                                     CRY35

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 Page 3    \/    From the Desk of the Editor 

As many of you have noticed Falennt is missing from this edition of
the CRY. Sadly, Falennt was in a car accident and has broken his arm.
He will be out for a couple months while he heals and has asked that
I fill in. 

If you have any submissions please send them to me via Mudmail, post
them to the board in the Town Hall or contact me if the articles are 
too large via email at

See the Quest section of the CRY for a related contest. 

Thank you, 


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 Page 4    \/    Threndil GoR Interview

 A Ranger is a hunter and woodsman who lives by not only his sword,
but also his wits. A Ranger should be kind and helpful, willing to help
his comrades and those in need in times of trouble. 

The Guild of Rangers boasts a band of avid explorers who encourage the 
unique combination of camaraderie and independence. Members fight with 
honor and skill for the sake of adventure. 

Interview with Threndil, leader of the Guild of Rangers: 

1. How long have you been on RoD? 
Born on: Sun Aug 24 01:16:47 2003

2. How long ago did you join your org?
Inducted on: Sat Sep 13 16:56:26 2003

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 Page 5    \/    Threndil GoR Interview

3. How long ago did you become the leader in your GoR?
I believe I was made Guild Second somewhere around mid January, 2008.
I made Guildmaster when Anomandaris resigned in October 2009.

4. How did you become the leader? 
I'm not sure.  I woke up one day with blood in my hands and a note from 
Gauther that said 'Hi, you're now Guild Second, I've left to live life as a
farmer, don't try to find me.'.

5. How have you changed your org? Or helped to keep it from changing?
At the moment I'm working on something that, with some help from the 
Immortal administration, I will be able to implement into the guild for
our Pledges (initiates).  It started a few years back, and granted 
I've procrastinated a lot, but I think it's nearly done.

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 Page 6    \/    Threndil GoR Interview

But I can't say what it is, or I'd have to kill you. 
Perhaps this will my legacy, the way I changed GoR in a positive way 
and kept it interesting enough to evolve. That said, the reality in the 
guild is that it's not just up to the leaders to decide things. It's 
organic, and to some extent I aim to keep it that way.  For example, 
during the previous administration members came up with the point system 
that we currently use. People chip in with knowledge about a mob, they 
lead the run and acquire the items we need for Gastoniv, our Guild Bot. 
This generates a surpluss of income to hold any activity. In the end 
we _all_ decide or devise a course of action-- whether a quest, a game, 
or a situation.  

6. How have you seen your org change over time?
It has become more stable, I'd say.  People have been relegated to the 
roles that are appropriate for them. These become more or less a constant; 

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 Page 7    \/    Threndil GoR Interview

anything else we do is extra. Although, in the past, we had more roles to 
fill and more people to fill them. Example: prior to the abolishment of 
induction quests, we had our RQC (Ranger Quest Council), which was in 
charge of making quests for our Initiates.  The interaction between quester 
and questee was clear. Although now we don't have a real excuse to torture 
them through quests, we still try to find ways to keep things interesting... 
through other forms of torture.

7. What would you say is the most fun about being in your org?
The people.  The games we play, the ideas they come up with. The interactions. 
But at this point, for me, above all, it's probably the memories accumulated 
during the many years I've been here.

8. What is the funniest thing that has happened in GoR?
That's privileged information. 

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 Page 8    \/    Threndil GoR Interview

9. Is there anything you would miss about not being a leader?
I suppose I would miss having the liberty to change something, or to host 
something.  Not like I ever lacked that in the past, in principle... but when 
else does one have the opportunity to just _do_ something, without having to 
trudge through the chains of command?  Not even in real life is it easy to 
portray an idea to someone in charge and having them immediately carry it out, 
as you would have done. 
10. Where do you see your org going/doing in the future? 
More quests, more activities. Hopefully more people as well, which would 
lead to more runs. We have everything we need, all that's left is having fun.
+1 Is the Guild of Rangers currently accepting applications?
We always are.  The more the merrier, as they say. Anyone above level 10 
can apply at any given time. Pledge soup is always something everyone enjoys
having here at GoR *egrin*

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 Page 9    \/    Dwarven News - Stoneheft 

A dwarven trade caravan caught my attention recently when I found them bribing
clerics for undead protection before setting off onto a trade journey.
What I could gather from them was that they took shelter from a blizzard in
the Mahn Tor keep. They were taken in to stay the night in exchange for some
weapons and armor bartered through Shmalnoth, but that's not important.  What
intrigues me is their fanciful story of what they witnessed during that long,
thunderous, stormy night. The caravan was made up of three boys from Edel's
Hammerarc family, and their uncle Crandon who led the trek and negotiated
with the buyers. They also had along one of the Petersens from the mountains
who was good with the mules and tended to them. What they say, when I can get
them to talk about it at all, is that the Petersen boy was heading out to check
on the mules in the middle of the night and saw that one of the Hammerarc boys
was sitting awake. The minotaurs hospitality was only extended so far as to
allow the dwarven party to shelter within the halls of the keep and that was
about it. Minotaurs are perfectly happy to sleep in sub-zero temperatures atop

(continued CRY10)

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 10    \/    Dwarven News - Stoneheft 

a slab of ice while their thick, heavy bovine fur protects them from the snow
that hardens to a crust atop their sleeping bodies but for the dwarves the
temperature was unbearably cold and miserable. The Hammerarc boy asked the
Petersen to keep an eye out for any straw, fur, linens or anything that they
might sleep on to keep them off of the chilling floor.

That's as much as I could get out of the boys, their terror made them unable to
speak any more of the story after this point. Crandon went on to say that when
he awoke, the thunder was crashing outside the keep.  Lightning flashes were
casting eerie, moving images across the floor and walls, the Petersen boy was
lying paralysed on the hallway floor appearing to be cocooned within a layer
of ice and there were, according to Crandon that is, dead minotaurs watching
them. When asked "Why do you say the minotaurs were dead?" he just gave me a
look of surprise and explained that nothing with its skull bashed in in that
way or its backbone severed that badly or frankly with its head so obviously
severed could possibly be alive. I looked to the oldest Hammerarc boy to see if

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 11    \/    Dwarven News - Stoneheft 

he was confirming this part. He looked terrified and said that the ghosts were
up near the ceiling guiding the dead minotaurs.  "Zombinotaurs" I corrected,
and he quit talking, completely. Some people don't know the benefit of a sense
of humour. I went to speak to the Petersen boy but his family asked me to leave
him alone. It seems the boy's completely deaf and dumb, now, has not responded
to word or noise since that night nor tried to communicate even with gestures
to anybody at all.

So, back to where we started, the Hammerarcs have hired a cleric from the north
to accompany their party. An older man, trained by Siven himself and a veteran
of the old Catacomb Unrest before the onset of the Juargan war.  This intrigues
me since, if true, it would suggest that the magical creation of the Minotaur
race has imbued it with such powerful dweomercraft that the bodies are subject
to rise after death when disturbed.  If one will confirm this, I'm interested.

*Signed in purple wax with the Gemstone crest* Stoneheft Gemstone

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 Page 12    \/    Uruk'hai Half-Ogre Nation News - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau for Jan. 2012
Dateline Opallinoc - Solstice Fest
Thanks to Klaatu the Benevolent and his underwriting half the cost of Meeka's
catering of edibles and libations. This allowed for a most joyous Solstice
Fest during these hard economic times. Great tales of exploration and conquests
of dragons for Duke Luther were told at the bonfire. An added bonus was the
reappearance of the Avatar of Thoric at the Great Bonfire. The Uruk'hai vaunted
prize from the last Nations Olympics. Once again the usual reminder for those
missing teeth, parts of ears and noses, to see Hapuka the Shaman ... he will
fix you up, but it will take a while. Lost weaponry is again with Recksne.
Dateline Darkhaven - Festivus Celebration
Once again the erection of the Pole took place at Darkhaven Square. This year
Two poles were erected !!! Twice the fun. The Airing of Grievances and Feats of
Strength took place as usual. The Festivus Raffle had many prizes and a last

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 Page 13    \/    Uruk'hai Half-Ogre Nation News - Klaatu 

minute flurry of ticket buying. Klaatu and Volstagg opened their coin purses,
the moths flew out, and both spent considerable sums on tickets. Alas, none of
of the combined tickets produced a winner, but an equal contribution of ticket
costs was donated to the Uruk'hai Welfare Fund ... a generous gesture.

From the Opallinoc News Bureau for Feb. 2012
Dateline Wastelands - Tayalardian Rangelands
While heading toward Camden, on the shores of the Sea of Sorrows, Zontar of
the Uruk'hai Expeditionary Force, came across groups of explorers searching
for the entrance to the Tayalardian Rangelands. Rumor has it that a large
circular white barrier of light appeared rather sudden and violent like.
The UEF will take on the task of finding a way past the barrier to see what
lies beyond the barrier.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14    \/    Uruk'hai Half-Ogre Nation News - Klaatu 
Dateline Darkhaven - Undead Slayers
Duke Luther has proclaimed a challenge on the Undead. Certain members of the
non-living have been marked for extermination. These dark beings ensnare
their victims with offers of false salvation to the desparate. They trick
the unwary into pain and suffering. Many have taken up the challenge, yet
the Undead are elusive in being discovered. 
Dateline Opallinoc - Mild Winter Offsets Poor Harvest
The mild winter weather (so far) has partially offset the poor Harvest. The
amount of fuels to heat the Uruk'hai huts and shelters has been modest. Well
below the usual amount consumed in the past. Foods bought or traded for have
been at adequate levels to keep the Opallinoc population fed. Plans are
being made in hopes of an early spring planting.

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 Page 15    \/    Uruk'hai Half-Ogre Nation News - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau for March 2012

Dateline Darkhaven - The Way It Started
Volstagg, the Catacomb Dweller, appeared before Judge Kendra on charges of
instigating a brawl at the Grim Smile Tavern. The Judge listened to the
prosecution's version and Ulren's statements of the events. Volstagg took
the stand and muttered the Oath of Truth. Judge Kendra then asked Volstagg
to relate his version of what happend. Volstagg said, "I entered the Grim
Smile Tavern and headed to an empty stool, motioning to Ulren for my usual.
As I started to sit down, something shoved me from underneath. I turned
and looked down, then I saw the DWARF. He looked up at me and gruffly said,
"I am NOT Happy!" To which I replied, "Well, which one are you? Dopey?"
Judge Kendra found Volstagg guilty and ordered him to pay Ulren for the
damages to the Grim Smile Tavern. Both Volstagg and the DWARF were ordered
to do community service and attend the "Ethics in Taverns and Inns" class.

(continued CRY16)

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 Page 16    \/    Uruk'hai Half-Ogre Nation News - Klaatu 
Dateline Opallinoc - Equinox Fest !!
The Uruk'hai High Council again invites all ogres to attend the Equinox
Fest in Opallinoc. Invitations have been sent to the Ogre Village near the
Keep of Mahn-tor and even to the ogres of the Old Swamp. Come prepared.
The stories of adventure and Lore are sure to captivate. The Uruk'hai High
Council has persuaded Klaatu, the Benevolent, to underwrite the costs of
Meeka's culinary delights and legendary swill.
You know when. You know where. Be there !!

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 Page 17    \/    Quendi (Elven) Nation News - Annale 

Upcoming Belthil
Preparations for the Quendi Belthil, the moonlight revel, are well underway. 
The Quendi would like to invite all friends of the Quendi to join the night of
March 17th, around 7pm EST.  It will be an evening of fun, filled with food,
drink and merriment as we celebration the moon.

Bitter Frost
A reminder to all to dress warmly for the upcoming Belthil as the unseasonably
cold weather continues.  The cause for the bitter frost is unknown, but with
any luck, it will abate soon.

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 Page 18    \/    Arcane News - Minda 

  :::.    :::::::..     .,-:::::   :::.   :::.    :::..,:::::: .::::::. 
  ;;`;;   ;;;;``;;;;  ,;;;'````'   ;;`;;  `;;;;,  `;;;;;;;'''';;;`    ` 
 ,(( '((,  (((,/((('  (((         ,(( '((,  (((((. '(( ((cccc '(==//((((,
c$$$cc$$$c $$$$$$c    $$$        c$$$cc$$$c $$$ "Y$c$$ $$""""   '''    $
 888   888,888b "88bo,`88bo,__,o, 888   888,888    Y88 888oo,__88b    dP
 YMM   ""` MMMM   "W"   "YUMMMMMP"YMM   ""` MMM     YM """"YUMMM"YMmMY" 
                       As One, We Are Strong
In recent(ish) news...   
The Order of Arcanes would like to welcome Solinar to the ranks of
leadership. Klessinia is our Lead Scout with Gawen acting as overseer,
and Minda is the Council of Light Leader, with Midori acting as
the advisor.
Arcanes is accepting applications. Please see Help Arcanes Inductions
for more information if you wish to apply

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 19    \/    Baali News - Alinaryth 

Ill Tidings From the Swarm,
With their new Obdurati Ba'al Shaugn taking up the mantle of leadership
in December and Sylletta being named the Angellis Ater, several old
players have been coming around again to help out and once more become
involved in the affairs of the Swarm.
These include Sinesto, Mekir, Warren, Alinaryth, as well as one returning
to their ranks, Cameryn. The Order has also seen a recent influx of new 
members Malugrym, Ducati, Calin, and Zafirbel. Not to mention those that
have stuck around and waited for a time like this Jethren, Leala,
Kelzher, and Zaknefien.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 20    \/    Baali News - Alinaryth 

We cannot forget the ever present Deity, Romani, for working at keeping
this malignant fete in line.  Once more Baali has been going out in groups
to take on the denizens of the Realms in the hopes of being able to procure
a nice bauble or trinket. Sometimes just in small groups, other times in
larger numbers. They are learning to work together and reap the benefits of
functioning as the Swarm.
Deep in the heart of the Cathedral of the Damned, darker things are being
plotted. Old and ancient powers left to slumber for centuries are sought out
in the hopes of liberation and revenge. A betrayal is in the works, while
one thought long dead seeks to rise once more.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 21    \/    Dragonslayer News - Carvin 


The second oldest organization in the realms yet still very much alive and
strong. We are currently seeking applicants who are active runners, questers,
and/or explorers. If you think you have what it takes to become a Dragonslayer
you should contact a member of of their induction council. All applications
will be reviewed. Dragonslayers have their own HQ known as the fabled
Blackraven Citadel, and are honored to carry their own Order equipment. Any
questions you may have can be directed to a leader or HoIC. 
The Order of Dragonslayers stands as a testament to Honor, Camaraderie, and
the Slaying of Dragons.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22    \/    Excordis News - Miyaki 

The toughest anyone's when you have to kill a loved one
just because they're the devil.
The tortured wailings of the demented welcome home the Excordis, who return
almost as mysteriously as they vanished, ready once again to subject the realms
to their "cleansing." Thats right be nice to us or we'll take over darkhaven
again lulz  
 Page 23    \/    Results of the CRY Quest - Sepharoth

Congratulations to our winners in the CRY Quest. The questors worked hard to
to keep the city patrols sober and the streets safe, by purchasing a goodly
supply of alcohol.


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 Page 24    \/    March CoD Contest - Romani

Falennt is out with a broken arm after an accident. In an effort to help
him feel better this month's contest is to make a get well card for him
consisting of one note and submit it to the CRY by March 20th, midnight
You are encouraged to use text art (ascii), or even a poem. The work must
be original to you. You can be as creative as you wish, so long as it fits
on one note. The winning entries will be posted in the CRY next month. 
Cards will be judged on originality and the appropriateness of the 
theme. Have fun with it! Hopefully Falennt will return to us quickly and 
be able to resume his CRY duties quickly. 

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25    \/    Annual Desktop Contest - Romani

For examples of our previous winners:
Minimum requirements: 
1.  Is your original work
2.  Contains the following information
     "Realms of Despair"
3.  Either bmp or jpg format.
4.  The Realms Motto: "Endless Medieval Enjoyment"
5.  Use either (or both) sizes: 1024 by 768, 800 by 600
6.  Images may use any other elements from the game to aid in your
7.  Images will be judged on the above elements and voted on by the 
    immortal community. 
8.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place and be posted on
    the website for download. All entries become the property of RoD
    and may be used for advertising and distribution purposes. 
9.  Images are to be emailed to
10. Images will not be returned. Please keep this in mind when 
    sending in submissions.
Email entries to: no later than April 20th, 2012.
For an example of previous works submitted, look under "wallpapers" on the
Realms of Despair website.

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 Page 27    \/    Funny things overheard on channels 

What the Avatars talk about:
Zistrocks: Would that make it the United States of Inebriation?

Ygg: my philosophy on relationships is sorta like mastercard... : marriage
is for money, for everything else, there's girlfriends

What the chatters talk about: 
Androscoggin chats 'what's the wear location for a canadian?'
Stoneheft chats 'Aboot?'

What the Immortals talk about: 
Loril> I hate that so many places now make moist fries. :(
Destre> I never really noticed... obviously I am not on my fry game
Stoneheft> MmmMMmm.  Moist.
Romani> They need to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but not
Loril> Nods, Romani.
Destre> I just dont like them cold or cool
Romani> I do not like them on a stool
Loril> I do not like them in a pool
Stoneheft> Not in a house, not with a mouse.
Stoneheft> Not in the rain, not on a train.
Stoneheft> I do not like them, Sam I Is, I do not like them cold french fris.
Romani> rofl
Destre> laugh
Log: Loril: slay stoneheft
Loril> groan
Destre> nice try:>
Loril> A for effort. :(

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 Page 28    \/    Help File of the Month - Annale 


Follow us and see what is happening as it happens:


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 29    \/    Never Trust a Gnome from Ofcol  - Malkatov

Why you should never trust a gnome from Ofcol... The questors of the realm work
to rid the lands of bogus advertising.

A bogus advertisement for sword enlargement is littered on the ground.

Supermagic Sword's new improved formula is now years ahead of the
competition. We have been helping tens of thousands of adventurers from
all over Ofcol and the rest of the realms increase their sword size and
regain their adventuring life for years. When it comes to natural and safe
sword enlargement, Supermagic Sword has been tested thoroughly and proven
to be the wise and safe choice for thousands of warriors who are now
extremely happy with the results they achieved from using Supermagic
Sword. With so many products on the market, it is very easy to get
confused. Make Supermagic Sword your choice for sword enlargement and
overall improved weapon health and we guarantee you will be happy with
the results. All orders come with a solid money back guarantee so your
order is risk free.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30    \/    Never Trust a Gnome from Ofcol  - Malkatov

A Gnome quests 'Get your Supermagic Swords right here! Guaranteed bigger 
    length and girth! Helps you last longer in combat! No side effects or 
Thiv quests 'Adventurers whose fights last more than four hours should seek
    immediate medical attention.'                           
Malkatov quests 'Seekest thou a cleric?'                                    
A Gnome quests 'Pseulak and the Shattering would've been stopped if everyone
    was using Supermagic Sword!'                           
Ajis quests 'hrmph'                                       
Zistrosk quests 'yeah yeah. and if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt
     when he hops'                        
Ryner quests 'a raincoat is like a full body condom vs mother nature'         
Someone quests 'I still prefer the old UniRoD, rather than the
A Gnome quests 'I'll tell you another secret. You can make a deathbane if
    you use Supermagic sword on a Lifebane1'                      
A Gnome quests '!'                                       
Blayze quests 'wherest are u sir gnome? U shall meet an evil demise!'         
A Gnome quests 'Unless you're using my products you don't stand a chance!'    
Destre quests 'personally I am sitting rather than standing'                  
Zistrosk quests 'okay.  I'll bite.  Where can I buy your products, Gnomeio?'  
Someone quests 'Eswordtile Dysfunction?  Shameful, Gnome, shameful.' 

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 31    \/    Never Trust a Gnome from Ofcol  - Malkatov

A Gnome quests 'All you have to do is send me a box of 100 million gold
    through Aegir and then wait twenty one days! If you haven't received
    your package by then, drop us a mudmail and we'll sort it out for you!'
Zistrosk quests 'Here's one gold piece, Gnome.  Thanks for nothing.  :P 
Talon quests 'I need to find Aegir ;/'                                  
Zistrosk quests 'Don't do it Talon!  Its a scammmmmmmmm'                      
Talon quests 'frown, I trust mobs'                                    
Deconus quests 'damn nigerian gnomes'                                     
A Gnome quests 'I'm from Ofcol!'                                     
Talon quests 'I don't have 100m i can spend :( I tried to accomulate it@'   

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 Page 32    \/    
    This page intentionally left blank for ease in page turning.

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 Page 33   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 

Advertise with the Cry of Despair!

Do you own a bot?  
Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
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Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
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 Page 34   \/    Roleplay Wiki - 

For those seeking to feed their Inner RP Demons there is a wiki site
available with many sections including (but not limited to) Nations, Roleplay
culture, literature, arena, RP archives, order RP, Places to RP, player
organized groups, diaries etc.
We encourage contributions to this mud-wide RP archive and history. If you
require assistance in helping to set up a section in the wiki please contact
Falennt or myself for information or follow the handy guide in the right hand
side of the wiki.
Take the time to become part of this RP rich world which lurks in virtually
every part of RoD. Visit!

Falennt and Romani

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 Page 35   \/    write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more a
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would 
like the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the 
immortals can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt for more 

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you 
would like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel 
free to speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
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Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

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 Page 36   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 

The 12th Annual Realms of Despair Award results are in. Thank you for your 
votes. If the votes are numbered there were more than one vote for the 
results given. If the results of a category are listed there was only 
one vote for each. There is an abnormally high amount of ties this year. 
After all these years being together we must have all started thinking
alike. Such a frightening thought!

Best Male Immortal
1. Kali, 2. Kinux, 3. Belkira/Malkatov (tied)

Best Female Immortal
1. Romani, Destre, Ceirana/Loril (tied)

Best Male Roleplayer
1. Yoshio, 2, Klaatu, 3. Gawen/Grunthos (tied)

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 Page 37   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 

Best Female Roleplayer
1. Annale, 2. Ashandra/Arina (tied), 3. Graelynia

Best Rename
jack in the Sock
The best Mage I know
the searing brand of the master infernalist
A Troll-Sized Stool
Sigil of Bacon

Best Couple
1. Mephie/Artem, 2. Babui/Petrograd,  
3. Chet/Minda, Loril/Grunthos, Ceirana/Gonnil (three-way tie)

Best Area
Seth's Fortress, Winterlight, Vast Horizons, Nevermore

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 Page 38   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 

Best Quest Mobile
1. Gorog's Watchdog, 2. Santa Claws, 3. 

Best Mobile
Seth, Bridgette, Gorog's Watchdog, Beholder

Best (Worst?) Death Trap
Knight's of the Round bridge
The Academy's fake DT

Best Guild
1. Guild of Rangers, 2. Guild of Mages, 3. Guild of Paladins

Best Order
1. Inconnu/Ascendere (tie), 2. Baali, 3. Ringbearers

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 Page 39   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 

Best Clan
1. Catarrh, 2. Maleficae, 3. Feralis

Best Weapon
1. Oblivion, 2. Nasr, 3. Darkfire Blaster

Best Piece of Armour
1. Uncertainty, 2. Garoggles, 3. Blackstorm gauntlets

Best Biography (Bio)
1. Apachee, 2. Mariposa, 3. Shurakai

BALZHUR Food Award
1. Vache, 2. Chyort, 3. Sartanis/Marle (tie)

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 Page 40   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 

Court Jester
1. Sycoraxe, 2. Mephie, 3. Stoneheft

Best Name
1. Anchovi, 2. Ghostridah, 3. Loril

Best Food
a fruity tart, pixie sticks, 

Best Drink
a flask of Idea-inducing Energy Drink
Loril's Dark Ale

Best Social
1. tmi self, 2. ssmile, 3. lala