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2005 RoD Awards! Karkarov: Nephandi, new levels of depravity; Babui: Scary Nursery Rhymes

    Cry of Despair, Issue 93                                    March 2005

                  - 2005 RoD Awards Results                     - by Alysira
                  - Nations News                                - via Romani
                  - Order News - Sanctus Irae                   - by Aslan
                  - Deadly News                                 - by Vortok
                  - Lessons from the Headmaster                 - by Karkarov
                  - Babui's Babble Bubble                       - by Babui
                  - A Game of Chance                            - by Babui
                  - Wedding Congratulations                     - by Babui
                  - Roleplaycrafts Face of the Month            - by Faya
                  - Maximing Your PK Time                       - by Vortok
                  - Character Sketches                          - by Lharrunien
                  - Funnybones                                   
                  - RoD Desktop Background Contest              - by Romani
                  - Poem Contest                                - by Aragon
                  - Room Description Contest                    - by Aslan
                  - Cry of Despair Quest
                      -  February's Quest Results                 - by Alysira
                      -  March's Quest                            - by Alysira
                  - From The Quill Of Alysira                   - by Alysira


      2005 RoD Awards Results                                 by Alysira

It's what you've been waiting for! And my apologises for it being so late.
Congratulations to the winners!

1. Best Male Immortal:
Kali, Kinux, Edmond
2. Best Female Immortal:
Selina, Ceirana, Alysira
3. Best Male Roleplayer:
Falennt, Gildeth, several ties.
4. Best Female Roleplayer:
Amalia/Amaris/Cathrine, Rebeca, several ties.
5. Best RoD Couple:
Herne + Romani, Kali + Moonbeam, Nariel + Mazian
6. Best "New change" to Realms:
Barbarians, Wendle Mansion, Changes to Nephandi
7. Worst "New change" to Realms:
Sneakers not showing on 'where', Apples of Life changes, Changes to Donation

8. Best Guild:
Guild of Nephandi, Guild of Clerics, Guild of Mages
9. Best Order:
Inconnu/Maidenstone/Baali, Dragonslayer, Arcanes/Sanctus Irae
10. Best Clan:
Catarrh/Maleficae, Excordis/Feralis
11. Best Area:
Underworld, Seth's Fortress, Mountain of Lost Souls
12. Best Nation:
Elf Nation, Drow Nation, Half-Elf Nation
13. Best Food Item:
Toffee-Coated Imp, a cinnamon heart, several ties.
14. Best Drink Item:
Magical Spring, a shot of vodka with lemon juice, several ties.
15. Best "Treasure" Item:
Mystical Eye of Foresight, several ties.

16. Most Likely to DT:
Qaulorn, Vermicio/Aragon/Gablok, several ties.
17. Best Dressed:
Madazanirt, Rebeca, Eric
18. Most Likely to be Balzhured:
Vir, Jearan, Chakavak
19. Best Rename:
Yoglinde (Lifebane renamed to Frenchbane), several ties
20. The "Fruit" Award:
Jearan, Zio, Aslan
21. Best Social:
Nod, Laugh, Grin
22. Best Male Player:
Rikkath, Zwanth/Hauzal/Rathmonicus, several ties
23. Best Female Player:
Akael, Kyrstal, Skaphia/Mephie/Linariel

24. Most likely to get illegally PKilled:
Jearan, Aslan/Gallant/Kate, several ties
25. Most likely to be the one to illegally PKill them:
Vermicio, Tae, several ties
26. Most charismatic deadly:
Vermicio, Vortok, Faceripper
27. Most charismatic peaceful:
Rikkath, Akael/Grontak, several ties
28. Most interesting help file:
Help Answers, Help Me I Am A Moron, Help Notmyfault
29. Most interesting room:
Darkhaven Square, several ties
30. Best Runner:
Rikkath, Mirandee, Dobby
31. Best explorer:
Tokai, Nelkum, Mirandee/Kyrstal

32. Next-to-Imm:
Tokai/Rikkath/Aleq, Mauzait/Hauzal, several ties
33. Most eligible Bachelor:
Owyn, Sinistro, several ties
34. Most eligible bachlorette:
Akael, Amaris/Rebeca, several ties
35. Best Female Character Played By A Male:
Ilsensine, Hope, several ties
36. Funniest person:
Kali, Stoneheft, Conran
37. Sickening Goodness (the biggest Goodie Two-Shoes):
Akael, Aslan, Loril
38. Ugliest Player Name:
Joandaxjimli, Faceripper, several ties
39. Nicest Player Name:
Moonbeam, Uilisia, Alysira
40. Most Unique rename:
Kate - Lollerskates, Mephie - <3, several ties

41. Craziest Player:
Bassam, Jearan, Chakavak
42. Most Dedicated Leader:
Rikkath, Skaphia, Tokai
43. Best Quest of 2004:
Destre - Mousetrap, Destre/Shadrack - Pirates Attacking Ocean Keep, 
Several Imms - Survivor
44. Most Frequent to X-Chan:
Nariel, Tabitha, Amaris
45. Most Likely To End Up With QWERTY On Their Forehead:
Gildeth, Mauro, Lopuis
46. Most Likely To Have No Life:
Gallant, Aslan, Mephie/Chakavak
47. Most Frightening Immortal:
Kali, Blodkai, Edmond/Moonbeam

48. Most Frightening Player:
Genge, Aslan, several ties


      Nations News - Gith                                     via Romani

*Written on fine parchment from the offices of the Surveyors*
This month sees further growth and expansion of the Gralthai lands with aim
of slightly repairing and redoing some areas of our windswept nation. Although
nothing has been planned yet we, the Gralthai people are furthering our sights
to look towards the future. In other news, strange mages have been telling of
ghostly images of beast that seems to be wandering our lands, although this I
feel is far from a hoax.

*Signed in the blood of the Ancients*
King Aslan Svengali de Rotheschilde, Gralthai King


From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc: Spring Equinox
Plans for the annual Spring Equinox celebration are now underway. Meeka has
promised something special to "bring out the best" of the Uruk'hai attending.
Dateline Around the Realms: Three Uruk'hai-teers
While sitting at the Great Bonfire, Klaatu decided some adventure was needed.
Coercing the nearest Uruk'hai, Raj and Lanthaos, to 'tag' along, Klaatu set
out on a personal quest. Mainly just what action is happening the the various
taverns and inns, around the Realms. The first stop was at the Grim Smile, in
DarkHaven. Next, the trio headed westward to the Shire. There they sampled
the wares of the Green Dragon and the Ivy Bush, till the Thain's men helped
us out. Further westward, was Old Thalos, were the Tavern of the Sun was 
closed early by the Imperial Guards. Heading back toward Darkhaven, Raj said,
"Ofcol". The trio nodded in agreement and besotted the Village Inn. Just 
steps ahead of Marshal Diana, they exited and went to Nyle's Tavern in New 
Ofcol. Checking out the Rathskeller denziens as a boring group, the trio 
stole off to Granny Jenkin's still room. Grabbing a few quarts, they ran off 
with Granny in pursuit With Diana and the guards tracking them, the three 
dashed for Mahn-tor. There they ran afoul of minotaurs, at the Inn of the 
Broken Horn. Recalling to Darkhaven, the trio retreated to Miden'nir and 
Black Jack's Saloon for the night. There they rented rooms and slept the 
adventure off.


This is PNN your source for Pixie News:
This just in, Princess Aristacia Arcannis is to Marry Air Chief Marshall 
Padraig. No date has been given for the Wedding. Last month Aristacia was
engaged to Drow Leader Phalar. No reaction from the Drow as of yet.
Pixies should remain cautious,  due to fear of Drow reprisals.
In other news, a piece of the great pixie shield of legend is missing.
The shield was found with bite marks in it. Also at the scene was a small
puddle of milk. If you see a pixie with a milk moustache and cookie crumbs
please inform the proper authorities.
In Sports, The Air Polo championship was played today. The Dunhill Sprites
defeated the Kontaur Imps by the score of 8-7. The winning goal was shot by
Doozie O'Lootie, the team captain.


With great sadness I must express the grief of my grandmothers second cousins,
best friends nephew. Knuckel was such a dear boy and such a brave and strong 
warrior despite his youth. When the green blob invaded the shire I was quick
enough to get every Hobbit to the underground shelters. There we heard in 
horror the senseless slaughter of our precious livestock. But when Knuckel 
heard the sound of his precious pig squealing he escaped the grasp of his 
elders and went out to fight the grotesque monster. I ran after him but it was
too late, he lay dead, holding the head of his pig. Memorial services were 
held for him and his precious pig and the other animals.
Times have changed my beloved people, most every nation is complaining of 
invasions or sickness. To protect our homeland some brave and hearty men and 
women will be moving to a new location to set up a new colony and military 
base, so if extra protection is needed for the burrows it will be there. But 
also to ensure the crops and livestock we have will have a chance to grow and
flourish. This also gives a chance for our youth to spread their wings and 
fly, start new families; and yes it is a solution to the overcrowding of our 
homeland, the Burrows. Do not worry my precious ones; I shall remain Thain 
over all. If you would like to be one of the lucky families to be on the wagon
train (which will be well guarded) please request an application from Jono, my
secretary; he will be happy to help you as always -- Zasperlyn


With a single petal, a small promise of future was given to the few Elohai who
had known that it was discovered and now within the grasp of the Emerald 
Order. The Lily of Shadows, snatched from the fingers of Miyaka in her search
for a cure, was no longer a rumor but a reality.
Within the swamps of T'Man, Miyaka discovered one who was keeping the Lily of
Shadows alive within a nearby cave. After graciously ridding him of the 
burden, she was attacked by several people who appeared to be humans. The 
flower was taken from her, a single petal still left grasped within her 
fingers as she made her return to Eldestra. A search party is being organized 
to seek out the ones who attacked her and retrieve the flower should it be 
found among their corpses. 

Although the lack of an entire bloom might not be enough to create what was 
needed for the curse that had befallen the Elohai, it was a start. In the 
hands of the magi, the work was to begin on finding what it was about this 
single flower that held the magical attributes for ridding the markings that 
had shown months ago on those afflicted.


      Order News - Sanctus Irae                               via Aslan

*Written on a fine parchment laced with gold*
Dear all,
As the winter has drawn to a full close many merchants have begun adjusting 
their shops for the year, along with selling the old produce in Darkhaven and 
other cities. Sad news has come in the form of Weaver Shaiel stepping down 
from Leadership although a bright spark has stood up to the challenge, a hero
by the name of Carnak. There are also stories going around the city that a 
sinister, dark and strange cult is taking shape. The cult members are only 
known by their strange title, 'The Twilight Society'. Many stories have 
already gone around about the purposes of this dark group as they only allow 
the truly evil to join their ranks.

That is all for now,
*signed with the Seal of the Rose*
A lonely, educated Scribe.
Newest Members: Valdor, Lermort
New Order Second: Carnak
We are currently accepting applications, please visit our website for further
details: or HELP SI


      Deadly News                                             by Vortok

What's new in PK?  Remember, at any time you can type PKNEWS to see the latest
and greatest enhancements to the pkill way of life.
- PK is dead.  Is this bad?  Read the article "Maximizing Your PK Time"
- Moonbeam mortalizes and steps down as PKC Head... Kali continues to
  lead PKC from the shadows.
- Many people are switching clans.  Lots of mindset changes this month.

- Catarrh slips slowly into the shadows...
- Pat returns, and leaves again?  Huh?

- Telemachus steps down and Vortok assumes leadership of Excordis.
  -- Atrayyu moves to #1 and Bargot to #2
- Aylssa steps off to Disney land, have a safe trip!
- Ray leaves PK after being 5v2 looted by Feralis.
- Tij and his clan dominate the victories this month, Feralis leads the way.
- Vermicio/Gherla assumes #2 position as Renmazou steps down to seek a
  peaceful leadership opportunity.
- Maq joins the Feralis team.

- Gerad loses his VoDW, but keeps on ticking, way to be a team player!
- Versatch remains unseen, where has he gone?
- PKC has become inactive.
  -- Immortal support remains strong, but members fail to take advantage
     of it
That's it, not much this month.  Hopefully things will pick up soon.
Data Updated: 11 March 2005 by Vortok


      Lessons from the Headmaster                             by Karkarov

Lessons from the Headmaster: Nephandi from the bottom up

I have a new passion ! The Nephandi reaches new depths of depravity that an
evil mage such as myself may only dream of. It is, I think, the most 
interesting class I have played. Imagine this, a mage with 22 dexterity, and
natural 20 strength: thats what the Nephandi are.

Nephs unfortunately have a bad reputation for being weak and hard to level,
this is not entirely true. The are a little weak, in that their first attack
spell dosn't come until level 6 (disruption), but so what .. they get strike
at level 2 and if you your damage roll is high enough thats all you need for
a long long time.

Here are some notable points of the Nephandi slist.
level 3: execrate       - a room atack spell !
level 4: venemous touch - poison ! .. lowest level any class gets poison
level 5: word of recall - this is nice to get at such a low level
level 7: mind fortress  - group +1 int and -6 spell saves
level 14: nihil         - attack spell used against good things.
level 15: trance !

... Ah well .. I just realized the *whole* slist is full of highlights, so I
can't really list them all here .. but once you get nihil and trance that is 
really all you need to av a nephandi :> There are a lot of other useful things
of course, scry/locate/identify/ passdoor, a few tanks spells, a great many 
spelldowns and finally at av level the amazing qlippothic shift attack spell.

One of the most fun things about Nephandi is the imaginative use of spell
components. 'a handful of blinding sand' is required to cast 'sands of hades',
fresh/cooked or embalmed body parts are required for several spells too. It 
is all enourmous fun collecting and using the required components.

I suppose the biggest difference between mages and Nephandi is that the nephs
do not generally do spellups for others. Mind fortress is just really the only
one, and that depends on you being grouped with the caster. This means it 
isn't a utility class like genuine mages or clerics, but I'd tend to leave the
spllups to the well established bots and brewers, Nephandi are still a lot of
fun to play.

Ok .. you want a Neph how the heck do you make a Nephandi? For stats, well my
latest and greatest creation is a Drow with these rolled stats:
              14 str 18 int 14 wis 15 dex 11 con 9  cha 14 lck
INT is prime, DEX secondary, LCK deficient. Remember nephs have their own
str, dex and int spellups so maxing these stats is a little easier than on 
other classes. As for race, Drow and Gith are popular and easy to roll, pixies
are annoying (honestly!) because they get high innate charisma which makes it
hard to roll good numbers in the other stats, Humans .. I never liked humans
(thats why I mud rather than go out).

To level a neph, I recommend boosting you damage roll as often as possible.
Simply, without any attack spell until level 5 you will will need to rely on 
your weapon and strike to bring down your foes. Even once you get attack 
spells such as distruption/nihil and umbral spear, I really do not want to 
spend hour after hour trancing .. neither do I wish to spend a large fortune
on mana potions, so max the stats, max the DR and strike away! At the higher
levels it does become worthwhile using nihil and umbral, mostly because you 
can trance up enough to get in a good many hits before requiring to quaff mana

Finally at av level there are some wonderful nephandi restricted items of 
equipment to wear: 'The Brand of Eternal Subjugation', 'the Horned Skull of 
the Daemon Lord', and 'Nightmares Unleashed' amongst others, and believe me, 
those items don't just have pretty names :)

Level a Nephandi, you cannot possibly ever regret it.

The Headmaster.


      Babui's Babble Bubble                                   by Babui

*yawns***...I nearly fell asleep!

Anyways, so I was thinking of the ducky song that Orugan was so determined
that I remind him how it goes.

For those curious:
5 little ducks went out one day,
over the hills and far away
Mother duck said quack quack quack quack
but only 4 little ducks came back.
Eh, you might sing it different, but that was how I sing it :( Poor little
duckies, getting lost!

Anyways, so I was thinking of nursery rhymes/lullaby. Have you ever thought
how SCARY some of them are when you pay attention to the lyrics?

For example

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down
London bridge is falling down
My fair lady like...a bridge falling down is suppose to make me happy somehow?

Rock a bye baby, on a tree top..
when the wind blows, the cradle will rock
when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
down comes the baby, cradle and all
..visualise it. A baby falling from a tree? ARGH!
Ring around a rosie
a pocket full of posies
Ashes, Ashes
and we all fall down
Well, I use to sing that enough as a little kid. It was just great news to
find out later it was about a plague.
ANYWAYS. Yay for my random Babui Babble Bubbles.

By no means did I imply or mean that those songs ain't good and shouldn't be
sung to children. Quite the opposite! They are classics! Every child should
know it! <3 But I personally prefer twinkle twinkle little star =P 

Anyways! SLEEP now, may you have sweet dreams about *points above* ;)


      A Game of Chance                                        by Babui

In this MUD game we all play in, there about 22,500 characters....(says Conran 
- accurate approximation!) What are the chances of meeting a certain person?

What are the chances of finding someone you can call a close friend?
Chances are given, whether you take the opportunity, is entirely up to you.

This is a game created for chance. Well, for entertainment purpose too.
4 lucky people will be given the chance to meet someone...someone you may 
or may not is all up to...chance.
|                             ,---')
                            (  -_-(
                            ) .__/ )
                          _/ _/_( /        _.---._
                         (__/ _ _) ,-._   /  o    \
                           //)__(\/,-` |_| O  o o O|
                       _\\///==o=\'      |O o  o O |
                        `-' \    /        \O o   o/
                             )___\         `'-.-\\
                            / ,\ \       ____)_(____
                           / /  \ \     '--..---,,--'
                          /()    >()        \\_//   
                          |\_\   |\_\       /,-.\

Explanation of the process:

- 4 guys and 1 girl, or 4 girls and 1 guy will be randomly selected on a first
  come first serve basis. The 4 will choose a name to be associated with them.

- Assuming this is the 4 guys 1 girl scenario, the girl will ask a question
  and mudmail it to me. I will make 4 copies, and send them to each of the 
  guys, and they will answer in a mudmail to me.

- Forwarding the 4 answers on a separate mudmail to the girl, the girl will 
  decide and choose 1 guy to be outcasted.

- This continues - 3 questions, 3 guys outcasted, and the girl will meet up
  with the remaining guy!

+ The questions must be general (eg, what is your favourite area?) and must 
  not reveal/hint at a person's identity (eg, what organisation are you in?)
+ The meeting will be arranged and logged, and after that, what they do is
  their own business.
+ The mudmails would all be posted to me, so it'll be anonymous - until the
  final meeting where the girl will know who she chose and who she gave up!
+ The results and questions/answers will be published on the cry, so be ready.

I am now accepting applications for this game. 
                   *                                       *
                   * The next game will be 1 girl 4 guys   *

A requirement before you apply is that you must be active. We cannot wait days
for the mudmails exchange.
This is a game, if you get outcasted, don't be sad, don't be mad, but have 
Be ready to be shocked, be surprised, and be happy! Apply now!
This is a chance to meet a new friend, or catch up with an old one!
Send a mudmail to Babui saying you're interested now!
Remember to specify in the mudmail a nickname (don't be too obvious about 
your identity and keep it clean please!) and whether you're a guy or a girl!
If there are any questions, please feel free to send me a tell or mudmail!

Because last issue came out late, there wasn't enough applications nor time
for the exchange of mudmails.
So last month's Game of Chance is postponed. Applications for this month is
still welcomed.
However, this will be the last round of the Game of Chance. 

So! Mudmail me your applications if you want to play! This will be your last
chance! (Unless lotsa people complain and boycott and revolt and wants it back
.. lol)


      Wedding Congratulations                                 by Babui

A friend just got married? Want to congratulate them along with the whole of
You just got married? Want to announce to the whole of realms your love for
each other?
Well, here's the place!
Send me a mudmail with the couples' name, the date of the wedding, and any
comments you would like to make =)
Start NOW by showing you care! Start NOW by showing you are truely happy for
them/yourself! Start NOW by announcing to the world!
______________________-> HaPpY WeDdInG!

                               mMm  _[_]_
                              /(_)\  (_)
                           / /-/`\-\ |||
                           `/       \|||
                      }     CONGRATULATIONS!    {
                      }                         {
                      }   On 11th of Feburary   {
                      }                         {
                }                                     {
                }            Thivia Greyfire          {
                }                 and                 {
                }            Kiwen Doucette           {
                }                                     {
          }                                                 {
          }       declared their undyling love for each     {
          }      other as their two hearts joined as one.   {
          }                                                 {

            veULoveU                           veULoveUL
         ULo        Lov                     ULo         ove
       veU            veU                 veU             eUL
     Lov                ULo             veU                 veU
    ULo                   veU          ULo                   veU
  ULo                       ove      Lov                       ove
 ULo                         veU    Lov                         ULo
 ULo        Theodore           veU ULo          Cheyana         Lov
  ULo                                                          Lov
   ULo         joined together in holy matrimony on           eUc
    eUL                                                      ULo
     ULo                   Feb 14th 2005                    veU
      veU                                                  ove
        ULo                                              ULo
           ULo                                        ove
              veU            Theodore:             Uco
                ULo     I'll love you forever   ULo
                  veU       and a day         ove
                     ove                   ULo
                        ULo             ove
                          ove         ULo
                            eUL     veU  
                              Lov Lov


      Roleplaycrafts Face of the Month                        by Faya

RPC's Faces of the Month
The Face of the Month is a series of interviews conducted for a chosen
roleplayer (not character) each month. The interview highlights and outlines
major aspects of the player's views on Roleplaying as well as on his or her
main character at the point in time and the creation of it.
For Faces 2005, two roleplayers are selected from the growing pool of new
roleplayers in Realms and their responses have been quite enlightening in
retrospect and interesting as well. Most of us MUDders do find delight in the
stories and books we buy from the bookstores but how many of us actually found
the courage to venture into writing an epic or love story of our own right 
here in this game? Here are the two who have taken up the mud-quill, so to 
speak, to draft out their lifestories here in the Realms.
Carnak started out as a roleplayer in the Half Orc nation before displaying
his worth and graduating to become the Leader of the Half Orcs. Now with an
additional passion to further his character, Carnak has taken on the mantle 
of Armsmaster of the City of Irae in which he has quite delightfully immersed
his abilities of roleplaying and storywriting in.

Ryven was a recent discovery in the community of roleplayers and his hardcore
oldschool tactics of being in-character and being different has gained him an
amount of recognition from the Nation of the Elves as well as the larger
community alike, greatly bringing forth roleplay activity in the Elven Nation.
A rarity indeed, it will be interesting to track this vampire on his
roleplaying path in the Realms.
1. What started you into roleplaying, and specifically here in the Realms?
Carnak : Well, what initially started me on roleplaying was when one of my RL
friends invited me to a D session in the basement. I was about 10, and though
it was hard to understand, I was always considered a wordsmith- so I took to
the RPing aspects quite quickly. I started playing on Realms seriously in about
2001/2002. I stumbled on an RP in National Visions, and that's when I found out
RP was done here. I sat in and watched a few more before I started myself.
Ryven : I liked theatre, so RP was just another form of that. In Realms, I
had a couple great mentors back in the day. Seytin the Drow Mage and Serlar the
Elven Vampire were both taught very well.

2. What is your preferred style of roleplay?
Carnak : Its a hybrid between spontaneous and planned RP, if that makes any
sense. There is a general guideline layed out of what I want to do, and it's
just finding the right people and getting the scenes done that I rarely plan
Ryven : I don't really have a preferred style. I try to stay IC 100%, so I go
with the flow on most occasions.
3. What are your latest plans in the realm of roleplay here?
Carnak : I intend on focusing more on RP when I get my schedule set again,
both in Irae and with the half-orc nation. With some luck and heavy-duty
encouragement, I may be able to revive the orc nation roleplay, which is
definately amongst my primary goals.
Ryven : My latest plans are to attend my Trial and possibly be destroyed.
Beyond that...

4. When do you rp? How would you like other roleplayers to engage you in a
plot / scene?

Carnak : I RP pretty much whenever the opportunity arises and time permits.
Generally other roleplayers can seek me out (assuming I'm not already
backlogged with scenes to be completed), or I'll seek them out.
Ryven : I RP when I'm on. Engage me however you wish, as long as you keep in
mind that I am an Evil Vampire Elf.
5. What is the main thing you look for in what you consider as a good RP
Carnak : Room to develop and expand- mainly if it is able to accept new RPers
and if it is able to change depending on the actions and reactions of all of
the characters involved in it.
Ryven : The players. Originality and spontanaety are great ways to make just
about any plot fun. It's all about keeping in character and living the scene.

6. Who are the most memorable characters your character/s ever engaged with
in any RP plot here? Tell us about them.
Carnak : Kruntak: One of the first people I ever RPed with, who was a member
of the half-orc nation... he was a fun guy, but he vanished and I haven't been
in contact with him in a while.
Shaiel: We had a good plot going on between the two characters, they were
sworn enemies who eventually forgave eachother...
Rebeca: Once more, enemies turned friends. I had a really nice RP plot going
on with her just recently.
Augustine: I think he's an awesome RPer, all the scenes I've done with him
have left me going "wow, that was sick!"
I am sure there are many others, but I simply don't have space to mention
them all.
Ryven : I really wouldn't know. I don't think I've done any grand plots, I
just enjoy my character and the reactions of those around me.

7. What has been your favorite scene you have ever participated in, or not
participated in but had read a log of?
Carnak : Probably one of the scenes I did in SI, with Bertushanon and Dray.
It was about apprehending Bertushanon for commiting a crime which he did not
truly commit- it had a good balance of action and intrigue, and was rather fun
to RP.
Ryven : Couldn't tell you, I've been reading scenes for so long, they tend to
blend into one long, entrancing story from countless perspectives. It's all a
matter of what type of scene I'm in the mood for, I suppose.
8. What do you think is the most important element of a good character or a
good story?
Carnak : The ability to develop the character is what I think is most
important- nothing floors me more than a character that is completely static.
I try to RP Carnak's changes in scenes, as he would change (in my mind) due to
the events that have occured involving him.
Ryven : Consistency. Stay in your character's mind and you're gold. Unless I
hate your character. Then you're dead. haha.

9. What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want
Carnak : I'm working with a plot in OSI right now, but other than that I'm
developing a plot for the half-orc nation. I've left a note in NV for other
leaders of Nations or Groups to contact me ICly.
Ryven : My current plots and goals? My Trial. If you wish to attend or join,
speak with Aragon, Raivanna, Gildeth, or Shareed. Gil and Shar are my
prosecutors. (I was informed this plot is already completed. For more
information on the outcome, speak to those that Ryven has named.)
After Question 9, both roleplayers were given a more personalized question to
answer, a question that is tailored to the character that this roleplayer is
currently playing at this point in time.
10. 'Carnak' has been described as a character whom has gone beyond the cast
of a usual 'half-orc'. Did you have any strategies you used to push your
character beyond the norm? Do you think such non-conforming characters can be
easily accepted in the IC society?

Carnak : I guess one thing I've always tried to focus on while playing Carnak
was his human side. Though I kept some orcish attributes, I exchanged some of
the strength for average intelligence. In a fair fight, and as long as Carnak
hasn't ditched his brain in a frenzy, Carnak could not best a half-orc. I tried
also to make this character more human in attitudes as well- he acts much more
human than orc, and hey, half-orcs are orcs AND humans too, right?!?! # I
came into RP with an intent to break the racial stereotype of half-orcs. No
matter what game you play, half-orcs are generically displayed as evil, which I
thought was an unfair outlook. Though orcs are inherently evil, humans could be
considered neutral. So I took that into account, and I guess Carnak has come
out as a more neutral character- he can be evil at times, but also good at
times, depending on the situation.
RPers, as far as I understand and in general, accept this kind of character-
in fact, I've had quite a few comment me on it. However, I acknowledge that
some players may frown on the breaking of a tradition that has been kept for a
long time in RPGs, that half-orcs are evil. I simply did not like this
evaluation... thus my decision to break the "rule" so to speak. # But if
the drow Drizzt can be a good drow, so can Carnak be a good half-orc. Just
because the Players guide says they SHOULD be this alignment, doesn't mean
they HAVE to be.

10. Elves are innately believed to be good. Has this stereotype trait been a
problem in your RP? Have you any advice for those who attempt to roleplay
beyond the stereotype?
Ryven : As to the stereotype... If you aren't willing to have people bully
and berate you for playing, stick to the stereotype. I won't even go into how
many people harassed me, how many people went out of their way to mess with my
character just because I chose to be a bit darker than the norm. It shocks me
to see how many people couldn't care less about RP, and saddens me that they
would have such hatred towards those who enjoy it.
They could ignore, but they choose instead to aggravate. So, if you don't
have thick skin and supportive friends, don't stray from that mold. It'll only
net you anguish and frustration. I had great friends helping me, or else I
would have given up ages ago. It just isn t worth it sometimes and it takes
great people to remind you of the fun you had. So, good luck to any and all
people trying to enjoy their character, I wish you luck. You'll need it to
save your sanity from all the whiners and the bullies that only play for the
imaginary equipment and not for the social fun of hanging out with friends
just chatting and having a great time.


      Maximing Your PK Time                                   by Vortok

Many of you are aware of the fact that PK goes through it's ups and downs.
Activity and Inactivity alternate almost instantly, and it's usually due to a
multitude of reasons.
Since there doesn't appear to be a way to fix this, as of yet, you may as well
maximize your time.  Here are some suggestions.
Active Periods:
- PK to get/lose EQ, enjoy the moment
- Perform pk mob runs (if you are one of the deadlies that enjoys MK)
- Encourage friends to come and pk as well

Inactive Periods:
- This is a good time to level alts.  Make some lowbies (10, 15, 24, 30, 44)
  -- Also an opportunity to get some ghetto eq for the naked alts
- Explore the PK areas (if you don't know them already)
- Arena PK with peacefuls
- Provide ideas for getting PK active again
These are just suggestions on how you can maximize you time.


      Character Sketches                                      by Lharrunien

To whom it may concern,
To show my appreciation for the good folks at RoD, I'll be doing free 
character sketches for any who wishes to have one. They're free of charge.
What I'll need is a descrip using the same format as the equipment list. The 
sketches will be in pencil, gray scale, and I'll put them in a bitmap format 
for you. Also, you will need to describe the pose they'll be in.
If you are interested in receiving your free character sketch, you can e-mail
Depending on the number of requests, it will take 3 to 7 days for completion.
Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you.
                    - Lharrunien, The Mist-Weaver


      Funnybones                                              via Romani/Tokai

Ekhinos the botdoctor-- NOT accepting new patients-- is DEAD!!
Korisaurus knows there's no place like
Akael utters the words, 'NC on'. You become more helpful.
Altor McCane titles the mundane Scout|Mentor
Morgrin Lite: Now 10% more 'appropriate'!
Kynin doesnt fear the Academy Parent-Teacher Association.
Angua, contains elf by-products.
Herne. def. Dust (n): MUD with the juice squeezed out.
Kryten 523P, Series 4000 Service Mechanoid.
Threlith Nighthawk :: "I idle, therefore I am."
Detritus screams at people he doesn't know.
Teddios knows he should have made a left at Albuquerque.
Orvos if they cant cook there is no point in keepin them.
Braddoc champion fleer.
Crigen is deep in slumber here.
Zyll..Ice brewed for a naturally Smooth taste..(Nx-Gn)
Minevra is a lover, not a fighter (Scout-T)
Slivey the blacksheep. Baaa.
Rexoar is tired of blood and overpriced bubblegum.
Vel levels to gain experience.


      Realms of Despair Desktop Background Contest            by Romani

Minimum requirements: 
1.  Is your original work
2.  Contains the following information
     "Realms of Despair"
3.  Either bmp or jpg format.
4.  The Realms Motto: "Endless Medieval Enjoyment"
5.  Use either (or both) sizes: 1024 by 768, 800 by 600
6.  Images may use any other elements from the game to aid in your
7.  Images will be judged on the above elements and voted on by the 
    immortal community. 
8.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place and be posted on
    the website for download. All entries become the property of RoD
    and may be used for advertising and distribution purposes. 
9.  Images are to be emailed to
10. Images will not be returned. Please keep this in mind when 
    sending in submissions.
11. Email entries to: no later than March 31, 2005.
For an example of previous works submitted, look under "wallpapers" on the
Realms of Despair website.


      Poem Contest                                            by Aragon

Starting next issue, I will be hosting a Poem contest. the Grand Prize is 2
million in gold. Runner up will recive 1 million, and 2nd runner up will
recive 500k.
There is no themes, or styles in which your poems must be written, But there
is 3 rules: 
1) All poems Must be in to me Via Mudmail by the 24th of the following month.
2) Poems Must be clean, IE no cussing or slanderization of imms or other
3) And most important, Have fun with it.
Judging will be done via the Note board outside the Cry of Despair office,
Vote for the Writer of the poem that you liked the most. Only vote once(no
using Alts to vote) The polls open on the 19th of March, So mark your
There may be a big Surprise in store for the winning poet. So _Everyone_ try
their hardest!
Aragon D'Elear


      Room Description Contest                                by Aslan

Dear all,
For this months area review we'll be trying something a little different. I 
want to test everyones creative spirit in the following small competition.
The scene setup is this, I am making a huge area that is based around the 
Palaces and structures of classical Venice but I am stuck short for a few 
rooms, and here is where you, the creative Architects come into play. I am 
looking for room descriptions of the following:

1) A courtyard outside a lavish church
2) A market place full of life
3) A canal and gondola dock
4) A meeting spot over a covered bridge over the canal
Keep in mind that this is classical Venice, one of the most lavishly wonderful
cities known in the ancient world. The object being to submerge the reader 
(pretend it's going to be a new realms area and you want to impress a 
1) One submission per player (no alts)
2) Don't abuse the word YOU, submerging a reader is easier without forcing
your feelings on them.
3) No rude, racist or anti-national jokes or puns, just because it is 
classical venice doesn't mean you can use naked women, slaves and the like.
4) Room progs for your desc can be submitted but without the
fun spoiling ifchecks etc.

All levels are welcome to attempt this competition please follow the 
submission guide below to enter, the top three descs will be chosen on April 
8th 2005 and posted in the Cry following afterwards, at which time the descs
will be handed back to their owners ;)
How to submit:
Please use the following format to submit your room desc,
Mail to Aslan
Mail subject Room desc submission [number of choice 1-4 here]
The body should continue the standard Room Name format followed by the body,
followed by any programs that you wish to add.

I am looking for the following in the competition, make sure you dont forget
to read this :
1) Uniqueness
2) Lavish design, names and emotions that a viewer, visitor and reader can
pick up.
3) No abuse of the word you, forced emotions

Try to pretend you are a hired architect, your job is to impress the Emperor
of Venice, which is never easy to do since even Michelangelo had a hard time.
Take your time, make rough designs first and then make your desc a true work
of art, but most of all have fun :)
Good luck and enjoy,
Aslan de Svengali Rotheschildes


      Cry of Despair - February's Quest Results               by Alysira

Last month's quest was to write a romantic poem to a significant other. These
two entries were selected as winners, congratulations to:
                           Abaopa and Threlith!

Please see Alysira for your prizes ASAP. Congratulations you two! Their
winning entries are posted on the next two pages, please read and enjoy!

Please also enjoy this month's Cry of Despair quest!

Abaopa's Entry: An Ode to Dave
One quiet night spent at Jed and Jack's Inn
lay an unfriendly bed with no comforts there in.
In that bed I lay no sleep to be found
So I decided to look all around. 
Then down a scary flight of stairs I flew,
and then through a lon'ly corridor too.
There he stood all pensive, (Perfection)
and completely lost in introspection. 
A compassionate and sensitive poet,
and a blustering and boisterous Bard.
Extrovert and Introvert rolled into one;
I could definitely see that he'd be fun. 
He talked I laughed, 
I talked He laughed.
We shared stories, then thoughts, then fantasies,
Then a table, some ale, and then a night cap.
A once unfriendly bed then friendly.
A once quiet bed then spent. 
The next day he asked me to stay with him.
And to this day I almost wish I had.

Threlith's Entry: Ode to my Goldfish
(1) I have a goldfish,                   (6) So I grabbed the phone book,
and his name is Ray.                     and grabbed a stool.
I got him last year,                     Four weeks later,
on Valentine's Day.                      I had my own pool.
(2) I got him at night,                  (7) So into the pool,
while on a blind date.                   went good ol' Ray,
The date went kinda bad,                 and that was only just,
and the girl I now hate.                 this past Valentine's Day.
(3) And since that day,                  (8) So by the gods,
little Ray has grown,                    if Ray doesn't quit,
bigger and bigger,                       I'll freak right out,
he's now pretty full blown.              and throw a fit!
(4) He moved from a bowl,                (9) So please help me out,
to the sink, to the tub.                 for I need the glory!
Thoric help me please,                   Because I know that,
I can't afford his grub!                 this is no normal story!
(5) Bigger and bigger,                   (10) I beg you to to listen,
the tub was too small!                   to heed my notion!
Lost with no clue,                       So I can rename my pool,
what do to at all!                       to RAY'S PRIVATE OCEAN!


      Cry of Despair - March's Quest                          by Alysira

  W A W O P D Q R L L      This month, I've prepared a small Find-A-Word for
  T A A A F V H Q A U      you. The theme of the hidden words is AREA NAMES.
  H X S S C G D M G T      Simple find all the area names hidden in the
  A A D T T I K O A G      Find-A-Word and MUDmail the words to me by the
  L H O S E E E R L W      31st of March, and two correct answers will be
  O P L U R L L I A J      selected at random! There are 7 area names hidden
  S N Y Z O X A A X N      in this puzzle, find them all and MUDmail them
  G W M T G Z H N Y M      to Alysira. Good luck and enjoy!
  M T P X V C I J D B
  R B U S L J F C S S
  Q Y S E L O C F O V


      From The Quill Of Alysira

I apologise for the delay in this issue, but certain circumstances halted
the printing of it.

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be completely reshaped, reformatted, remoulded. A bunch of new writers, new
articles, new everything. Look out for it, coming EARLY in April!

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