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Babui interprets your MUD dreams and tells us The Story Of The Drow, Tokai

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    /  \/             \                     \ /                         /\
   |    \             /                     //                         /%%|
   |                                           Issue 96, June 2005    |%%%|
    \____/                     ____                          _____    |%%/
     \                                                               /
      |            ,- _=.                            /\             |
      |           (' /|                             ||               \
       \         ((  ||   ,._-_ '\\/\\        /'\\ =||=               \
        \        ((  ||    ||    || ;'       || ||  ||                 |
        /\        ( / |    ||    ||/         || ||  ||                 \
       /  \        -____-  \\,   |/          \\,/   \\,                 \
      |                         (                                        |
      |                          -_-                                   \/
      |  /_____                                                  _______\
       \/                                                                \
        \            -_____                                               |
         \            ' | -,                      _    '                 /
         /            /| |  |`  _-_   _-_, -_-_   < \, \\ ,._-_         /
        |             || |==|| || \\ ||_.  || \\  /-|| ||  ||          |
       /             =|| |  |, ||/    = || || || (( || ||  ||          |
       \              =-____,  \\,/  ,-_-  ||-'   \/\\ \\  \\,         \
       /\            (                     |/                           \
      /                                    '                             \
      |   Immortal Sponsor- Alysira                                   |
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  /      \/                              \/                         /%   \
 |                                        \                        /%%%  /
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   |    \             /                     //                         /%%|
   |                                           Issue 96, June 2005    |%%%|
    \____/                     ____                          _____    |%%/
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      |   Babui's Babble Bubble - by Babui                          |
      |                                                              \
       \    Wedding Congratulations - by Babui                        \
        \                                                              |
        /\    June Horoscopes - by Mari                                \  
       /  \                                                             \
      |  Poetry Submission - by Mari                                    |
      |                                                                \/
      |  /_____The Story Of The Drow, Tokai - by Babui               ___\
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       /    News from around the Realms - Nations News                  /
       |                                     Guild News                /
       \                                   TS/VC/CoE News              \
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      /    Fathomer Quest Submission - by Sianne                         |
      |                                                                  |
      |    Cry of Despair Quest - May's Quest Results                   |
      \                             June's Quest                        \
      /                                                              ____\
     |   From the Quill of Alysira                                        |
      \                                                                   \
       |  A Cry For Help - by Aragon                                       |
      /                                                                   /
     /  Calling All Players! - by Aragon                                 /
     \                                                                   \
      \        Seeking Laughs - by Babui                                  \
      |                                                                    |
      / Cry Of Despair: NewsDesk Staff Openings - by Aslan                /
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 |                                                                 \%%%%/   

 ][   Babui's Babble Bubble                                     by Babui    ][

Admit it! You're a mud addict!!! Admit it! You've had dreams about mud!
Aha! But have you ever wondered what they might mean?!...
Dream - You got hitched! <3
Means - You'll be single for at least 5 years to come...

Dream - You DT'd!!!!! *SCREAMS*
Means - You're going to get something very valuable to you!

Dream - Got smited by Danny/Seth/dragonflies...
Means - As much as you hate to admit are really scared of them...

Dream - Your mudspouse is ignoring you
Means - Ask yourself...ARE YOU CHEATING ON HIM/HER/IT?!

Dream - An ASCII picture leaped out from the screen!
Means - ...*bpat*....
Dream - You got illegal'd / You illegal'd someone
Means - There's a friend who is really irrating, but you're too nice to say so.
Dream - You won JACKPOT at Cyri's gambling bots!
Means - Someone is gona steal everything you have!

Dream - You killed all the imms and made yourself supreme entity
Means - Either you really like the game..or you really don't like Thoric..
Dream - You gave Kali a million hugs and smooches and nothing happened
Means - You're definitely dreaming...
Dream - You got Balzhured!
Means - You're _generally_ a law abiding citizen
Dream - Stoneheft gave you a ride on his cloud!
Means - You need glasses.... that's Loril hun
Dream - You discover that person of your dreams is actually your mother/father
Means - You're getting to know your beloved mud girl/guy pretty well!

Dream - You got killed by a street peddlar
Means - You're not as buff as you think you are!

Disclaimer : All dreams and meanings are totally fictional, made for
entertainment purposes.

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Wedding Congratulations                                   by Babui    ][

A friend just got married? Want to congratulate them along with the whole of
You just got married? Want to announce to the whole of realms your love for
each other?
Well, here's the place!
Send me a mudmail with the couples' name, the date of the wedding, and any
comments you would like to make =)
Start NOW by showing you care! Start NOW by showing you are truely happy for
them/yourself! Start NOW by announcing to the world!
______________________-> HaPpY WeDdInG!

 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
/ / / / / / / / / | | / / / / / / __  / / / / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / /
 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \   /..\  ` ` \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
------------------' `---------- (    ) \|/ -----------' `------------------
 ,------------------------- _\___>  <__//` ------------------------------. 
 |                          >,---.   ,-'                                 | 
 |  On the 30th of April         |  . \   Lizards and humans watches as  | 
 |                               `. `. \   .,                            | 
 |                                |  `. |  ||                            | 
 |   Raususken + Sillosh          `.  : |__||  joins in holy matrimony   | 
 |                                __> `.,---'                            | 
 |                               |.--'\`.\                               | 
 `------------------------------ _\\   \`.| -----------------------------' 
------------------. ,------------ /|\ - |:| ----------. ,------------------
 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ ' `    |:|  \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
/ / / / / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / / |:| / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / /
 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \  |:/  \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
/ / / / / / / / / | | / /  --.________,-_/  / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / /
 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ ```-----' \ \ \ \ \ \ \| |\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
/ / / / / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / | | / / / / / / / / /

              .::\)`:`,    10 May 2005
           .:;\/-`\``;)                    ,.------,
           ;;==`_  -:;(                ,,-{*}\----,.`.
          ;:==  6   6;;)             ,(((((({*});--. .\
Aragon    ;;C      } )'             (('`)))-({*}) . \ .\ Grezelle
          :;`    `--';               >6  6`({*}))) . \--
            |  `____/                ( {    ))())) . .`,
      ____._|      |_____.            `--' (((()))  .  |
     /    \  \__  _| |    \            `--  )))))) .  .|
    |      )  \/\/\_{@}    |           ,-| &(((((((  .  |
    |       \_ \ \  | /    |          / | / )))))))   .|
    |    |\   : \ |/ | CONGRATULATIONS!*@@*( '   ` ) . |
    \     \    \_\/_/   |  |         /  */  \ \'/ /.   |
     \     \     |o     |  |         \.  \   |'@'|    .|
      \     \    |      ; ,'--,.,.,.,  \     -*@*-.  . |
       \     \_________._--`((,:{@}.:))_\    |-@-|  .  |
        \    '         |   ((,{@}:{@}.))-----'   ;/\   (,
         \._____________`-__((;,{@},:))_________/|{ | . ;
         |       |     |      `';{@},)   /`-----'\  |.  |
         |    .__/\__  |       `{@};,;  / / | \ \ \/   .|
         |   /   :;  \ |        `(@))\ /           \. . |
         |  /!   |    \|         ';; ))_/`-'/`_`.,  \.  |
         | | !   |     |          ';((   |   |  ! `_ \ .|

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   June Horoscopes                                           by Mari     ][

           +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
           |R|o|D| |H|o|r|o|s|c|o|p|e|s| |f|o|r| |J|u|n|e|
           +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
   .-.   .-.
  (_  \ /  _)    The Ram - March 21 to April 19
       |       Become aware of the power of social skills....      
               Get more power by vowing to become a "Leader."
               ... Reach after spiritual goals. Commission a
               portrait. Live music brings good luck.... Go
               with some intense self-expressions.
Famous Aries: David Letterman, Celine Dion, Eddie Murphy

    .     .
     .___.       The Bull - April 20 to May 20
    .'   `.       
   :       :   Work to become simultaneously open-minded and focused. 
   :       :   Improved self-expression is needed and will be useful.
    `.___.'    Unique new opportunities bring pleasant surprises. 
               You are challenged to be charismatic. Express your
               fantasies. Steer clear of hypersensitive folks. 

      | |        The Twins - May 21 to June 21
      | |     
     _|_|_     You can be a dash extravagant, Develop your ability
               to process technical data. Make an effort to think.
               Dare to become more intense, novel, complex, original
               and brilliant.... Consider abstract subjects. Make a
               dream come true..Rather than plunging into a bottomless 
               pit, keep your eye on self-transformation.
Famous Gemini: Paul McCartney, George Bush, Clint Eastwood

     /   _`.     The Crab - June 22 to July 22
    (_) ( )       
   '.    /     Possibly, you will learn how much is too much by taking
     `--'      on more than you can handle.... Be sure to reward the
               loyalty you value.... It's easy to enjoy new duties and
               pleasure in new experience as Personal relations get better.
Famous Cancer: Princess Diana, Mel Brooks, Merv Griffin

     (    )      The Lion - July 23 to Aug 22
    (_)  /        
        (_,    Organization and negotiation brings favorable agreements..
               Your genuine respect can have miraculous effects. 
               Bring out better character traits.... Distinguish between
               fact and fantasy. Use your ability to see through appearances!
               Go with some intense self-expressions.
Famous Leos: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro

  ' `:--.--.
     |  |  |_    The Virgin - Aug 23 to Sep 22
     |  |  | )   
     |  |  |/  Work to become simultaneously open-minded and focused... 
          (J   The surprise factor is strong. Create an immediate burst
               of initiative. Get a new sense of proportion. Change your
               frame of reference.... Control of others does not bring
               you safety, success or satisfaction. Self-control and
               self-transformation is helpful. 
Famous Virgos: Mother Teresa, Stephen King, Richard Gere
   ___.'  '.___  The Balance - Sep 23 to Oct 23
               You can reduce stress in your relations with others
               .... Think before you speak.
               Develop your sense of fair play. Listen more than just hearing.
Famous Libras: Jesse Jackson, John Lennon, Oscar Wilde

  ' `:--.--.
     |  |  |         The Scorpion - Oct 24 to Nov 22
     |  |  |       
     |  |  |  ..,  Emotions are strong. Take a leap of faith into a new 
           `---':  emotional area. Tend to practical affairs. To get more
                   love, develop your grace, charm and sense of values.... 
                   Channel your boundless energy.
Famous Scorpios: Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio

          .':    The Archer - Nov 23 to Dec 21
    `..'       You can successfully relate to others once you see the light
    .'`.       and make a new balance between your conscious will and your
               deepest feelings for home and family.... Communication flows
               well. Organization and negotiation brings favorable agreements.
Famous Sagittarius: Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Jimi Hendrix

    \      /_)   The Goat - Dec 22 to Jan 19
     \    /`.      
      \  /     You need to decide when a one-track mind behooves you and when
      \  /   : narrow-mindedness is an obstacle.... Improved self-expression
       \/ __.' can be dramatic or subtle. Your efforts can bring you
               recognition. Unique new opportunities bring pleasant surprises. 
Famous Capricorns: Muhammad Ali, Denzel Washington, Elvis Presley


 .-"-._.-"-._.-  The Water Bearer - Jan 20 to Feb 18
               Get more involved with music, poetry and photography. The
               more that you trust your intuition, the easier your life
               becomes.... Network and Exchange ideas. Enjoy social as
               well as business meetings. You have the opportunity to
               deepen your roots and thus rise far in life. 
Famous Aquarius: Ronald Reagan, Paul Newman, John Travolta

   `-.    .-'    The Fish 
      :  :
    --:--:--   If you have an important dream or vision, now's a great time
      :  :     to share it with people. Work with appropriate professionals.
   .-'    `-.  Life is exciting. Like a bolt out of the blue new passions
               come and old passions depart from you.... 
Famous Pisces: Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Willis 

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Poetry Submission                                         by Mari     ][

She walks the fields of life... in a hopeless search for happiness.
She has seen what can be seen, tasted what can be tasted... 
she has felt all there is to feel... 
she has smelled all the sweet roses... 
and she has thought the unthinkable.
She walks alone, dressed in dark cloaks and hood, her eyes painted a coal
black, her lips, a crimson rose. 
Her skin, a pale white, shines in each night's moonlight...
Her voice, quiet as an autumn's rain...
would comfort any man who heard her... 
but she searches not of love or men... 
but for the true meaning of her life.
She speaks true, from her heart... from her very soul. 
She lives for the nature of earth, the animals, the trees that
grow beside her... the flowers that greet her each spring... 
for the water who makes her thirst disappear. For the healers of the world
who ebb her pain away.
And although her soul being is immortal...
the magic in her eyes starts to fade along the way, with each rocky path she
trudges through... a small piece of her is taken.
Nature means taking and giving life... which is what she is about...she may
take life...but with each seed she plants in the ground, she gives the life 
back. She being of nature, she is dark... as well as pure... so she ends her
story here, she tells me no more...and I say goodbye to this wonderful creature
who goes by the name "Raven".
Submitted by Gabriele Fyremusik.

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   The Story Of The Drow, Tokai                              by Babui    ][

It was a dark gloomy night. It was a quiet night. This quiet dark city gives no
indication of the heavily populated bustling town during day time. The dim
streetlights of Darkhaven flickered on and off in suspense.
Tokai's head sticks out from behind below the sundial. Glancing around
nervously, he slowly emerges from his hiding place as he made sure no one is
out there. No one..or so he thought. With a mischievous grin on his face, he
slowly strips his armor. The moonlight and shadows dance together in a
romantic waltz on his body. Still grinning, he took off his last piece of
armor and bounced into the fountain. The clear water instantly turned into a
murky misty colour as the evil drow bathed in the fountain. "HA! Let's see
which poor soul will drink this water tomorrow!", he muses.
However, as soon as he was satisfied that he had contaminated the drinking 
water of darkhaven square, his grin was replaced by a solemn look. Mission. I 
must not forget my mission, he reminded himself. Standing up, he brushes back 
his dark brown hair and ignoring the water dripping from his body, he quickly 
dressed himself and slips into the shadows once more.
Moving from shadow to shadow, Tokai's thoughts wandered back...back to the days
when he was living happily in The City of Iniquity with his drow brothers and
sisters....Back to Sadeth at the brothel, wearing her sexy black leather

How he enjoyed the good old days. They seem so far away now. No one knows how 
long this mission will take. How long it will be, before he can enjoy the dark 
undergrounds, and the company of Sadeth again. His mission, he thought grimly find Nelkum - his friend, his drow brother.
Months ago, Nelkum had ventured into the light of the above ground, wishing to 
explore this whole new world he had never seen before. Tokai was worried - he 
had heard stories of the dangers in the world above. The thieves, assassins, 
vampires and all the evils and corruption that goes on known, or unknown in
in the busy city. However, no matter how much Tokai tried to dissuade Nelkum,
Nelkum has had his mind set. Even with balls and chains, whips and ropes,
Nelkum's mind could not be changed. Making a promise to Tokai, he vowed he
will be back and then they could catch up on the days they were apart! That
was 6 months ago. Nelkum never came back.
Nelkum never breaks a promise, Tokai frowned. Sure that something unfortunate 
had happened to his friend, he was determined to display his heroic cleric 
skills and save his beautiful Nelkum. With his mission set out clearly in
front of him again, he pushed on...
....To be continued....

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Nations News - Half-Ogre                                  via Romani  ][

From the Opallinoc New Bureau:
Dateline Dunhill - Rice Husks Transported
Volstagg the Catacomb Dweller, has completed the task of bringing the unwanted
rice husks of Edo to the Pixie outpost in the Dunhill area. Citor is thanked
for the use of his carts as is Lanthaos for providing 'the red wagon'.
Dateline Opallinoc - Threats of War with Edo
The Grand Daimyo of Edo has refused to give the Uruk'hai satisfaction over the
misrepresentation of the rice husks. It is rumored the Grand Daimyo laughed
as he said, "Let the buyer beware." The Uruk'hai elders are demanding action.
Klaatu, leader of the Uruk'hai, has ordered Mobilization Stage 2 in effect.
Dateline Opallinoc - Order for Mobilization Stage 2
Stage 2 of the Mobilization has been announced. All Cadre formations are to 
assemble at the appropriate areas. This is NOT a drill. The Uruk'hai expect
every half-Ogre to do his duty. Opallinoc will be avenged.
Dateline Somewhere in the Barren Peaks
The Valley Merchant has been captured and brought before the Uruk'hai tribunal.
Satisfaction has been received from the Merchant and a formal apology issued.
As part of the apology, discounts on purchases will be given to all Half-ogre


  The warm weather and occasional rainfalls of summer decend upon Krozloy
early this year, a blessing from Grishnakh after the horrible days of the
year past. This mid-year, the half-orcs pause in remembrance of those
who had fallen both during the civil conflict that had so torn the Nation
to shreds, and the return of the orc God Grishnakh.
  The Valley of Krozloy is now blossoming with large crops of various foods,
all being cultivated for both trade and consumption. The lumber industry
is once again booming, woodlands to the east and west of Krozloy being cut
to provide wood for the foundations of more defensive fortifications to
the valley and improvements upon the old. The stone mining has died down,
however, as a mass-production of stone has caused a decrease in it's value.
  However, Il'Khan mining teams still have yet to find any gold veins as
rich as those they had tapped previously to the rebellion, which had
been drained by the rebels. There have been rumors, but nothing more.

       After carefull consideration I have decided to put into print the 
sacred anthem of the Hobbits for those who wish to read. To properly sing 
this song a group of Hobbits must stand around the warm coals of a fire with
one foot in the air, a hat in their hands while they lean on each other for
ballance, which establishes true brotherhood.

                           Our National Hobbit Anthem
  We have big hairy feet, we love our hairy feet
  to be a Hobbit is lucky and neat, cause we have 
  hairy feet.
  When villians come to steal and destroy we will stomp
  them out with our big hairy feet.  To those who are wise and kind 
  to us we are nice and kind to them. To those who try and take our
  hairy feet a curse will be forever upon them.
  We love our hairy feet. We love our hairy feet.
  Long may our Thain be blessed,
  we love our Thain and our hairy feet.
May this song inspire courage and joy in the heart of every hobbit who sings

Now for more news, it is with great sorrow that I discovered that one of my
most trusted members of the Hobbit Secret Service was a spy working for 
another nation. He exploited the trust he was given by publishing private 
information and it came to our knowledge that he had a ally in the Hobbit 
Foreign Legion. Both of them broke their vow of duty, protection and service
to the thain and have been removed from office. The small race they were 
serving in this act of treason is no longer considered our friend. We have 
no more contact with the lizard nation.
  However it is with great joy that I announce the many weddings, great 
harvests, and the safe arrival of our first wagon train.
  We wish you a wonderful spring, sincerely Zasperlyn your Thain and the 
many faithfull and happy followers.


*Written on ancient vellum*
The Gralthai are making our preparations to seek out new territory to add 
to our growing empire. We have begun plotting new courses for our explorers 
as well as seeking out new translators and able guides to the currently 
unknown races in this world. Our actions are not yet hostile, we are meerly
*Signed with the seal of the captains blood*
Aslan de Rotheschilde

OOC News: Questions relating to starting rp plots, please find me or Mari.

This is PNN, Your Source for Pixie News:
In Reomyr, Work is being done on the Reomyr Museum of Stuff. Citizens are
incouraged to donate stuff to the museum and to return stuff they have
In Business news, the price of syrup is expected to rise, due to the fire
last month. A bountiful sugar beet crop will lower the price of sugar and
honey prices should remain the same.


Dear Citizens of Nidaros,
  Having recently arrived to these barren lands I have encountered few souls.
My Mercantile Group, The Cyprine Trident has taken up residence in these 
fine lands of Nidaros, Kerlin, the Golden God willing, we will find more kin
nestled away in Nidaros.
  I have spoken with Lunari Selaae of the Sashelani Elves, they too have
stumbled upon hard times, and have procured the aid of what few Nidar I have 
met personally, yet that is less than a quarter score. I implore you, the 
children of Garl Glittergold to stir, may we find again the fire of our 
forges and the sharpness of our pickaxes to unearth many gems. In aiding 
these sea elfin, perhaps we may as well unite as a people.

Brighid, Meleigh, Nueh, and Sadal, have listed themselves as actively seeking
partnership with those of Gnomish birth, though I have seen narry one of 
these souls, nor have I met with them, they are those of Nidar heritage who 
wish to reclaim our place amidst the realms as smiths, tinkerers, jewelers, 
and bards.

          May Baervan Wildwanderer show us success,
          Lyrin Runecaster.
OOC INFO: If you are interested in taking part of this Sea-elf/Gnome plot,
please mudmail myself or Lunari, thanks :]


A small promise of a future, a glimmering hope at life, the sing petal so
fragile and of such strength, bloomed into the final rays of hope as the
return of Eldestra's Speaker brought the final answer to the question lingering
upon a hasty breath. Having been gone since the first rumors of the curse
began it's circulation, it was thought by more than a few that their Speaker
had abandoned them. Left to slowly dwindle in number until at last, the
sickness would overtake them all.
In their time of hardship however, a man now known as Captain Antaar began to
reform the lost gaurds and giving them once again, a purpose to ease their
minds from the sickness overcoming them. From the shadows of the training
grounds and among the walls of their chambers, Antaar and his men were watched
carefully. Critiqued for any flaw, mishap, or treason that they could pin upon
him. The council was about to change drastically and this single mans success
had the power to throw out the deceit or seat it further into power.
Although accompanied by a drow of questionable motives, the Elohai's 
apprehension of his place at the Speakers side was overridden by what also
came to the city with her. The Ilythiiri held in his possession not just a
single petal, but a full bloom. It's thin leaves and curving petals were kept
alive beneath a domed case. As wary as the Elohai were of a drow in their
midst, they instinctively knew his presence at the Speakers side was for this
purpose alone.
Miyaka, having found the first Lily of Shadow, had proven it's existance to
those that doubted the rumors. Now, just as quickly as she had relinquished it
to the Emerald Order, her presence had vanished once again. With the training
of the men and their health soon to be restored, the next step was finally
being whispered - revenge.


Vedui Realms,
As things settle for Tel'Quessir and the land is once more embraced in
peace, Aran Gildeth Dracos has thought long and struggled with the task of
setting up a High Council in New Arborlon. Going through the many qualified
Quendi and narrowing down the list until finally able to make his final 
choices. As citizens move towards the future, rebuilding and expanding the
island, they do so with a great Aran and a competent High Council consisting
of the following:
Aran - Gildeth Calon Dracos
Taren - Shareed Marius Dracos
Aran en Turnar - Bodileir Caliver
Cala'Amandil - Cleryst Waterlord
Megiltura - Sotei
Val'istar - Talisha Dracos
Kiirar en' Mainka - Annale Firestorm
If you wish to become a part of the Nation during these wonderful times please
contact any of those listed on the High Council and they will be sure to answer
any questions you might have.
-From the reports of Olaiya Namaaryaal, Second Watcher of the Ivory Tower-
We received a new Speaker seven nights ago with the least aplomb I've 
remembered. I have not seen his face before but my First Watcher spoke of 
him being our former Archmage. He did not seem magical in my eyes and he 
carried weapons - long sharp daggerines. No mage I've known carried weapons. 
They had no need of it. Perhaps he was a charlatan here to take away the 
treasure of the Ivory Tower, the one we have been searching for, for the 
last hundred years. The Coral Throne did not come personally to crown this 
Speaker. The High Reigning Lord of Maarllmori did. I do not trust the 
Obsidian Kingdom at all. Gaiar knows what they are up to. Though they were 
the ones who claimed such a treasure existed and must be retrieved.
The day before, twelve ships from the Pearl Kingdom arrived. They have 
always been an interesting sight - fragile like butterflies and the sun 
shining on their opalescent wings. No wonder Sire Iluuna said "the arrival 
of a pearlship is like the flowers that come with spring."
The Maarmrillans brought pearls and giant oysters. Our new Speaker was 
there to receive them. I watched him closely. He seemed very interested 
in the collection of pearls they brought. It is rumored Mrillan pearls 
can be used to store spirits and souls if manipulated properly. My First 
Watcher was by his side. He was very taken by what the Maarmrillans have 
brought. I do not like the Maarmrillans. I do not like the new Speaker.
Perhaps something is wrong with me. I feel a trap is coming. Or is it 
that the disaster that happened to Mathlaan a thousand years ago is 
coming to befall us now?

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Guild News- Guild of Mages                                            ][

It's been a while since the Guild of Mages submitted anything to the Cry of
Despair, so here's a rundown of things we've been up to. As many of you are
aware, things on Realms have been quiet lately, what with exams and the start
of the summer, but that doesn't mean to say the guild has been resting on its

Exciting things that we have run lately include - Sin/Olsen, Danbala, quite a
few of the new mobs from Nevermore and even a crazy attempt at Gwyn ap Knudd.
This is nowhere near a full list of the things we can (and do) run. We have a 
vibrant War Magi team and are always on the lookout for keen and fearless
runners looking to make a name for themselves.
We have had several new apprentices join our hallowed halls, including Pardulak
Qenelan, Gorsh and Shatara. They all have the promise of being excellent guild
members and would like to welcome them to the tower.
If anyone would like to join the guild, by all means, do so. Roll up a 
character gain a few levels and stop by for an interview with a member of our 
friendly IT team. Whether you are a member or not, the guild prides itself in 
helping out any mages in need, whether it be with guidance, advice or in 
extreme circumstances by helping people CR!
The Guild of Mages is a fantastic place to socialise, make friends and enjoy
many aspects of the game. Apply today!

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   TS/VC/CoE Updates for May                                 by Mari     ][

TS VC/CoE News for May 2005

Below you will find TS Passes and Fails as well as VC/CoE updates for May.
As always if you have any questions ask a TS Representative.

Passed TS In May 2005
**Multiplay indicator for group display, have a star [*] in group display to
show if more than one char is logged from the same ip.

**Possible solution to lost pwords. use email for password retrieval.

**Increase level of 'chardelete' command- To increase the max level at which
you can use 'chardelete' from level 5 to level 15 or 20
Failed TS In May 2005
**Gambling Proposal, An idea for immortal hosted gaming- it was felt that this
was not something really needed or wanted by most players asked.

**Lowering Mana cost for brewing - lower the cost of mana to brew a potion.
it was felt that a change in this area would do more harm than good.
No CoE/VC Updates were available.

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Fathomer Quest Submission                                 by Sianne   ][

Yarr! Us scurvy dogs at the Guild of Fathomers decided to put something
together to see how much you really know about us! So, put on your thinking
caps, answer the questions, and send your answers to Sianne! The person with
the most correct answers will win 20m!
1. What is the Fathomer spell that increases the group's luck? 
2. What races can be Fathomers?
3. How many fathomer skills use mana?
4. What are the dirs to Guild of Fathomers HQ from DH?
5. In Guild of Fathomers, what mob sells food to the guild?
6. What weapontypes does aquaeformae make you resistant to?
7. What fathomer offensive spell costs 35 mana and does approximatly 400
8. Who was the first avatar fathomer?
9. What fathomer spell (not create spring) allows a person to quaff potions 
right away, after their potion queue was full?
10. How many avatar fathomers are there in the game?
11. Which is the most popular race for Fathomers?
**Special Deadly Question**
What is the best spell for a pk Fathomer?

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   May's Quest Results                                      by Alysira   ][

Last month, your quest was to search through the articles to try and find the
answer to the question, "What character's killblow did Vortok record this
month?". The answer was hidden in Vortok's article "Kill Blow of the Month:  The
Fall of Renelynn". Wasn't that obvious! The answer was Jecht, and these two 
people were selected randomly as winners. Congratulations to:
                                Tyran and Rissetto!

Please see me for your prizes ASAP! Thanks to everyone else who participated!
Have fun in this month's quest on the next page!

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   June's Quest                                             by Alysira   ][

Somewhere in this month's Cry of Despair is the answer to the following
question. The rules are, you can NOT ask the writer of any articles for the 
answer, and especially not the person who the question may be about. This
month's question is:

       Which star sign has been advised to get more involved with art?

When you think you've found the answer, MUDmail me by the 30th of May and
two correct answers will be chosen at random as the winners.

Good luck and enjoy!

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   From the Quill of Alysira                                by Alysira   ][

Hey, everyone!

Another cool issue. Guess what? Next month we're starting ANOTHER new format.
ANOTHER! Isn't that amazing?

Hey, don't forget that as HA head, I need to listen to your thoughts about
things. You can rant to me about anything and I need to listen. Cool, huh?

If you'd like to write for the Cry, remember to drop me a MUDmail, or
read the next few pages for specific sections looking for writers!

Enjoy the Cry!

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   A Cry For Help                                            by Aragon   ][

Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention from a few sources that there are very few people
that take the time to read the monthly Cry of Despair, and while we realize
that the Cry has been posted late the past few months, myself, the other
writers and Alysira are working hard to get something interesting for the next
few issues.
  I would like to take a a few minutes to ask those that read the Cry what
they want to see more or less of in future articles. Maybe there was something
you like that was done in the past with Cry articles that you liked? This is
your chance to tell us as writers what you want. If you wish to share your
thoughts, ideas, or questions, you can reach all the writers by way of Mudmail,
tells, Or posting a note on the note boards outside our offices.
I'm sure I speak for the entire staff when I say we want to hear your opinions,
so take your stand, and speak up and be heard!
Aragon D'Elear-Damsana
 ][                                                                Page 31  ][

 ][   Calling All Players!                                      by Aragon   ][

The Cry of Despair's 100th issue is within sight! As we prepare ourselves to
work on the best issue the Cry has had since the first issue, we would like to
ask that you send us the events you feel affected the Realms the most, from
pre-Shattering, all the way up to today.
  Send all your submissions to Alysira in the form of Email or Mudmail please.
With your help, the 100th issue will be the best one posted since the first
one made it's way to the public.
(submissions Via Email, Please use the following Email Address;
We thank you all, for your support and help in making the future issues our
Aragon D'Elear-Damsana

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Seeking Laughs                                            by Babui    ][

Saw an amusing event?
Got a funny log?
Came across some interesting bios and titles?
Why not share your amusement with the entire mud community?! Have your logs and
articles published on the CRY, so we all can laugh at cute little silly
peoples and events =P HAR...I mean...we can all be entertained in a nice
polite fashion *nod self*.
Anyways, send me via mudmail your log/article/whatever funny thing you want to
share with the mud! What ya waiting for? Send your mudmails to Babui now =D
      _             _             _             _    |  See No Evil +
     c -.          { ".          c "}          c ".  |  Hear No Evil +
\_   / \   +  \_   /\\   +  \_   / \/  =  \_   / \^  |  Speak No Evil =
  \_| ||        \_|  |        \_|  |        \_| ||   |  One Bored Monkey

That's just random...don't worry about the monkey... =P

 ][                                                                         ][

 ][   Cry Of Despair: NewsDesk Staff Openings                   by Aslan    ][

Dear readers,
The news desk are currently seeking new and talented writers to join
The Cry of Despair team. If you are interested in working with our
team and able to submit  news related articles on a monthly basis 
please read on below.
a) Applicants must submit at least two articles monthly
b) Applicants are asked not to post lewd, rude or defamatory articles.
c) Good English (As in spelling, typing etc).
d) Ability to accept criticism (whether good or bad)
e) Ability to work well with others in a team
What we are looking for (for the news)
Articles that are news-worthy,.
Please mudmail the following in your applications to Aslan.
A) Name of player(s)
B) Current level
C) Interest in ______ type of news article (fill in the blank)
D) Times in which we can contact you online
E) Your reasons for wanting to join the cry
F) A short article written by you (to see your abilities)
Good luck,
Aslan de Rotheschilde, Newsdesk Sub Editor

 ][                                                                         ][