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Cry of Despair November 2015

General News: Welcome to November on Realms, it has been a busy month so far with the Watch Puppy on the rampage and other quests. As Winter begins it is a perfect time to stay warm, play realms and explore the wonderful content.

TS News: 11/12/15

* Player retention
* Leveling IP bonus/penalty
* Mercantile Class
* New races
* Skill adept % when taught by an adept player

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Nations News: Klaatu
Nations News of the Uruk'hai during the Cry of Despair's hiatus
From the Opallinoc News Bureau archives for October/November/Decembar, 2013

Dateline Barren Peaks of Tahjliera - The Caravan
Zontar has finally led the caravan to its first objective, a place near
Mount Krozloy. The cargo sought was found still intact after some years of
being stored in the 'secret' place. The UEF loaded the cargo onto the eltor
beast pulled carts and wagons in short order. All was set for the return to
Opallinoc, in time for the Winter Solstice Fest. But the skies darkened and
the temperatures suddenly plunged amid gusts of bitterly cold winds. "Just
great", Zontar was heard to mutter. As the snows began to fall in earnest
a decision had to be made. Should the caravan attempt to return or stay put?
Zontar, in a fit of rage, was heard screaming, "That cheap Benevolent so and
so. He just would not fork out what that weather controling druid wanted.
Another fine mess he has gotten me into." And Zontar then tossed another chunk
of eltor beast manure on the fire to keep warm.

Dateline Seaports of the Realms - Treasure
Rumors are circulating of vast wealth hidden by a notorious captain. Former
mates are said to be willing to part with information of the treasure. These
seafarers are still in the various seaports and some have even taken up new
occupations, mostly as murderers, cut throats and derelict old bar

Nations News of the Uruk'hai during the Cry of Despair's hiatus.
From the Opallinoc News Bureau archives for July/August/September, 2013

Dateline Opallinoc - UEF Called Up
By order of the High Council, the Uruk'hai Expeditionary Force is activated.
Zontar, storied leader of the UEF, has been given specific objectives by the
Klaatu and the Council. These orders are classified as 'state secret' and not
available to the News Bureau. Reports of a large number of carts and wagons
being pulled by the noble eltor beasts have circulated among both the Inahir
and the Uruk'hai. Rumors abound why a large armed force escorts the empty
caravan. The caravan has been spotted making it way southward, along the
Northern Trade Route, crossing into the Barren Peaks of Tahjliera. Further
updates on the UEF caravan as it becomes announced.

Dateline Opallinoc - Autumnal Equinox Fest
As Zontar was called away to UEF duties, Volstagg trekked to the Macmillan
Farm to gather data of the area. Following up on the story of barbarians in
the area, Volstagg queried the merchants about the fabled mountain men. Their
tales left much to the imagination as to the skill in crafting by a barbarian
named Khragg and the battle prowess of one named Brutus Hammersmith. Further
discussions with the family living on the farm led Volstagg ponder the lies,
treachery and deceit in the stories heard. Fables told by Khragg, confused the
issues even more. Khragg claimed to be a craftsman and told Volstagg to bring
him items found in the Farm area to make sought after weapons and armor.

Nations News of the Uruk'hai during the Cry of Despair's hiatus.
From the archives of the Opallinoc News Bureau for April/May/June 2013

Dateline Edel: Macmillan Farm
Zontar, leader of the Uruk'hai Expeditionary Force, was feasting on a roasted
pelican at the Pick and Payload Dining Hall in Edel. Overheard were a couple
of merchants discussing Macmillan Farm production problems. Seems Southern
Mountain Range barbarians had started intimidating the hired help and visitors.
The merchants told how the orchards were neglected, making peaches and apples
spoil. They needed a champion to step forth and rid the Farm of the barbarians.
The owners of the Farm would surely reward anyone accomplishing the task.
Intrigued, Zontar started out tracking the trail of Taehem's fruit cart as it
left Edel. Soon, seeing the fruit orchards, Zontar knew he had found tha farm.
Exploring, while trying to not be discovered by the people living there, some
items found were large and small arrowheads. A dock, fished off of and cooked
dinner in nearby firepit. A boathouse near a lagoon, where he took a swim.

Dateline Seaports of the Realms: Treasure
Volstagg the Catacomb Dweller, was patronizing the Dancing Pony Inn. Having
a tall, frosted glass of pilsner, some seafarers wwere overheard to mutter
about a "cursed treasure". Trying to solicit more information proved to be
useless. But, it struck Volstagg that maybe other seafarers in other ports or
seamen on ships might be more open. Especially those susceptalbe to bribes and
drink. Thus he set out to the various ports of the Realms.