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Focus on Learning: Rosetta's School of Antics; Babui and the Newbie Council

  Cry of Despair                                      Issue 87, September 2004
  Editor: Sarakin                                    Immortal Sponsor: Alysira
  Staff : Babui, Qaulorn, Rosetta, Stozzter, Redric

                  - From The Desk Of The Editor                 - by Sarakin
                  - Rosetta's School of Antics                  - by Rosetta
                  - Turtle Times                                - by Donatello
                  - Babui's Babble Bubble                       - by Babui
                  - Quiz: How Long Will Your Mudmarriage Last?  - by Alysira
                  - News From Around The Realms
                    -  Nations News                             - via Romani
                    -  Guilds News
                    -  Orders News
                  - Wedding Congratulations                     - by Babui
                  - Cry of Despair Quest                        - by Alysira
                    -  August's Quest Results
                    -  September's Quest
                  - From The Quill Of Alysira                   - by Alysira
                  - Public Outcry
                    -  Cracked Cask Casino                      - by Cyril
                    -  Advertise in the Cry of Despair
                    -  Join the Cry of Despair
                    -  Wedding Celebrants

                                                                 Page: 1

  From The Desk Of The Editor                                      by- Sarakin

  Welcome to another HUGE issue of the Cry of Despair. First, let me send a 
  mammoth 'Thank You' to our departed editor and overlord, Qaulorn. It's not 
  an easy job being the editor, and he excelled in every way, so thanks 
  Qaulorn, you'll always be remembered as a great editor :)
  We have so much great stuff in this issue, it's nuts. Babui delves into the 
  depths of her fantastic mind and once again sends a shout-out to all the 
  recently mudmarried couples. We're introduced to 'Rosetta's School of 
  Antics' and Alysira has cooked up a sizzling mudmarriage quiz.
  Why are you still on this page? Go read the rest!
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  Rosetta's School of Antics                                       by- Rosetta

  Dear brothers and sisters,
  I was invited by one of the staff members of this infamous publication to
  start a small treatise on the nature and ethics of evil. I'm sure you will
  be paying me attention during these classes and will behave in your best
  manner. Upon graduation you will be among the elite defilers of these realms
  and a first choice of the dark forces under to spread the corruption. Make 
  no mistake, what you will learn here will change your lives and open a new
  chapter in them with a dark title and endless pages to be filled with 
  glorious deeds. So let us start, and welcome to Rosetta's School of Antics!
  Month 1 - The Naming of the Dark
  Abstract: Learn how to properly refer to your dark nature and understand 
  why the word "evil" is shun and easily revoked by the true defiler.
  Objective: After this lesson you will be able to carry yourself in the
  knowledge of your true nature without self pity or shame, but instead with
  pride, joy and in anticipation of the work to be done.
  You may have realized I only used the word Evil once during the introduction
  I usually give all my students. You may also have realized that the name of
  this school is, on the opinion of some, misleading or privy to the real 
  teachings and practising of those herein. In fact both the lack of a 
  continuous reference to the word Evil and the secretive nature of this 
  school are intimately connected to what I call the Uneven Apportion.

                                                                 Page: 3

  Rosetta's School of Antics                                       by- Rosetta

  This term refers to the apparent incapacity of the setient races mind to
  properly distinguish between Good and Evil several layers and resume both
  terms to their archetypes. I can see those noses wiggling. Do not fear,
  this is not a treatise on philosophy. But before any good example, one 
  should properly describe the terminology so that the use of the words is not
  lost solely on their illustrative condition. So, what I mean is that we, as
  setient beings, have an hard time separating the several layers of Good or
  Evil and reduce everything to either Good or Evil solely, forgetting that
  in that apportion we separated the being into two groups only. Much like a
  rainbow stripped of all its colors except for Red and Violet. The uneven 
  trait of this separation or apportion results from the fact that in doing 
  so, the righteous have forced an evil demeanor on any one else that doesn't
  closely resemble and follow their pious ways.
  On the other hand, we the so called Evil embrace in our bosom any being that
  not necessarily a disciple of the dark, has been unfairly outcast from their
  society. While at first sight this may look like the unevenness results from
  the numbers, fact is it results from the lack or organizational abilities to
  deal with our own condition. As such, while the minority of the world calls
  us Evil, we the majority don't see it that way and understand that within
  our vast numbers we display more tolerance and respect for the different 
  shades of our kin. But because of all those shades, we lack the capabilities
  smaller organizations show to unite and once and for all ban from the world
  this unfair word which in no way relates to our activities.

                                                                 Page: 4

  Rosetta's School of Antics                                       by- Rosetta

  So, how does all of this translate to your day to day?
  Understand once and for all and let this be your first introduction at the
  ways of the Dark. To follow the Dark is to understand there is an 
  alternative to light; is to embrace the alternative and rejoice in its wake
  and not despair in its fall, but instead wait patiently for the dusk, for it
  is known that it always come.
  That was the way the Gods intended.
  To follow the Dark is to accept the challenge that Life should be respected
  on any form and that its sacrifice is a gift of sweet grapes to the Gods and
  an honour of no equal to both the sacrificed and offerer. Offerer who, one
  day will too meet his destiny at the table of the Gods.
  However, to follow the Dark is to understand also that vanity, pride, 
  sorrow, anger, revenge and hate are conditions of the sentient beings which
  we cannot and should not avoid, but instead, tame and embrace as gifts from
  the above and the under. To accept we shall be as we were meant by the 
  creators and not close the door on an array of sensations in impious 
  defiance of their intentions.
  Be you or any of those you love, spread this message in your hearts and 
  rejoice in your existence. This concludes this month lesson. In the upcoming
  lessons, we will enter into more detail on the ethics and rituals of the
  Dark. Being this a very unorthodox way of teaching, if you have any doubts
  please contact me directly or by mudmail. If I'm available I'll do my best
  to lead you.
  Until next month.

                                                                 Page: 5

  Turtle Times                                                   by- Donatello
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             `!!>  !>     ,'".> ,       `'!; !      ; !!!!! `,;'` .,ce$"z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$d$$$$c.
        `<;;;;<;`      ,cd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P""""?$$$c.
          ```       z$$$$$$$$$$$??$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P"*G.,r?ML`NMMT4beeuueuueuueedMMMMMCLnn."MMP 4$$$$$$$
              4$$$$$$$$$, C,um. "MMMMPP"""""`````""""""TTTTT "".z$$$$$$$$
     .,,;;;!> `$$$$$$$$$$."?4MMb`" .,,ce$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$eee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
,;!!!!!!!!!!!  ?$$$$$$$$$$b,,,,ce$$$$$$$$$$$$$?????????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P'
|!!!!!!!!''```  "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$bhbhU$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
|!!'``.=ce$$$$$c. "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P"
cece$cecc,. ""??""               `""""??$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P"  , Do you have questions or issues?  Great!  Mudmail Donatello to see your
  questions answered in the next issue of the Cry of Despair!

========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 6 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Turtle Times by- Donatello ============================================================================ To Turtle Times: I'm scared of my guild's guardian! Every time I have to go into the guild, I have to pass the guardian, and that scares me! Now I have to recall every time instead, and it wastes my recalls and stuff! I'm poor! What should I do! Please help me with your turtle powers! --Frightened Guildee Hello Frightened Guildee, I know you are not the only person with this problem, and I have a solution for all of you! If you swing by Tull Manor you can find a small makeup compact in a drawer and go give it to your guild's guardian and make those guardians nice and pretty. I hope this has solved your problem with your guild's guardian, glad to be of service! --Donatello ============================================================================ Page: 7 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ NC (Newbie Council) is a group of individuals who are dedicated to helping new players get started, get help and to understand the game in order to fully enjoy the fun realms can offer. Sometimes, I would look at some stuck newb in "god-knows-what-weird-place -they-got-into-now" and think..."wow...that is so like how I was!" Note to all newbies: Don't be dismayed when you keep dying and it seems like nothing is going your way. Everyone started off as a newbie.... Let's see how NC'ers, this group of people who now help newbs, fared when they were little lost and baffled newbs! Aslan's brave adventures: - Staking newts with a level 10 cleric - Trying the wind devils and dying sooo many times at level 5 - Trying to beat Diana at level 20 Babui's thoughts: Uber! ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 8 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ Sarakin's heart-breaking scenes: When I was a 'lil newb, I wanted to visit this magical place called the canopy. It took me 45 mins to get there... and a gnome killed me. I was shattered... then I died like 8-9 times more. Damn spider monkeys. That's when I said "nah" and went back and cried in DH. I used to sing the gummy bears theme on the music chan, and everyone at Sonoria would laugh at me. I thought it was fun. 'Gummy bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere high adventures that are beyond compare they are the gummy bearsssssssss!' Babui's thoughts: I made Saraky sing! *cackles***! ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 9 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ Uilisia's journey to become the almighty pirate: My first character was weak, an elf druidess and I kept dying all the time. I didn't realise you could quaff potions during a fight, so it was ages before I managed to kill a gnome scientist. Anyway, I gave up for 6 months then restarted with a warrior - made it up to level 20. Then I started a mage and associate with other people, that made a huge difference, having friends to advise and help. Going around in a group helped for lots of things, like gold and experience. It was level 15 before I learnt about repairing stuff, and sanc around that level too. Maxing CON was also a revelation to me... Babui's thoughts: level 15 is fast...I learnt at level 40+... Babui's hatred for dragonflies: Lol! After spending like, 9 hours in the Tower of Knowledge and reading those _signs_ over and over again because I don't know where to go... I finally made it to the end with the help of an old NC'er. Only to have my joy crushed by dying over and over again! Poor little me, walking naked, dying in the hands of those merciless dragonflies who gangs up on me! In my days, we don't respawn with EQ and mobs KILL, not stun =*( ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 10 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ Then I finally got dressed and died less thanks to some nice travellers who quickly became friends! At around level 40 something...I got advised to join a guild and learnt heaps! Such as maxing con, the use of sanc... Babui's thoughts: *tee***, I'm slow at finding at stuff....hehe Mauzait's road to fame (who can deny the popularity of Nelkum and Ekhinos?): I got to level 3 and left the academy and couldn't find my way back. Wandering through town, I didn't see much that I could do so I went into the sewers. Nearly got killed by a rat, but fled, and went into a no-exit room. I thought that meant GAME OVER, so the char auto-deleted. That was what happened to the very first Nelkum. The second/current Nelkum took 2 years to av. Ekhinos was next. I remember I was grouped with this girl and we were in Tull. She got injured in a fight so I tried casting cure light on her. But I accidentally cast cause light, and an immortal was there right away and demanded to know what was going on. I explained that I got mixed up... I was so afraid I'd get in trouble. The immortal told me, Well, don't get mixed up. Babui's thoughts: Freaky! Fast speedy immortal! ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 11 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ Akael's newbie moments on Kodak: I remember my very first CR, way before the shattering. I saw level 4, and actually dared to wander out of DH! Then got slaughtered by goblins in Miden'nir and had no idea where I'd even gone to, or died. I was profoundly grateful to the one who helped me CR, I didn't have any equipment after dying. And for a more recent semi-newbie embarrassment, I JUST avatared, and GoC decked me out in the finest avatar equipment they could find, all for free... 10 minutes later, I ran into a DT cause I was too busy to scry. But the guild was great about it, and did the best to re-equip me AGAIN ;) Babui's thoughts: awwwww...that's so sweet! Araine's "black and gold" days: I was a newbie back in the days of "black and gold", I refused to level with lspells because I thought if I didn't naturally have it, I wasn't meant to have it. ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 12 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Babui's Babble Bubble by- Babui ============================================================================ I was afraid to go practice anything at first, because I thought something bad would happen if I did. I had an immortal force me to practice something and I considered illegally pkilling them for it... just to see if I could now that I had a new spell :P As for equipment, I only wore what looked cool, despite my more experienced friends trying to keep me better dressed - the better stuff didn't look as cool. Babui's thoughts: rofl!!! Yeah, I reckon - pretty sounding EQ is the best =) *Giggles***. I hope you had a good laugh at these NC'ers newbie experiences =P I sure did! To those that are just as lost as we were, don't fret, you'll get there =) After all, everyone starts off as a newbie... ============================================================================ Page: 13 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Quiz: How Long Will Your MUDMarriage Last? by- Alysira ============================================================================ Ahh, marriage. The sacred bond between two lovers. Eternal bliss. Unless of course, you divorce. Almost every MUDmarriage is destined for a MUDdivorce at some point. So, how long will YOUR marriage last? Take this quiz to find out! HOW LONG WILL YOUR MUDMARRIAGE LAST? 1. When my mudspouse goes on a run without me, I: A. Sit somewhere private and cry to myself. B. Find a good friend and complain about how my mudspouse NEVER does anything with me. C. We usually run together a lot. D. ...A run? What's that? E. I'm usually the one that goes on a run without them. 2. My mudspouse JUST became a leader/Immortal! I feel: A. Neglected, alone, and depressed. B. What? How DARE they accept it! They should be spending that time with me! C. Great! This is wonderful for them, and they won't neglect me. D. Pfft, they would never get accepted for that. They don't do anything except hang out with me. E. I would get accepted, and not them. ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 14 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Quiz: How Long Will Your MUDMarriage Last? by- Alysira ============================================================================ 3. I just caught my mudspouse talking to another person! I feel: A. A little neglected. Could they be flirting? What if they don't find me ASCII-attractive anymore! B. Talking to ANOTHER person? How DARE they! C. I'm sure they are just friends. D. We have no time for friends in our relationship. E. They HAVE no friends, it'd most likely be me talking to someone else. 4. It is our first one month, two week, six day and four hour anniversary! I celebrate by: A. Worrying all day if they forgot, and weeping to myself, telling myself that they don't love me. B. Showering them with gifts, snuggles, smoochies, and excepting the same in return! C. ...We don't celebrate arbitrary dates. D. A beautiful dinner, a peaceful room to ourselves, and dozens of gifts! E. They need me to REMIND them about our anniversary, and then I have to plan the day. 5. My mudspouse gets in trouble from the Immortals! I: A. Cry to myself, this must be my fault somehow! B. DEMAND to know what they did, and I'll punish them myself! C. Meh, they probably deserved it, we'll get over it. D. Sit down and discuss what happened, and consider mudmarriage counselling. E. I can't have my mudspouse tarnishing MY reputation like that. Muddivorce. Now. ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 15 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Quiz: How Long Will Your MUDMarriage Last? by- Alysira ============================================================================ RESULTS MOSTLY A'S: A FEW WEEKS You feel as though the entire relationship is dependant on you, and anything that goes wrong is your fault. You have severe emotional problems, and soon enough, your mudspouse is going to pick up on this, and will either leave you or try to help you, but they might not stick around for long. Fix yourself to fix your mudmarriage! MOSTLY B'S: A DAY. TOPS. MAYBE A WEEK IF YOU'RE LUCKY You are smothering them! Soon enough they'll realise this and will leave you, quicksmart. You'll chase after them for days, perhaps even weeks, and soon enough you'll find yourself on their ignore list. Quit while you're ahead, stalker. MOSTLY C'S: GOOD AND STABLE This relationship might not revolve around true love, but after all, this isn't a SERIOUS marriage, and you're smart enough to realise this. When it's finally over, that's ok, you'll still be friends and will most likely end on a mutual, peaceful basis, but you're looking at a good, long mudmarriage. ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 16 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Quiz: How Long Will Your MUDMarriage Last? by- Alysira ============================================================================ MOSTLY D'S: DOOMED Oh, this may seem like the perfect mudmarriage, but you're doomed from the beginning. You're taking this as serious as a real marriage. Please note- THIS GAME IS NOT REAL, and neither is your marriage. The stress of this relationship will someday get to you, and your relationship will crash and burn in the most horrible and fiery way possible. MOSTLY E'S: ETERNAL DESPAIR, OR AS LONG AS YOU WANT You are the controlling, dominating side in your relationship, and the relationship will be ending on your whim. You have little to no respect left for your mudspouse, they are basically a trophy spouse. Unless your mudspouse picks up the courage to stand up to you, this relationship's future is in your hands. ============================================================================ Page: 17 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Half-Orc via- Romani ============================================================================ I'd like to wish a warm OOC welcome to our three newest RPers, Bacaral, Lornith, and Grala! Yup, that puts us to a grand total of 4 RPers. Please, if you have a half-orc, and are willing to join in on some IC fun, start RPing! Anyways, the website is at It will be updated regularly with new logs, changes to the history, and additions of new sections if they are needed. I hope to see much more IC action take place within the tunnels, caverns and caves of our great mountain! -Carnak Mac Morna, Il'Khan Chieftain- ============================================================================ Page: 18 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Human via- Romani ============================================================================ The late summer found the soldiers of Lomar fortifying the walls around the Keep, building new watchtowers and a set of strong ballistas were purchased or a better protection of the Keep. Upon the completion of Lord Regent Aziel's new Chantry for sorcerors, rumor has spread he is deciding to send out invitations to all in the Realms for an opening ceremony of this new center for magic in Lomar. Anyone who visits the Keep these days for trade or just taking the occasional holiday will hear of interesting rumors regarding some strangers being brought into the Keep by a guest of the Lord Regent, amongst them reportedly the Speaker of the Elohai. If any half-elf are to come into the Keep and speak with any human in the tavern or Inn, they will know of this rumor. Thank you Aziel ============================================================================ Page: 19 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Half-Ogre via- Romani ============================================================================ From the Opallinoc News Bureau: Dateline Opallinoc: Doldrums Cause Found The resouceful Uruk'hai Shaman, Hakupa, has determined the cause of the recent malady known as the Doldrums. It appears to be a wind born contaminant. The source is believed to be coming from the Dunhill area, which is close to the Uruk'hai borders and Opallinoc itself. Dateline Opallinoc: Inside The Cracked Tree Hakupa, the resourceful Uruk'hai Shaman, has reported that the contaminant causing the Doldrums, has traces of various residues used in the production of Pixie Dust. This further confirms Dunhill as the source of the malady. No cure has been discovered as of yet, the Doldrums rage on, affecting most. Dateline Dunhill: A hastily formed inspection team of Uruk'hai intelligentsia, has been seeking the entrance of the Pixie colony, in the Dunhill area. The colony's location has not been generally known among the Uruk'hai. Reconnaissance parties have begun the search. ============================================================================ Page: 20 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Gith via- Romani ============================================================================ There is So much to say, but so little time to say it in, The Gralthai have much news to spread through the Realms. First, I have Volenteered to be the Webmaster, My goals are to continue to post Roleplay logs and to post General Information of the Nations, those that have any Gralthai RP logs Please send me a tell to let me know, I would like to post them for all to see. For those that RP, and wish to take part in a plot started by myself and an elf named Aragon, read the note posted in National Visions, then send a tell to Aragon, or myself and either will see how you can involve yourself. The Gralthai Wish peace to all Nations, and still work with the Elves in spreading it through the Realms. I wish you all a great week, until next I Write. Efrum Boneharvester ============================================================================ Page: 21 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Pixie via- Romani ============================================================================ This is PNN. Your source of pixie news. After consulting with the Pixie Nation, Kosaim has appointed his new council Gibimcri has been appointed the Air Chief Marshall of the Pixie Air Wardens. Mattin was acclaimed as Wood Master and Caseria has kept her position has Pixie Devine. Aristacia is now our Windtalker and representative to the Commonwealth. Illoai is now our new Poet Laurette. The First and Second Positions are still up to the General Election Mirabel and Kasmine are running a close campaign for First, as are Gibimcri and Mattin for second. A debate has been scheduled. There has been a lot of mud slinging in this complain. One Reomyr resident said "I wish they would throw fluffy pillows, this mud is hard to clean." ============================================================================ Page: 22 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Nations News: Halfling via- Romani ============================================================================ Hello Hobbits, Shiane, one of our younger hobbits has wond the contest and her roleplay The Ghost Of The Black Magician Returns, will be acted out sometime in late September. There is plenty of room for participation, or just watching so you can stay up nights wielding some kind of weapon and telling yourself, " I am not afraid, I am not afraid." Also i would be happy if there is any who might have the time to help us with our web page. We intend to include a match making section, along with a mail order Bride or Groom section. Runs for equiptment for our quickly diminitioning chest of donations would be greatly apprecaiated. In conclusion along withstorm warnings will be intertaining suggestions you can do during the long winter days and nights. Soon we will be having the best homemade wine drinking contest, as well as a trading of our fine homegrown tabacco amung hobbits who might have cross breaded (im talking tobacco here) to add more zest. Come join us and lets have fun! Sincerely Zasperlyn, your Nation leader. ============================================================================ Page: 23 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Guilds News: Guild of Rangers ============================================================================ This month, the Guild of Rangers would like to welcome Abigore and Bobo, our newest pledges. I hope you find your stay enjoyable. Dilynrae and Glaenna passed their reviews to become full members of the guild. Congratulations to you both. Further congratulations are in order for Dilynrae and Junhi for joining the RQC. I'm sure you guys will do great. Daltorak and Leanq were the birthday rangers this month. Remember, it's not how old you are, but how fast you can climb up the tree that counts. Hope you guys had a wonderful birthday. Remember, if you're interested in the guild and are a peaceful, level 20 or above, come visit the guild to pick up a guide and speak to an RQC member. Or visit our website at: ============================================================================ Page: 24 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Guilds News: Guild of Vampires ============================================================================ The Guild of Vampires welcomes you. Recent times have seen a few developments within the guild. Especially with the guilds leadership. Fuil, having reined as Guild 1st for sometime, stepped down making way for Pardalis to take his place. Elections were held recently which saw Vladavostok as the newest Guild 2nd. Congratulations Vladavostok, may your new standing position see the guild to even happier times. The Guild is pleased to see many new Chylde Vampires amongst it's halls. And hopefully pleased to see many more to come. Compliments to Loanmyk for an amazing bout of Trivia over the course of the last month. With a diverse range of topics, and varying difficulties in questions the event saw Babui as the overall victor. Rastagar came close in 2nd place with Aloca in 3rd place. Many prizes of varying worth and use were given to the many participants who also did well. The Guild encourages Vampires of level 20 and higher who wish kindred company to venture forth and seek us out. We reside within the mansion marked (h) on the "help map". ============================================================================ Page: 25 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Orders News: Ringbearers ============================================================================ Congrats from RB to Selina For all the hard work Selina has done for the Order of Ringbearers and the many things she does outside of the Order we would all like to Congradulate Selina for Advancing to Godship. Keep up with the hard work our Goddess in command. Other Congrats for this month go to Gisselle for choosing RB to be her Order of choice. We were just wacky and crazy enough to get our 3rd IMM on our staff. WooHoo. Also to the new mortals to join the our ranks. Belkira and Zabinire toughed it out through our grueling *inno* induction process to join in on the fun. If you would like to join the ranks also feel free to contact your local Ringbearers IT member. They will start the torture.. I mean questing process after you have read help RB and help RB_Inductions. -Norelle ============================================================================ Page: 26 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Wedding Congratulations by- Babui ============================================================================ On the 2nd of August... All battle was at a halt, for the holy matrimony of two warriors in love... Gromnir Shatterflail _..._ ,s$$$s. and .$$$$$$$s$$ss$$$$, Acelyn Shatterflail $$$sss$$$$s$$$$$$$ $$ss$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Congratulations and may you live and fight, side by side, forever. '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' S$$$$$$$$$$$' Gromnir says 'Well, we were both, I believe, quite nervous about the whole thing... But it turned out well, and we are very happy now. '$$$$$' $$$' Acelyn tells you 'Live life to the fullest be happy! I know i am . 8-) ', All best wishes to the Realms newest couple - Gromnir and Acelyn Shatterflail ; ; ', ; ,' ; ', ', ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 27 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Wedding Congratulations by- Babui ============================================================================ On the 7th of August...there was..a great disturbance in the realms. It was like a million voices crying out in unison, then suddenly silenced... at the wedding of Petrograd, Russia and Babui d'Mortem as all family and friends dropped down...dead... 0000000000 0000000000 000 000 000 000 000 0000 000 * . 000 00 000 ` ' 000 000 . .** 000 Petro 000 . 000 + 000 * ` 000 Babz 000 . * * * 000 000 * . * 000 000 . * * * 000 000 . * * . . 000 000 our wedding room desc =) * . ` ` . 000 000 * 000000 00 Futhark: May you live longer than we did! (He insisted on the starwars quote too) ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 28 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Wedding Congratulations by- Babui ============================================================================ On the 21st of August, a beam of light shone down on Mazelton and Agness S'Lan as the angels sang and the doves ascended for realms' new couple. _..---.._ .' .-'''-. '. / .' _..._'. \ _ : : /`;' ) : : _,="` ,--''` ``'.; : |; ,-; : ; __..==""==.,_| `-, `; .\; / ^\ _,.="// '-,_.--._ '.(;_.'__/`_.-'`\ ,.--''`` _..=. `'--.// `` \ Mazelton: `--, '` `- |_\ '-. | From the darkness of despair, `-._ _.;--`-..___,.-'` you are my guiding light. `'-...-_:',;`==,| \ _.--',=" / /"=;="=, _.' ,=".-'` .' /| ,=" _.--' .-' "=, : .' | ", `;._ .--'.' .-' .' . ; ,;;\_ . '._.'--'` -' / ,;;;._ '-._ .''.__.' `\_ .' '._ / '._ .(` '._ ';./ `;` ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 29 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Wedding Congratulations by- Babui ============================================================================ A friend just got married? Want to congratulate them along with the whole of Realms? You just got married? Want to announce to the whole of Realms your love for each other? Well, here's the place! Send me a mudmail with the couples' name, the date of the wedding, and any comments you would like to make =) Start NOW by showing you care! Start NOW by showing you are truely happy for them/yourself! Start NOW by announcing to the world! ____________________,88888e ______________,a888b.9888888i ______________888888888888888 ______________88888888888888Y ______________'8888888888888 ________________"S888888888" __________________"7888888Y _____________________"e88j ______________________-> HaPpY WeDdInG! ============================================================================ Page: 30 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Cry of Despair Quest: August's Quest Results by- Alysira ============================================================================ Last month, I prepared a sentence which contained the letters of the names of six Immortals, and your quest was to find out which names they were. The sentence was: I bring a noon cream pie ma, she sells a con near a code cup. Yes, it's utterly ridiculous. These two players were chosen at random from the hoardes of entries that were received! Congratulations to: Linaeus and Llesinde! Please see me for your prizes ASAP! This month's quest is on the next page, please enjoy! ========================================================(Continued)========= Page: 31 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Cry of Despair Quest: September's Quest by- Alysira ============================================================================ J U S T I C E A Q R Hidden in this Find-A-Word are the short names (ie. P A H N M O J F R E Shade instead of Shade the dark) of seven popular A N D W J R M I H Z mobs from around the Realms. Find these mobs and, T Z H E V S K A E I in no particular order, MUDmail them to me by the B S G L P T C P B O 30th of September. Two winners will be chosen at K M D J D E V I L A random, good luck and have fun! L F Q I R R D Q B L T R Y F U I S E T H -Alysira W X O N Y X E U V Z ============================================================================ Page: 32 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ From The Quill Of Alysira by- Alysira ============================================================================ Greetings! I sincerely apologise for the lateness of this month's Cry of Despair. For both Qaulorn and myself, there were a lot of interruptions, so much so for Qaulorn that he has chosen to resign as editor. He did well during his stint and will be greatly missed, however Sarakin has promptly come in to take over the duties of the editor! I'm sure that he will do well. Please remember that we are always accepting applications to join the Cry of Despair staff. Simply send a MUDmail to myself and Sarakin, saying why you'd like to join, and include a sample article of anything you wish. Please enjoy this issue of the Cry of Despair! -Alysira ============================================================================ Page: 33 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Advertisement: The Cracked Cask Casino by- Cyril ============================================================================ Come to the Cracked Cask Casino for all of your gambling and financial needs, featuring 3 levels of jackpots. Delanna hosts the 100 mill and 1 billion coins jackpot game in the west room (Darrek's Corner), Adryanna hosts the "Set For Life" slot machine, featuring a minimum jackpot of 25 billion coins, located in the east room (An Ale Room), and Magdeline hosts the 5 billion jackpot game in the north room (The Upper Bar). In the south room, Vitarla hosts multiplayer blackjack. For those who wish to sell or buy equipment, there is Orestes the Auctioneer and now banker. Items with a * can be bought, and the prospective seller can put their item up for sale or for auction for as little as 1 hour or as long as 14 days. There is a listing fee of 10K per item per day, with a 1% sellers commission if the item is sold. Orestes now features interest paying accounts, with a minimum deposit of 5 million coins, and higher interest rates for deposits over 100 million and 500 million coins. Orestes also sells heal potions, tanksets, truesight, sanctuary, demonskin, and dragonskin. Look at Orestes for current pricing. Stock certificates which pay monthly dividends are also available on Orestes. The dividends are based on monthly casino volume. They can also be sold back through Orestes as well. Dividends are paid on the first of the month for the preceeding month. ============================================================================ Page: 34 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Advertisement: Advertise in the Cry of Despair ============================================================================ /---------------------------------------------------\ | /-----------------------------------------------\ | | | | | | | Have something important to say, but don't | | | | have anywhere to say it? | | | | | | | | Consider advertising in the Cry of Despair! | | | | | | | | Organization leaders, wedding planners, | | | | anything and everything appropriate will be | | | | considered, formatted to your liking, and | | | | posted here free of charge! | | | | | | | | Just MUDmail your announcement to Alysira, and| | | | you'll receive it back just as it will appear | | | | in the CoD, open to changes if neccessary. | | | | | | | \-----------------------------------------------/ | \---------------------------------------------------/ ============================================================================ Page: 35 ============================================================================ ============================================================================ Advertisement: Join the Cry of Despair ============================================================================ /---------------------------------------------------\ | /-----------------------------------------------\ | | | | | | | Are you looking for a new challenge in life? | | | | | | | | Want to meet interesting, and even not-so- | | | | interesting people? | | | | | | | | Want to discover new aspects of the game? | | | | | | | | Want your voice to be heard by the whole MUD? | | | | | | | | And... 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