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Inspired by Richard Bartle, Israfel asks why are we still here?

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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 This Month's Special:
   Heroes Interviews                   - Annale          CRY3-8

 Monthly Article     
   Helpfile of the Month               - Annale          CRY9

 Nation News
   Quendi (Elf)                        - Annale          CRY10
   Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)                - Klaatu          CRY11-12
   Hobbit (Halfling)                   -                 CRY13
   Tyrrhenu (Gnome)                    - Farlina         CRY14
   Khazad (Dwarf)                      - Stoneheft       CRY15
   Pixie (Pixie)                       - Kosaim          CRY16
   Ilythiiri (Drow)                    - Solcent         CRY17

 Guild News
   Guild of Mages                      - Hunajaa         CRY18

 Order News                            
   Sanctus Irae                        - Averis          CRY19-20

 Quest News
   October CoD Quest Results           - Annale          CRY21
   December CoD Quest                  - Annale          CRY22-23
   Elf-Only Quest                      - Annale          CRY24   

 Realms Living
   Why are we still here?              - Israfel         CRY25-29
   Blind Date Hook-Ups                 - Alexandra       CRY30-33
   Christmas Shopping                  - Babui           CRY34-36
   Ask CoE Answers                     - Kinux           CRY37-38

 Funny Bones
   Overheard in Immland                - Falennt         CRY39
   Questing Funnies                    - Akael & Gonnil  CRY40
   Funny Moments                       - Romani          CRY41
   Christmas Jokes                     - Annale          CRY42

 Announcements and Advertisements
   2009 Annual Website Contest Results - Romani          CRY43
   Join the Pkill League               - Versetch        CRY44
   Shop with Guts'n'Glory!                               CRY45
   Advertise with the Cry!                               CRY46
   CoD Readers Reward                                    CRY47
   Seasonally Appropriate Greetings from the CoD!        CRY48

  Cry of Despair Staff
   Suggestion Box                                        CRY49
   Letter from the Editor                                CRY50
   Write for the Cry                                     CRY51
   From Falennt's Inkwell                                CRY52


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 Page 3    \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale

          Once every so often, a player represents themselves as an
      exemplary asset to the game. They may be silent, or may rise above
     the crowds. However they are known, they are, and forever shall be...

                                The Heroes.

Since 2004, the Herald Assembly has proudly recognised individuals from 
the Mortal community who have shown selfless dedication to this game and its
members.  While these people may be noticed amongst their friends, they may
often go unnoticed by the majority of players.  It is for this reason that
the Herald Assembly seeks out these individuals, naming them "Heroes".

The Heroes of the Realms of Despair for 2009: 
                ___________   ___________   ___________
               '._==_==_=_.' '._==_==_=_.' '._==_==_=_.' 
                |:.       |   |:.       |   |:.       | 
               (|  Arlo   |) (|  Graet  |) (|   Valky |) 
                |  2009   |   |  2009   |   |   2009  | 
                 \_______/     \_______/     \_______/   
                   )  (          )  (           )  (
                 _.'  '._      _.'  '._       _.'  '._  
                 `"""""""`     `"""""""`     `"""""""`  
                    Congratulations to the Heroes!

Continued... help CRY4


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 Page 4    \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale

         _         _                         _  __     __    _ _          
        / \   _ __| | ___     __ _ _ __   __| | \ \   / /_ _| | | ___   _ 
       / _ \ | '__| |/ _ \   / _` | '_ \ / _` |  \ \ / / _` | | |/ / | | |
      / ___ \| |  | | (_) | | (_| | | | | (_| |   \ V / (_| | |   <| |_| |
     /_/   \_\_|  |_|\___/   \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|    \_/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__, |

Arlo and Valky are both quiet sorts in their own way, the types you won't hear
much about or from unless you're in their closer circle of friends, which is
what makes this a little strange to write, but here are some thoughts on both
of them.
Arlo is a very straightforward guy, the kind you will always get a straight
answer out of whether you like it or not. He's a very bright guy, and even
though he will deny that more often than not, that's his strength as a player.
He's fun guy to hang out with even when you're doing nothing in particular and
a solid player when you want another body to get things done.
Valky is one of the most quiet people I've ever met, it takes a lot to get him
talking but I consider his opinions and thoughts to be an invaluable asset.
He is a genuinely good person, the type who will go a long way for a friend,
even at his own expense. As for his game skills, many people know him, or know
of him, even though you'll rarely hear him speak of it himself, and that is
likely because he is one of the most skilled explorers I've seen in my time on
this mud.

                                        Lady Foxarius, Leader of Ascendere.
Continued... help CRY5


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 Page 5    \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale

                                   /\ ._ | _ 
                                  /--\|  |(_)

How did you get introduced to the Realms of Despair, and when did you start
playing here?

Arlo: Let's see... I got introduced through a friend in middle school.  I
started by playing a neph up to level 25 and then quit. Then, 2 years after I 
quit, I got bored one day and decided to try it out again. I made a cleric and 
walla, here I am!

What were some of the most memorable moments during your time here?

Arlo: There was this PK tournament a while ago that I won.  It was pretty
fun.  Buns of Steel!

If there's any one you would choose to be a Hero, who would it be and why? 

Arlo: I guess Babui.  She's sweet and kind and helps everyone, 
especially newbies.'

Any words of wisdom and advice for all the aspiring Heroes out there?
Arlo: How about, explore lots and making maps of everything will keep you
safe and DT free!

Continued... help CRY6


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 Page 6   \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale

                                   \  / _.||   
                                    \/ (_|||<\/
When did you start playing RoD? How were you introduced?

Valky: I started playing Realms of Despair back in 1998ish, when I had to 
do a project on the medieval times... The first result off the search engine 
was this mud, so I decided to check it out... and now I'm still here!

What moments during your time here are memorable for you?

Valky: My most memorable moments had to have been the last few years.  
With the advances in technology, running with voice chat has changed running 
to become much easier and more fun! 

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

Valky: My favourite piece of equipment has to be the Ice Girth, it's saved 
me more times than I can count!  I don't go anywhere without it!

What player comes to mind that would be deserving of the title "Hero"?

Valky: Hmm, most of the people that I would choose are already heroes... 
If I had to name a person that was not a hero yet, it would be Babui.  She's 
dedicated to make the realms better for everyone that she meets, and she 
devotes time to helping both newbies and avatars alike.  She definately 
deserves to be called a Hero.

Any advice or words of wisdom for the aspiring Heroes out there?

Valky: I guess, one thing I would tell aspiring Heroes would be:  Never 
take what you hear for granted, people can be wrong.  Always try things out 
yourself before accepting it as a fact!

Continued... help CRY7


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 Page 7    \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale
                             ____                _   
                            / ___|_ __ __ _  ___| |_ 
                           | |  _| '__/ _` |/ _ \ __|
                           | |_| | | | (_| |  __/ |_ 
                            \____|_|  \__,_|\___|\__|

Graet is a good guildmaster, a great run leader, and an awesome friend. He's
the kind of guy who strips his own characters to help you reequip after a DT
or a rot. 

He's always willing to go on a run to help equip a new member of GoP
and he's good at making sure newbies know what they need and what to expect
from a run. He's very patient and knowledgeable about realms and running,
which makes him a good teacher for newbietars. He really deserved getting hero

-Etain CRY8


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 Page 8    \/    Heroes of the Realms Interviews - Annale
                                 /__ ._ _. _ _|_ 
                                 \_| | (_|(/_ |_ 
 How did you get introduced to the Realms of Despair, and when did you start
playing here?

Graet:  I first logged in november of 2003 after several months of 
harassment from a couple of RL friends who were playing here at the time.  
Unfortunately, none still play.

What were some of the most memorable moments during your time here?

Graet: Really there are too many for a good list, but I'd say anytime 
you're in the first group to kill a mob with good friends would have to be 
right up there. 

Bringing down the Behemoth in the Slime Pits definitely comes to mind.

What is your favourite piece of equipment, armour or weapon?

Graet: The Primal Force, probably because there are so few in-game and I 
just like the name!

If there's any one you would choose to be a Hero, who would it be and why?

Graet: I'd choose Merit, since Valky was inducted this year!  Merit has 
taught me so much on realms, and has kept the Guild of Paladins going almost 
single-handed on many occasions.  I wouldn't likely still be playing here if 
it wasn't for his influence.

 Any words of wisdom and advice for all the aspiring Heroes out there?

Graet: Get involved and have fun!  It's a game.. thats why we're all here 
isn't it? CRY9


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 Page 9    \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale

help Player_percent

Race        8/06| 9/06|12/06|04/07
Elf        16.95|16.98|17.02|17.03|
Half-Troll 13.16|13.05|12.65|12.25|
Gith       10.44| 8.39|10.84|11.25|
Half-Orc   10.12|10.69|10.35|10.58|
Dwarf       8.50|10.16| 8.36| 8.41|
Human       7.94| 7.79| 8.03| 7.81|
Half-Ogre   6.67| 6.66| 6.54| 6.48|
Half-Elf    6.04| 6.02| 5.92| 6.08|
Drow        5.70| 5.83| 5.79| 5.74|
Sea-elf     4.69| 4.60| 4.48| 4.49|
Pixie       4.15| 4.10| 4.39| 4.11|
Gnome       2.78| 2.76| 2.91| 2.91|
Halfling    2.58| 2.55| 2.49| 2.59|
Lizard      0.26| 0.25| 0.25| 0.24|
Class       8/06| 9/06|12/06|04/07
Warrior    22.15|22.17|22.18|22.02|
Thief      18.98|19.06|19.18|19.02|
Mage       11.56|11.60|11.70|11.76|
Cleric     11.28|11.14|11.06|10.66|
Vampire    10.00| 9.98| 9.82| 9.64|
Ranger      7.52| 7.45| 7.50| 7.80|
Paladin     4.34| 4.33| 4.30| 4.47|
Druid       4.03| 3.91| 3.83| 3.78|
Nephandi    2.70| 2.71| 2.81| 2.76|
Augurer     2.60| 2.63| 2.55| 2.76|
Fathomer    2.44| 2.51| 2.60| 3.01|
Barbarian   1.50| 1.57| 1.59| 1.48|
Bladesinger 0.92|  .95| 0.88| 0.82|


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 10   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale

Working Relations

After an abrubt meeting between the Tari and the leader of the Hobbit refugees,
the Elves have pledged their aid to their hairy-footed guests.  The Elven
citizens still give the hobbit camp wide berth, although the patrols set by
the Tari continue to monitor the perimeter of the camp.

Immediately after the meeting, a hobbit was seen, escorted by an Elf, carrying
young saplings from the mainland to the Island.  Rumour has it that the Hobbit
refugee leader is decisive, surprising, and not one to mess around.

A Notice of Warning

Elven Scouts have last seen the Abyssal creature in the Ruins of T'man.  All
nations should be wary of this creature, who can take the shape of the last
thing it ate.  It is uncertain if this creature is sentient.  What is certain,
however, is once it ravages, it does not stop.

OOC: Elf Only Quest!

By popular demand, the next instalment of the Elf-Only Quests will be a Poker
Run and will be held Sunday, November 29th at 7pm!  Many thanks to Romani for
her continuing support in making these quests happen!


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 Page 11   \/    Uruk'Hai Nation News - Klaatu

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Darkhaven - Duke Luther looking for volunteers
Duke Luther as has asked for volunteers  to help with planning the Nations
2010 Olympics. Ideally each Nation should contribute / sponsor one event.
Brainstorming sessions are taking place now. If you have an interest, contact
Romani or Klaatu for further information.
Dateline Dunhill Demesnes - Fortifications near completion
Reports from Zontar, Uruk'hai Expeditionary Force, are favorable. Construction
of redoubts and other fortifications are nearly complete. Am agreement with
the leading citizens of Dunhill has been reached for trade and supplies.
Inahir tribesmen will trade eltor beasts for the prized Dunhill sheep.
Dateline Opallinoc - Autumnal Equinox Festival
The annual Fall Equinox Fest is over and was a bit tamer than previous years.
The usual food and drink provided by Meeka were consumed copiously. But the
general mood was a bit peaceful. The High Council thinks it was due to the long
time the army spent on alert during the Free Peoples affair. 
Dateline Reomyr Village - Kosaim returns
The Uruk'hai welcome the return of Kosaim as king of the Pixies. We look for
a renewed alliance and prosperous trading. But the Uruk'hai will not give up
the former Pixie Colony in Duhill Demesnes.


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 Page 12   \/    Uruk'Hai Nation News - Klaatu - 

More from the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc - Holiday Season Gifts
Klaatu, the Benevolent, announces his annual offering of gift items available
for the holiday season. A variety of dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, balls
and other fun items are on sale at a reasonable price. Also, available are
various romantic items sure to please those special someones on your list
Dateline Opallinoc - Winter Solstice Fest
Clear your calendar's. You know when, you know where, be there. The annual
Winter Solstice Fest in Opallinoc is soon. Meeka promises a full strength
swill this year. Tales of victories and glories are waitng to be told.
Dateline Edel - Pied Piper wanted
There has been a growth in the rat population in Edel. No longer are these
vermin just dwelling in the sewers and alleys. The black rats now roam the
streets of Edel at will. The employ of a Pied Piper is beuing looked at to
lead the rats out of the town. 
Dateline Green Forest - Rumors
There have been repeated tales of secrets yet unfound in the Green Forest area
Many low level explorers have searched in vain for clues to these secrets.
It has been said that some have even stumbled upon the secrets, but ignored
the true meaning of what was found. Further adventure awaits.


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 Page 13   \/    Halfling Nation News - 



 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14   \/    Tyrrhenu Nation News - Farlina

The first snows began to fall, blanketing the Vale in a cloak of white.  The
hunt for the missing creature wasn't going well as it seemed the thing must
have gone to ground. It was now in debate that perhaps, the thing hybernates
and the hunt would have to wait until the winter was over.  Others argue also
that perhaps it was best to keep searching for its hiding place and kill it
while it slept.  
In the end, it was decided that too little was known of the beast that was
released and research was needed.  Several brave gnomes have set out to seek
help on Irrybis, having heard the library there was extensive on magical
Farlina decreed the hunt off until this knowledge is gained.  Hoping that the
winter would be long and prevent further loss of life.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 15   \/    Khazad Nation News - Stoneheft - 

It has been another fairly quiet month in the reach. The people are prospering,
the population is growing and our outlying communities and cities continue to
expand. Other than rumours that the rat population is getting out of control
in Edel, it would seem that all of our far-flung brethren are sharing in our
good fortune in these times. To look positively at everything, even the rat
problem might mean employment for our younger hunters, should there be any
need to take serious action.

Fight with heart and drink with might.

Take care, Dwarves, of yourselves and your brothers.
*Signed and crested in purple wax* Stoneheft Gemstone


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 16   \/    Pixie Nation News - Kosaim  

This is CNN: Your Source for Pixie News
Welcome to the Circumstance Alcove
Today we will look back on the events of the past week.
It all started with the declaration from Kosaim Arcannis, that King Vermicio
was not the son of Kosaim, and not the legitimate heir to the throne.
This news turned the pixie folk against their king, the Royal Flying Corps
refusing to stop the protests, then Kosaim and some of his loyal members
of the Flying Corpse departing from Irae and flying into Reomyr to cheers of
the crowds and the flight of Vermicio.
Kosaim took back the throne and dissolved the Free People.
What is up next for the King?  The Dunhill loss to Klaatu. Will he able to get
it back?  Will we declare war on the Half-Ogres? 
Can we repair the damage that Vermicio has done to our repuation.  This could
be tough, since other races now look at us with distrust.
Stay tuned , more Circumstance Alcove coming up.


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 Page 17   \/    Ilythiiri Nation News - Solcent  

Nimor Imphraezl once belived that to save the drow from the madness and
tyranny of Lolth, Drow society must be shattered. If cities fall and
thousands of Drow die, then it must happen, since misery and disaster
will turn the Drow away fom Lloth and to the other deities. 

He was willing to risk everything to root out Lloth's power over the race.

As the last scions of Jaezred Chaulssin, the Necrofyre's under the command
of the self-proclaimed Half-Drow King Solrath Necrofyre. The Nation of
Lolth will fall.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 18   \/    Guild of Mages - Hunajaa 

Hello Realms!

As you know the Guild of Mages welcomes all the new members. We have already
offered you the spell bonuses, the friendly atmosphere and any help we are
able to give you. But now we have one more thing to make you enlist.
GoM has got some different councils, and one of them is called 'War Magi'. It
's the group of the most active and experienced mages that are not only able
to kill most mobs in the game on their own, but they are also so kind and
patient to teach others how to do that. Lately we have even been venturing to
Danbala Wedo. But we do smaller runs too of course for all kinds of items.
Mostly items for mages, but not exclusively.
Those mages are great, but we need more people (experienced or not) who are
interested in running. So, if you want to be the one of the WM team - be sure
you have at least one thief and a decent fighter class tank. Then you only
need to be a member of GoM. I have already told you how to do that - and it's
not that difficult.
Lots of people have joined us lately and we would like to welcome them all,
but Falennt told us the Cry of Despair was not only for us. So a warm welcome
to all of you new mages <3
Love, Hunajaa.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 19   \/    Sanctus Irae News - Averis 

                                The Lions Mouth
The city has been extremely active this month and though I am working on
several stories at the moment, this one is more an announcement.  The city of
Sanctus Irae has appointed Baldric De Bracey to the position of Trademeister.
Having always been a fair man, it is hoped that he will bring order to the

In other news, several new citizens have joined the city, at least three to
the theatre.  The newest play to hit the stage there has been doing well and
it is recommended by this broadsheet as well. 
There was a request by the Conservatory to have the cobbles repaired on the
stretch of Triada that runs from the school to the Sacred Heart Cathedral
after yet another carriage accident this week.
I personally have walked this stretch and with all the missing cobbles along
that stretch, I can too can see the need for repairs. 
Renata and Ingvarr Taviani wanted to remind everyone of their upcoming sale in
time for the holidays. Please visit the mercantile.

Continued... help CRY20


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 Page 20   \/    Sanctus Irae News - Averis- 

A new bistro is opening in Irae by a lady named Jacqueline D'Aubigne.  I spoke
briefly with the owner and am looking forward to sampling the faire there.
A warning has gone out to citizens to avoid the poor quarters until the
murderer apparently roaming the streets in the district is captured.  The
killer seems to have little preference in victims.  Travelers beware.

The Inn is offering a special on Coffee Granita this month and all visitors
are urged to try this delectable dessert.
Wolfhound Puppies for Sale
Strong Bloodline
Good temperament
100 Iranian Gold
Inquire at the Mercantile
Ask for Skarnk
Thank you for Reading the Lions Mouth.
I'm Averis de Bracey.
Happy Reading.


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 Page 21   \/    October Quest Results - Annale 

October's quest was hugely popular!  Thank you to everyone who submitted!

This months's random winners, chosen by people who didn't even know what was
going on:

                                  Brendy! Babui! Etain!  

Please see Falennt for your prize!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22   \/    December Quest - Annale 

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be in the 
Festive Spirit to have a festive-y, Holiday-ish, seasonal greeting-like quest.
You know, the kind that involves an old Dwarf in a red suit, some Hobbits with 
pointy ears, some Pixies with antlers, and a LOT of egg-nog.

Or not.

Therefore, this month's quest has no theme!  Instead, I stole it from a older
Cry Issue.  That's in the spirit of the season, right? 

Using only the ten letters below, pack the grid on the next page with words. 
You may use any letter as often as you like, but don't use the same word twice 
in the grid. This includes singular and plural versions of the same word, 
inflected versions of a word (such as LOVE and LOVED), and varient spellings of 
the same word. Use any word in a standard dictionary, including slang, but don't
use capitalized or foreign words, contractions, abbreviations, acronyms, 
prefixes, or suffixes. After completing the grid, calculate your score by adding 
up each across row.
  NOTE: Final decisions on the eligibility of a word are left
  up to the judges.
                   |  R  T  M  N  E  S  I  A  L  G  | 
                   |  3  2  5  1  3  4  2  5  4  1  | 
Continued...Help CRY23

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/    Olog-Hai Nation News - 

Row 01                          ___|___|___      
Row 02                         |___|___|___|                     
Row 03      ___         ___________|___|___________         ___  
Row 04     |___|       |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|       |___| 
Row 05     |___|_______|___|       |___|       |___|_______|___| 
Row 06     |___|___|___|___|                   |___|___|___|___| 
Row 07              ___|___|_______     _______|___|___          
Row 08             |___|___|___|___|   |___|___|___|___| 
Row 09                  ___    |___|   |___|    ___         
Row 10                 |___|___|___|   |___|___|___|      
Row 11      ___        |___|___|___|   |___|___|___|        ___  
Row 12     |___|_______|___|   |___|   |___|   |___|_______|___| 
Row 13     |___|___|___|___|                   |___|___|___|___| 
Row 14     |___|_______________             _______________|___| 
Row 15     |___|___|___|___|___|           |___|___|___|___|___| 
Row 16     |___|        ___|___|___________|___|___        |___| 
Row 17     |___|       |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|       |___| 

If you have any questions, send a tell or mudmail to Annale! Good Luck!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 24   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Alessio

11 brave Elves went out in search of our missing Poker Dealers.

Jaxx finished with a Flush of Hearts (K 9 8 6 5) claiming the Av Pally as his 
Alexandriana had 3 Kings and claimed an Av Auggie.
Eisengrim with 2 pair, recieved an ancient mask.
Many thanks to Romani for helping make the Quest happen :)
Locations of the Dealers:
1 At the Bar of the Wild Boar       -Western Trade Route
2 The Horn & Thistle Inn...         -Dunhill Demesnes
3 The Pick And Payload Dining Hall  -Southern Mountain Range (Edel)
4 The Dancing Pony Inn              -Wastelands (Camden)
5 The Bar                           -Shadowport
6 Rattlesnake Tavern                -Salburg
7 The Fox and Fiddle                -Island of Irrybis(Elf Nation)
Everyone who took part was allowed to take a prize at the rend of the night :)
Hope to see more Elves out next time.

Creemore Springs

PS - Keep an eye on the Cry, Archives, NV, and HT board for the next quest!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/    Why are we still here? - Israfel

Why are We still around?

Inspired by Richard Bartle's research on MUDs
Why are we still around? A question many players still ask themselves and 
one of the ten most-asked questions a new player to the Realms would ask 
their seniors in the guilds or the orders, or just about the most familiar 
names that would establish themselves in the channels and common rooms.
"Why do you still play?"
"Why am I still here?"
"I started here eleven years ago. Why am I still here?"
"I have done everything (I think). But I'm still here."
Full of endless fantastic possibilities, this game has always held a great 
seat of memory for those who still continue to live, explore and thrive in 
the Realms. Like a chameleon,the Realms change as time moves on, with more 
and more goals and ambitions being added onto it, much like an eternal jigsaw 
puzzle -- where you can see the image and yet as you peer further into the 
sides where the landscape stretches, it is not yet complete and there are 
still more to achieve. The therapeutic potential of this game is limitless.

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 Page 26   \/    Why are we still here? - Israfel

My Ambitions
There is no final boss in the Realms, no ending scene in this game either. 
Through the years, the Realms has been torn apart, built on, expanded and 
further modified to continue to interest new goals in the explorers and 
achievers of the playerbase. With their innate natures of always wanting 
to be first, better and have more, implementation of new areas, new sets 
and skills and quests continue to intrigue and lure the explorers and 
achievers (packrats and horders) into further gameplay.

The real fun to these become a collection of statistics of Seth kills 
and the making of maps, and more maps and cataloguing the extensive and 
stumbling range of gear available in the Realms. With no end-goal in sight 
and perhaps we might just suffer another Shattering Part II, this group of 
people would not cease to depart from the Realms as long as more and more 
challenges (obtainable and achieveable ones of course) in a world familiar
to them are presented.

Continued..Help CRY27


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Why are we still here? - Israfel

My Enemies
If you have ever watched the taunting that goes on in the yellow channel
or the public vocal regime, you would know what they live for. They 
delight greatly in the power of the personas they each have  in the Realms, 
be it a fearful one or be it something that others immediately jeer and 
laugh at. The more distress they cause, the happier they are at causing it. 
Of course, this spells some rather mortified moments on the immortals' side 
but everyone seems to get a cackle out of the jabbing that occurs for that 
five adrenalin-pumping moments in the Realms.
These people are typically people of a few words but our current batch 
have graduated to become professors of lyricism where insults are carefully 
crafted to avoid the virtual smackstick of the presiding immortal for 
that day. Do that in real life and you might just get a real punch in the 
face after you instead of that guffawing infront of a brightly-lit screen.

Continued..Help CRY28


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 28   \/    Why are we still here? - Israfel

My Dreams
Where else can you dream without worrying that you will not be able to 
make it in the audition or that you would be laughed because you are not 
physically up-to-date? The game makes it possible for people to live in 
fantastic surroundings, to liberate imaginations and care for their virtual 
identities. Even the one who insists that he is not a roleplayer would take 
great care into obtaining that twenty bit of glory and thinking hard on 
renaming a piece of gear to something imposing, impressive or beautiful. 
For those who are fond of the written word would find the textual environment
one of the best outlets to express their imaginations and live in the 
worlds of their characters and stories. 

Continued..Help CRY29


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 Page 29   \/    Why are we still here? - Israfel

My Friends
It is quite common to hear the long-time player say "This game sucks. I'm 
just here cause of you people." Such an explanation is very much legitimate 
and very true. Many of us stay here for our friends. Because our friends are 
still playing and they themselves hold different perspectives or ambitions 
in this game, and hence we are drawn by that attraction to stay with them. 
People have made great friends in this game or even met their life-time 
partners. The way that a player is observed leading a guild, managing a run 
or handling tacky situations speak very much for their personalities 
towards others. 
When players leave, they leave in a group. When they stay, they stay as a 
group. Even if only one person of the former clique is left, the others would 
still check back occasionally and be drawn back into the game -- as you would 
have seen some historical figures suddenly returning from 'a long hiatus'.
There's so many reasons why we stay. And for many who are tempted and persuaded
by others to leave, I believe, in a very odd way how fate works, one
always seem to return to here.


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 Page 30   \/    Blind Date Hook-Ups - Alexandra 

Blind Dates - So You Think You Can't Go Out In Text?
Sassy writer Alexandra grabs a male friend and sets him up for a date with his 
dream girl in the Realms. But little does he know about the girl who was told 
to act out major first date boo-boos. Read on to find out how this interesting 
social experiment to find out if meeting your type is all it takes for love 
to bloom!
'Jason'(not his character name) is a simple fellow looking for a mud-girlfriend
who's easy-going, confident and has a whacky sense of humor. If she's sweet
and supportive, that's an added bonus. He is currently helping out in one of 
the run teams in his guild and the stress of managing runs make him wish for 
someone special by his side.
My friend 'Karen' (not her character name) is in the Inductions Team in a
guild in Realms. Being in Inductions, she is required to be sociable and 
approachable. Chatty and personable, Karen seems like the best person Jason 
would be warming up to.

Continued..Help CRY31


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 Page 31   \/    Blind Date Hook-Ups - Alexandra

The Introduction
We brought Jason and Karen to Ceana's Cafe, not too public and yet private
enough for them to converse quietly. And we left them there. 
Jason says :
"I don't generally like to go on blind dates but Alexandra promised to 
introduce  me to a girl who's totally my type. I'm definitely up to meeting
people  plus since she has selected a very cosy cafe for us to meet in, I know 
at  least Ceana's coffee won't disappoint. Karen looks well-dressed and I 
definitely liked the race and class she chose. She introduces herself quickly, 
and told me that she's part of the Inductions Team in an great guild. The 
confidence and  love she has for her guild does show a ton of pride and
ambition in a lady. I am impressed."

Continued..Help CRY32


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 32   \/    Blind Date Hook-Ups - Alexandra
Blind Date Boo Boo #1 Talking About the Ex

I got her a coffee and asked if she liked cake. She said no but that didn't 
down the conversation a bit. I skipped the crazy Drake Blend Ceana offers 
since it would certainly killed the conversation if she fainted from drinking 
it. We were getting along superbly when she begin to tell me about her ex-mud
boyfriends. At first, that didn't really bother me. I'm generally okay with 
talking about the ex since it lets me know her dating history as well. But 
when she was onto the fifth relationship, it started to feel like a disaster 
in the  making. I can't help but wonder what was her motive behind all these 
ex-talk. I wouldn't be revealing so much of myself on the first date and 
certainly she seems to be leading me onto it...
Blind Date Boo Boo #2 Being Sickeningly Sweet

We started talking about her work in the Inductions Team in her guild and 
since  I did a bit of IT work before I got into the run teams. Suddenly, just 
out of the blue, she looked at me and went "Oh my gawwwwddd!!" Your rename is 
so cute! I love it, I love it!" After which, a ton of compliments followed in 
a spam of says choked with loads of '!' and lengthened vowels in between fits 
of giggling socials. Suddenly I feel like I'm in a bedroom full of squealing 

What have I gotten myself into?

Continued..Help CRY33


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 Page 33   \/    Blind Date Hook-Ups - Alexandra

Blind Date Boo Boo #3 'How Fat is your Bank?'

"So do you think you will be able to own a house here soon?" Karen asks with 
all seriousness after she has stopped her o-so-cute-squealing fits. 
I can't help but think of 'gold digger' when she seems so overly interested 
in the amount I can earn from my activities. I'm a little taken aback. I don't 
think any female is entitled to know the contents of my bank on a first date!
Blind Date Boo Boo #4 Initiating Mudsex

We were nearing towards the end of our date as Karen has to meet up with a 
new applicant to her guild. Suddenly, she says to me 'You seem like a great 
guy. If you wanna, we can meet up again.' and puts in my inventory, her 
apartment key. I was a little taken aback; and you would think I would be 
overjoyed to get that apartment key but no! Here I was definately wondering
how many guys have she offered herself like that to. I just nodded and smiled, 
thinking to myself to sac that key the moment I left Ceana's.
Would He Ask Her Out Again?
"Probably. She seems to be rather intelligent and smart, and definitely 
humorous enough. Perhaps she was just too excited about getting to know me
so the apartment key plan. I suppose we can always go out for a coffee 
another time."


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 34   \/    Christmas Gift Ideas - Babui 
(Re-published from Issue 102)

Christmas! Christmas shopping always give me headaches. What to buy? What to
give?! Who did I miss? RAAAaaaA! Well, I racked my brains and came up with a 
few possible Christmas gift ideas!
A fish head                       
The skill from dissecting the head carefully and ever so beautifully from the
body of the fish shows care, effort and dedication. It gives the feeling that
the receiver of the gift is the subject of the thoughts inside your head,
making this the perfect gift for someone you care about. I'm sure they'll
excuse the smell.
A token to drow hometown          
Many of you may know, and even have visited (even if you pretend not to) the
brothel in the City of Inquity. Xander or Sadath will keep your friend happy 
for hours, or if you wish, you can be an excuse to hop in the fun yourself.
Perfect for those who loves spamming mobs with lovey socials or alternatively,
for someone you prefer to be locked in a room (together or away) for Christmas.
Note - not an option for neutral genders unless you employ the magical usage
of belladonnascroll of changes.

Continued..Help CRY35


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 Page 35   \/    Christmas Gift Ideas - Babui 

A small pillow                     
Something to dance with when happy, to hug when sad, to punch when angry, to
sleep on/with when tired. Perfect pillow, perfect friend. Always around to
share the day, to help when need. Even if you are physically unable to be
around 24/7, this gift from your heart can. A very thoughtful gift for a

A tall mug of frothy beer          
Good for those who ain't such great conversationalists. For those who dread 
the small talk about your family, day, plans, job, school and definitely
about academic reports, this is a perfect gift. "Yay! Drink up!". Continue
drinking until one passes out. No small talk required. Probably also the best
Christmas gift for the many beer lovers out here on realms.

A rainbow potion                   
"You are my rainbowwwwwww, my colourful rainbowwwwwww...". Is there a special
person who fills your day with the many colours of the rainbow? Here, you have
a rainbow potion to express what they had done and is doing to you, and a
chance to give them back a rainbow of your own. Result = two colourfully happy
people with a great day with the colours of the rainbow. Oh joy.

Continued..Help CRY36


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 36   \/    Christmas Gift Ideas - Babui 

A tiny forest green cap            
Reminiscing to the days when you were little children, little newbies lost in
the Halls of Knowledge. The forest green cap symbolizes Peter Pan in Neverland,
the land where you never grow up. Brings back joyful memories of time together.
A gift for a friend you have known for a long time or share alot of memories
with. Afterall, memories are what made who we are today!

An expensive-looking pocket watch  
Contrary to the cap, the watch symbolizes upcoming time. This implies you are
wanting and awaiting the friendship to exist, to continue to exist, for a long
time to come. No matter how many hours, how many days, even how many years fly
by, the friendship will always continue. Also very useful for checking the time
as time passes the fastest when you are happy. A gift with both symbolic and
practical uses, great for a good friend you spend many fast hours with and
still looking forward to more time spent together.
Gifts are just a symbol of thought. I'm sure no matter what the actual gift is,
it will mean just as much to a friend as the most expensive and shiniest gift
in the world. In fact, if you really forget everything and approach empty
handed, I'm sure a big hug from the heart or a mudsigned note with your
thoughtful wishes will do. Afterall, it is the thoughts that count. Hope you
guys have a great Christmas with lovely thoughtful gifts =)


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 Page 37   \/    Ask CoE Answers - Kinux 

1) What is being done to address the flaming weapons doing less damage than
;normal weapons issue?

We are still looking into the issue. Based on the code it should be doing the
same damage, just of a different type, so mobs that have elemental shields,
etc. will have an effect on the amount of damage dealt.

2) When are cleric paths coming in, or are they?
We announced to TS a while ago that we will be rolling the Cleric path project
into a different form, focussing on a larger, more complete initiative that
affects all classes. TS has been assisting us by developing ideas for new
skills and spells to assist with this project and were requested, up to this
point, not to discuss the matter with those outside TS as we wanted time to
work on the idea further. We will not set any date for when this larger
project will be completed, but we appreciate your understanding while we work
through its development. cry38


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 38   \/    Ask CoE Answers - Kinux 

3)Why don't you allow tagging of characters with their "main" and then allow
glory pooling between a single players characters.  Of course putting
limitations on how often you can change the "main" tag on a character, to
perhaps once a year... or something of that regard?
The reason we haven't implemented something like #3 is that we haven't yet
considered a formalized main vs alt system in terms of gameplay and it would
be requisite to make this system function
We would need to be able to find what the usage of a system like that might
be, besides glory, and if that is something we would want to see implemented
and how it could be done best.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 39   \/    OVerheard in Immland - Falennt 

Some Imm says 'I just read the taiwan food blog'

Some Imm says 'adventure eating for sure'

Another Imm says 'Don't testicles look yellowish when you cut them up'

The other Imm shakes its head.

The other Imm says 'They are pale grey with black squiggly veins'

The other Imm says 'They are pale grey with black squiggly veins'

The other Imm says 'They are pale grey with black squiggly veins'

The other Imm says 'They are pale grey with black squiggly veins'

The other Imm says 'They are pale grey with black squiggly veins'

Another Imm says 'yes I get your point...'

The other Imm says 'And my cat will be in a moment'

Some Imm grins.

One more Imm laughs out loud!

The other Imm says 'curse the imm that started that'
Gonnil says 'what's this mean on the front label?        6/10 SEA SCALLOPS

Krakith says to Gonnil, 'the other 4 don't get out much'

Destre says 'so 4/10 scallops tame'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 40   \/    Questing Funnies - Akael & Gonnil

Gonnil says 'all right... let's go'
Gonnil says 'next area is:'
Gaxhil exclaims 'bpeaks!'
Moridin flies south.
Mezzacre flies south.
Petrograd flies south.
Ceirese flies south.
Moridin flies in from the south.
Mezzacre flies in from the south.
Moridin smirks.
Gaxhil laughs out loud!
You hear Mezzacre hrm.
Oggiemoge mutters distractedly.
Moridin says 'thats just mean'
You say 'Should trans you to seth for that one ;)'
You loom menacingly over Gaxhil, now he's scared!

Petrograd flies in from the south.
Petrograd says 'oh'
Ceirese arrives from a puff of smoke.
Petrograd says 'I was all excited'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 41   \/    Funny Moments - Romani & Annale - Ulatec 

Vazer wars 'ok who looted the cookies?'


Orlazarus chats 'ok now THIS really doesn't make sense.  A shark attacks me and 
the narwhale joins in'
Qaulorn chats 'Sometimes npc's defend each other.'
Orlazarus chats 'but why would a narwhale defend a shark?'
Orlazarus chats 'it would be like a dolphin defending a japanese fisherman'

Ashandra chats 'Also, I am somewhat disapointed no one made an inaproppriate com
ment about "rodding" someone's "server."'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 42   \/    Chrismas Jokes - Annale 

 How do you know Santa has to be a man? 
 No woman is going to wear the same outfit year after year

 What do monkeys sing at Christmas ? 
 Jungle Bells, Jungle bells.. !

 What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month ? 
 The letter "D" !

 What do snowmen eat for breakfast? 

 What goes red white red white red white? 
 Father Christmas rolling down a hill!

 What do you call a man who claps at Christmas ? 

 What do you call Santa Claus when he doesn't move? 
 Santa Pause!

 How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sack? 
 Only one - after then it is not empty any more. 

 What king is the children's favorite at Christmas time? 
 A stocking!

 What kind of bird can write? 
 A pen-guin!

 Why does Santa have 3 gardens? 
 So he can ho-ho-ho. 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 43   \/    2009 Annual Website Contest Results - Romani 

Congratulations to the entries in the 2009 Website Contest. The top three
winners are as follows: 
First place: Guild of Vampires (
Second place: Inconnu (
Third place: Maleficae (
Congratulations to these organizations - your leaders will be
contacted regarding your prizes.

The next year contest will start in October so start working on it now. 
Head of the Herald Assembly


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 Page 44   \/    Join the Pkill League - Versetch 

|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |


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 Page 45   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 

If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment

With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
Lilkal can save you time and gold!  

Just type whois kaleo or whois lilkal for a stock and price listing and
find them NW of DH[]!


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 Page 46   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 

Advertise with the Cry of Despair!

Do you own a bot?  
Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
Let people know where you park your sellbots, afterall, people need to know 
where you are in order for you to get their gold!

Are you looking to buy something? Place an advertisement in the Cry! 
Who knows, maybe someone is looking to sell what you are looking to buy!

Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
it on the CoD Public board located e,s,3u,w from Darkhaven Square and 
your advertisement will be published in the next issue!


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 Page 47   \/    CoD Readers Reward 

   ___   ,'    \_________________________________________
  /   /-/   dP  /  Cry of Despair           ////////////  ''--..._
  \___\-\  dP   \    Readers Reward         \\\\\\\\\\\\  __..--'

The staff at the CoD would like to thank you, the readers for your support,
input, and for reading each month!  For this reason, we have introduced The
Cry of Despair Readers Reward!.

Each month, 10 million gold coins will be made available to one lucky reader!

How do you qualify?  Just write to us at the Cry of Despair!  Comprehensive
'Letters to the Editor', well-written feedback letters to an article, or detailed
suggestion letters are all qualifying entries!

A minimum of ten entries must be received in order for the draw to be opened
that month.  If 10 entries are not received, the money is pooled and added to the  
next issue's draw.  The entries will also be saved for the next draw.  If, after 
ten issues there have not been enough submissions, the pot will be emptied and 

Who can submit? Why you, our loyal readers!  Only one submission per draw.
Any person caught submitting multiple entries on alts will be disqualified from 
the draw. CoD Staff, Immortals, and alts are not permitted to enter the draw.

How do I submit? Mudmail your Letter to the Editor, feedback letter, or
letter of suggestion to Annale or Falennt or post your letter on the CoD
public board at e,s,u,u,u,w from DH[].

Submissions will be published in the same issue as the draw.

This month's gold pool is worth: 20 Million Gold Coins!


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 Page 48   \/    Seasonally Appropriate Greetings from the CoD 

Joyeux Noel! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Vesele Vanoce! 
Tchestita Koleda; Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo! Pace e salute!
Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan! Mo'adim Lesimkha. Chena tova
Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! or Zalig Kerstfeast
Jutdlime pivdluarit ukiortame pivdluaritlo! Mele Kalikimaka 
Buone Feste Natalizie Natale hilare et Annum Faustum! Gledileg Jol
Shinnen omedeto.  Kurisumasu Omedeto! Froehliche Weihnachten 
God Jul or Gledelig Jul! Srozhdestvom Kristovym Feliz Natal

However you choose to say it, or not say it, enjoy the season!


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 Page 49   \/    Suggestion Box 

We Love to Hear from You!

If you have enjoyed this issue's articles and would like to provide feedback 
to our writers, feel free to submit your feedback in mudmail-form, using the
format below :

Article / Column :

Writer's Name :

The article was [ ] interesting (put an X in the chosen box)
                  [ ] alright
                  [ ] can be improved

How can this article be improved?

Other suggestions for the Cry


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 Page 50   \/    Letter from the Editor 

With Christmas and the New Year coming just around the corner, I'd like to wish
you all a very merry holiday season!  And I hope you enjoy this issue of the
Cry of Despair!

Don't forget to check out the CoD Readers Reward!  We would love to say 
"Thank you" to all our readers.. but you have to write in to us first!  No 
submissions just yet.  Why not write a "Letter to the Editor" with your opinion 
on what makes a quest good?  Have a suggestion that you feel hasn't been 
voiced?  Write to us about it! 

And as always, I'd like to remind writers that the deadline for articles 
is the 25th of the month!  

Thanks for reading,
Annale Firestorm  


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 Page 51   \/    Write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would like 
the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the immortals 
can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt or Annale for more 

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you would 
like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel free to 
speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 4 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If your passion
is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest. 

N.B.: Staff Writer : Cry of Despair Staff, Regular Submissions required.
      Freelancer   : Article submission not on regular basis, not required to 
                       be on the Cry of Despair staff list.