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Interview: Rhadamanthus; Much Roleplay; A Ruby Red Offering

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<-> A Word From The Editors                                                 <->
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<-> Roleplay, Stories and Poetry    - Sub-Editor: Aragon                    <->
<->   RP, Stories and Poems Needed    - by Aragon                           <->
<->   Realms Roleplay                 - by Aragon                           <->
<->   Story Submission                - by Cordellia                        <->
<->   Calling All Players!            - by Aragon                           <->
<->   Forced Roleplay                 - by Romani                           <->
<->   Nations News                    - via Romani                          <->
<->   Tajah Lail                      - by Tajah                            <->
<->   The Story of the Drow, Tokai    - by Babui                            <->
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<-> News From Around The Realms     - Sub-Editor: Aslan                     <->
<->   The 100 Greatest News Events    - by Aslan                            <->
<->   TS VC CoE News                  - by Mari                             <->
<->   Guilds News                     - via Aslan                           <->
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<-> Quests, Games And Humour        - Sub-Editor: Babui                     <->
<->   Babui's Babble Bubble           - by Babui                            <->
<->   PK Log Submission               - by Babui and Vortok                 <->
<->   I'm Looking For YOU!            - by Babui                            <->
<->   Wedding Congratulations         - by Babui                            <->
<->   Humerous Bios                   - by Kender                           <->
<->   Cry of Despair Quest            - by Alysira                          <->
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<-> Deadly Cry                      - Sub-Editor: Vortok                    <->
<->   When Immortals Get Bored        - by Vortok                           <->
<->   PK Only Quest                   - by Ceirana                          <->
<->   PKC Update For June             - by Vortok                           <->
<->   Deadly News For June            - by Vortok                           <->
<->   Kill Blow Of The Month          - by Vortok                           <->
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<-> RoD Knowledge And Information   - Sub-Editor: Genge                     <->
<->   A Guide To Nephandi             - by Genge                            <->
<->   An Interview With Rhadamanthus  - by Artem                            <->
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<->    A Word From The Editors                                              <->

Greetings, Readers!

As you would have noticed, the Cry has undergone some changes and the changes
will continue. Some very hard-working members have been given their own
sections of the Cry to maintain, we're calling them "Sub-editors"! If you
have something you wish to submit to the Cry, from now on it should be
MUDmailed to the appropriate sub-editor for the section you think your piece
belongs to.

Thanks to Mari for helping to edit this month's issue! A permanent Editor
will hopefully be assigned soon.

Take care all and please enjoy this issue.

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<->    RP, Stories and Poems Needed                            by Aragon    <->

Greetings readers,
 As you know, the Cry of despair is going through some big changes, and with
change comes lots work. I'm working hard to help produce our fine publishment,
But Ive noticed a gap in our stories, There isnt anything from You to make our
time worth while. With that said, If you have an Stories, RP logs, or Poems,
Mudmail them to Aragon to see them posted in an issue of the Cry!
  Like all things there are rules that you must follow. If you are interested
in seeing your works in the cry, Please read the rules below, before
mudmailing anything.
1) plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated
2) All notes are to be mudmailed to Aragon before the 1st of every month.
3) If your note is a continuing story Please Inform me Prior to sending it to
4) Most important, have fun with the stories, poems, and RP related writings.
Aragon D'Elear-Damsana, RP/Stories/poems Sub editior

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<->    Realms Roleplay                                         by Aragon    <->

To become active in nations contact your nation leader or seek out others
involved in roleplay. To see a list of those currently configured for
roleplay, simply type the appropriate command below. 

General roleplay occurs anywhere in realms, though it often centers at the 
National Visions and the Unity of Nations board located in Darkhaven. 
Directions from the Darkhaven square to the boards are located on HELP MAP. 

Roleplay commands: 
WHO RP  - lists those actively seeking roleplay. 
WHO IC  - lists those currently engaged in roleplay.
NATIONS - Current nation leaders, hometowns, and races.

Each nation has a help file with information on their race and the location of 
their webpage. The webpage for general roleplay in Realms is located at:

Intro to Role Playing/terms:
Role playing is an art form that is highly creative and challenging. Most
dedicated players take RP to the highest form possible. They do their best
to be expressive in both actions and words as well as interacting within the 
RP community that will enhance RP for everyone and inspire the creativity of
others. Many contest there is nothing like a good RP scene where all are able
to join in and add to the scene in a constructive manner. There are multitudes
of RP forums. This help file is designed for those who wish to learn how to 
RP on a MUD.
Please keep in mind that these are not rules set in stone but merely a 
guideline to enhance and help promote enjoyable play.
 Role-Play. Involves making a character and playing that character 
 much like an actor/actress on a stage. All actions, says, thoughts, 
 emotes, whispers are realistic for the character that has been 
 In Character. Keeping all emotes, socials, says, whispers, etc. as 
 the character not as the real life player behind the character.

 Out Of Character. This is where the 'acting' is left behind and 
 the character now reacts as the real life player. Considered bad 
 form to interrupt a scene with OOC unless asking for clarification 
 of what is happening. Even then its best to use a tell if possible.
 Mixing IC and unnecessary OOC during an RP scene. Considered 
 extremely bad form as it tends to destroy the illusion the players 
 have created. 
 Story Line. A story that has been planned in advance, much like a 
 script. Each RPer involved has been given a defined plan of action. 
 The plot when played out accurately comes to a predefined ending.
 FreeForm: Play that has no direction. All players interact as the
 scene develops. While there is no set SL to follow there is, however,
 an RPers creed in effect. 
 FreeForm Story Line: A SL that has a basic outline, a basic ending 
 to strive for, but each player is given the freedom to act out how this 
 ending is arrived at. This form can be very challenging for new players. 

Power play:
 When a player plays in such a way that he/she will never lose,
 never take an attack, or plays in such an outrageously impossible 
 manner that it effectively stifles further play of that scene. Also 
 when a player's emotes and actions control not only their own character 
 but establishes the outcome for other players.
 The real life person behind the character.
 To give a replay of the most recent RP in the event someone has gone
 LD and reconnects. It is considered polite to ask if they wish a recap.
 An action that is designed to lead the other players and further the 
 flow of play in its intended direction. It is considered acceptable 
 for the player who has introduced a particular RP scene to have the 
 right to lead others. Leads are subtle and not to be confused with 
 power plays.
Character Development:
Many find it easier to RP when they have their character defined before they 
begin. Race and class can limit your RP so choose carefully. IE Drow are 
usually considered evil. A description, personality, any quirks of habit are
helpful to give your character life. Finally, a history should be constructed
for depth and believability.

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<->    Story Submission                                       via Aragon    <->

Fallen Angel Chronicles
Chapter One
We all come from somewhere. Everyone has a past. Some of us just dont like to
share theirs.
I was once like that. Hiding in the darkness, living though the ages a cold
and desolate soul. Alone. Miserable.
But now is different. I have chosen to open the door into my mind for all to
see. But remember..
If you can walk in.....
Other Things can walk out...
I was young when I first recieved my gift. Curse, some call it. Ignorant
fools. Their kind will not last.
The one who made me was called Le Alazar DesFlames. He appeared to the world
as a noble count, generous, well liked..if a bit secluded in his life style.
Only leaving his grand villa at dusk, he would wander though his holdings,
speaking with all he came accross. Some, whom he deemed interesting, he would
bring back to his estate. The strange thing was
They Never Returned.
I was one of those. A fine lad I was at the time, always out exploring and
having mock adventures. At 17, I believed I was ready to take on the world. 

Part 2


On one of my many "adventures", as I called them, Alazar came to me.  Of 
course I had heard the stories about people dissapearing with him, so my mind
frantically sought a reason to leave. Yet as we went talking, and I looked 
closer at him, my desire to flee left. "This man wont hurt me," I thought. "He
is my friend...." As you can see, he was playing with me as a kitten plays 
with a mouse it has caught. I was completely in his power, and he could do 
with me as he will. We wandered back though his lands, talking to who we met, 
and finally came to his villa. A magnificent castle, all hard flagstones and 
pillars, situated on top of a hill looking down at his valley surrounding him.

As we walked closer to hte doors, a sudden chill overtook me. It was as if a 
hand of shadow had placed itself over my face, and I was powerless to help it.

I awoke in a dungeon, far below the ground it seemed by the chill. I tried to
sit up, yet was unable to move. Heavy chains of black iron were encircling my
body, holding me fast. I began to scream at the top of my lungs, for I had no
other alternative.
"What's this?" a voice said from a shadowed corner.
Alazar stepped out of the shadows, no longer in his royal attire of before.
Dressed in simple clothes, he stood over me, leering. 

Part 3

"You cant be doing that" he continued. 
To stop my screaming he shoved a foul rag in my mouth, it did cut of most of
the sound, yet it tasted so foul i thought i would retch right then. "Now stop
fighting and listen to me boy, for I offer you something far beyond your 
grasp". He glared down at me as he spoke. "Have you ever wanted something, so 
bad you could taste it? To be able to do whatever you willed, with the meerest
thought? The power to smite your enemies, control your women, kill your 
masters and reign supreme? This is what I offer to you". He rose, as if to go 
walking to the shadows again. He looked over his shoulder, pausing. "I will 
let you think on that for a while" was all he said. 
He turned and left, taking his torch with him. 

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Calling All Players!                                    by Aragon    <->

Dear Readers,
The Cry of Despair's 100th issue is within sight, As we prepair ourselves to
work on the Best issue the Cry has had since the first issue. we would like to
ask that you send us the events you Feel affected the realms the most, From
pre-shattering, all the way up to today.
Send all you submissions to Alysira, in the form of Email or Mudmail please.
(submissions Via Email, Please use the following Email Address;
<->                                                                         <->

<->    Forced Roleplay                                         by Romani    <->

Forced role-play is determining what another pc, other than yourself, is
going to be like, do, or not do. Forced role-play  is deciding the fate of
their character without their consent and is not acceptable within the terms
of role-play on RoD. Good or bad, a person creates, nurtures, and brings
forth the character that they came here longing to be. A person puts a lot of
time and effort into what they want to be on RoD. If a person enters a 
role-play scene and is suddenly finding that their character is being forced, 
with either oemote or other means they have the choice to not participate. 

There are many styles of rp and many rpers of all races/classes within 
Realms. This lends itself to a wide variety of what is available. Please keep
this in mind as a person can choose to go with a scene or not.
If you have Any questions about this, Please send them To Romani Via tells or

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Nation News - Half-Ogre                                via Romani    <->

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Edo - Last Negotiations Fail
A small party of the Uruk'hai, led by Klaatu, the Benevolent Leader, with 
Raj, the Uruk'hai Battle Master, landed on the shores of the village of Edo.
Marching to the gate of the Temple Togakure, Klaatu demanded an audience with
the Grand Daiymo in one last attempt to resolve the rice husk dispute.
The Daiymo refused him.
Dateline Edo - Punitive Action Taken Against Edo
The Daiymo rejection caused Klaatu to order punitive measures to be taken.
Raj took the Snake Sept members to the fountain and then southward going to
the Dojo and rice paddies. Klaatu took the Bear Sept volunteers east, past
the fountain, accosting everyone in their path, taking anything worthwhile.
Raj's group first burst into the Dojo, making short work of the students
Konoi, Saburo and Renia. Then to the upper floor and the Sensei Katanagi and
Hanako. The fight there, was a little harder. Meanwhile, Klaatu's party
charged up the street, overrunning Masuko, Daisuke and Atsuke. Then they 
pounced on shop area sending Achiro, Yukami, Tatsuro and Akimi to meet their
ancestors. After taking as much spoils as they could find, Raj's group moved
south into the rice paddies. The farmers Nao and Eumi were no match for them.
Both groups then retired to the fountain, determined the punishment was 
satisfactory and then headed back to Opallinoc, to tell tales of victory at
the Great Bonfire.


This is PNN:
This just in. The PNS Taffey has been quarantined in the port of Irae. 
Goverment officials say that there is a plague in the Irae, which may have 
spread to the Taffey. All pixie ships are advised not to enter the port. The 
Pixie Air Council is currently discussing a general travel ban on the city.
In Entertainment news,  The Fluttering String Quartet will be preforming in 
the Citadel. The rumours of their breakup have been swirling around Reomyr 
for weeks. Last month they were involved in a brawl at the Inn of the Air. 
Lead Madolinist Flitty Mitty says, 'We are not breaking up and the fight was
started by some toned deaf music haters'


A Ruby Red Offering

His fingers were cold to the touch, despite his warm semblance. There was a
spark of understanding in Lyrin's eyes as he beheld the human: Leathers and 
goatee oiled in a praticed manner, a fur lined cloak of crimson velvet, he 
was no more a mere underling than Lyrin was a simple librarian.
Lyrin need the gold, after all, The Vale of Nidaros' treasury was left 
horribly void of any manner of currency. They had exchanged missives for 
months now, and it was all coming to fruition. The exchange of pleasantries
was short, the chest was delivered as promised, as was the quaint villa 
prepared just outside the Iraenial orchards. Lyrin Runecaster need not count
the bounty, he knew what was promised would be there, and after sharing a few 
more drinks he began to acutely understand this man. He would keep his word, 
Lyrin would remain the speaker of the Gnomes, and of Nidaros, yet his
mysterious benefactor would retain control over the decision making process 
within the Vale. "What dark pact have you gotten yourself mixed amidst." 
Lyrin mused.
"A toast then, a toast to our partnership Lord Runecaster." The two goblets
clashed in melodic fashion, yet Lyrin stared blank faced. His companion 
laughed and lit an acrid smelling pipe of hammered silver. Lyrin's free hand
worked a furiously quick spell of divination beneath the table they shared. 
This man, as Lyrin had thought him was not of the breathing, living variety.
With eyes wide Lyrin felt compelled to drink from the goblet, what was a bit 
of damnation for himself while he was at it, he had already sold away his 
city to a mysterious Tyrant. The speaker grinned wolfishly whispering "Enjoy 
your stay in Irae Lord Lyrin Runecaster." 



      *This note is written on some kind of humanoid skin parchment*
Bruk know of this creature. Have seen and smelled.
Has told Rabkach. Rabkach now sent two patrols from Glar'kai Berzerkers.
Investigate and patrol around glade where Duane lives.
This big problem. If anyone see, come home to T'Man. Fortress strong.
Safe here. Together Olog'hai strong. Guards on walls doubled now.
New armor issued to Liam, he strong. Will stand fast.
Also Dunedain have been seen and smelled around the swamps. Also big problem.
If anyone see or find tracks, post note. Bruk and generals are thinking on
matter now. Will find truth of this intrusion by Dunedain.
                         Bruk, Dredd Lord and High Chieftain of the Olog'hai
      *This note is signed with a muddy handprint, index finger missing*


Hello Hobbits and other interested readers. Many of you have noticed our new 
Hometown, much thanks to Lopuis who not only created it but also worked hard
to make sure it got put in place.
Our new hometown has many secret rooms, which makes it a bit of a puzzle. 
Next week you will see posted a few helpfull maps but not all of the secret
words, just some to help us out. One clue is that our town is made to be in 
two layers, and a bit circular in places. Its going to be fun discovering all
the new things, and now our practice mob actually works!
Now here is a bit of a mystery, I was walking along one night when I fell in
a very large puddle. I could have drowned but a very large brown lump pulled 
me out. I said "Thank you" and it shook the mud off me, including all my loose
change and a few extra teeth, and then carried me back to my home and even 
tossed me a towel which in his hands looked like a square button. This lump
saved my life and I'd very much like to say thank you.

               Sincerely zasperlyn
              The Thain of the Hobbits


Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a beautiful dragon. She was
small; but her scales were shiny iridescent green, her eyes glowed golden,
and her teeth were straight, strong, and sharp. She lived with a flock of 
dragons in caves hidden in a dark wood near the land of the humans. This 
dragon didn't get along much with her fellow dragons. She would wander out to
the edge of the woods alone. Her gaze was always drawn to the Prince: a human
who also wandered at the edge of the woods. He wore such beautiful fine 
silken clothes, that he shone like the dragon did. She could not help but to
like him. But one day, the prince stopped coming. He was hiding in his 
castle, because his father the King had arranged for him to marry the ugly 
Princess of Aagh. Though he begged and begged to be free, the King only 
slapped him and told him to "be a man". Finally the day for his wedding to
the ugly princess of Aagh came. The Prince took his sword and shield and
escaped from the castle and ran away, heading for the woods. When the 
Princess of Aagh heard this, she became furious and pursued the terrified 
Prince. As she closed in on him near the woods, she invoked her witchy 
spells. Long sharp claws grew from her hands, and her teeth became gruesome 
crooked fangs; and she did descend upon the Prince, who did scream like a 
girl and dropped his sword and shield, and ran for the trees.


He was pursued by the hideous Princess, until they reached the tree line.
Then suddenly, a shiny green dragon, hardly bigger than the Prince, leapt 
from the trees, her sharp teeth bared. Rushing in, she grabbed the Prince's
shield and sword and battled the horrid Princess, fighting her tooth for 
tooth and nail for nail, as the Prince whimpered behind her. Finally, after 
a fierce battle, the beautiful dragon defeated the horrible, hideous 
Princess.Then she gobbled her up. And then the beautiful dragon and the 
cowardly Prince ran away together into the forest and lived happily ever

The End.

Moral: Don't let others define your roles for you.
Dazamo, O'kwyl Leader (Lizardman)


Kingdom of Gralthai news:
Greetings Gralthai

OOC We are currently working on new plots and getting more active in the
community. We also welcome anyone who would be interested in joining the
Nation and/or starting new plots with us, Mud-Mail Aslan or Mari for
more info.
 Aslan, Captain (Gralthai Pirates)
 Mari, Queen (Githyanki)
 Heathir, Queen (Githzerai)

Gralthai Pirate Log, Day of the Great Gods, 5th the Month of the Old Forces.

Captain, we have readied the ship to depart as you commanded, I have sent
a parchment with our intent to the Githzerai and well as to the Githyanki
leaders. Neither side have responded as of yet.   The Nations afar seem 
ripe with goods this season so we should  have no troubles in our venture.
I await word.
Anshuna D'advient, First Mate, Gralthai

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Tajah Lail                                              by Tajah     <->

Born the fifth heiress to a defiled throne rumored to have been built
upon the greed and lecherous acts of a once well to do merchant 
whispered to have gone mad following his  fateful transaction with the 
vampiric Bay't Mujrim. Her father, Salim Al-Lail (then known as Salim 
Baashur), had proven his servitude to his hosts with a flair for the 
eccentric when it came to property acquisitions and title holdings. 
Often leaving in his wake a trail of intricately carved corpses and 
grim calling cards scripted in exquisite bloody calligraphy, Salim 
quickly rose within the respected ranks of his sponsoring clan. 
He was, for all his blasphemous rhetoric and dementia, a shrewd 
businessman with an exceptional eye for lucrative potential. Where once 
he plied his trade in back alleys and festered peasant bazaars as 
wandering gypsy merchant, now Salim preyed upon the playgrounds of the 
wealthy, a master purveyor with every whim readily indulged, as long as 
he continued to skillfully erase from existence each enemy or obstacle 
that posed threat to the silently growing underground empire of the 
Bay't Mujrim. 
Salim's children were raised in the shadow of his blood lust, and none 
proved to be more apt pupils in his footsteps than his three sons. As 
the years progressed Salim would bring his sons into the embrace of the 
madness that consumed him as well, and together with his naturally born 
progeny he would eventually begin to crave the titles and holdings to
secure his own legacy, betraying the honor of the Bay't Mujrim. 

Yet, for as prosperous as his secreted dealings had seemed for a time, 
it would be the unseen enemy he had not expected that would deliver his 
first taste in defeat. While he obsessed upon the hidden spies and 
potential assassins of the Bay't Mujrim, he had failed to pay proper 
heed to the uprising of holy warriors that butchered their way through 
throngs of opponents in their crusade of righteous vengeance. 
In one such battle of the ongoing holy wars Salim lost all three sons. 
Not even the family's tainted blood from their vampiric forefathers 
could alone stave off the unmerciful blades of these crusaders. 
Instead, their very natures seemed to only further incite the paladinic 
rage that drove them to victory. 
Retreat had been the only option for Salim Baashur, albeit an option 
that scarcely sat well upon his bloated pride and battered ego. The 
threat of enemy attack now riddled his paranoia with renewed fervor. 
Under the fictitiously taken name, 'Salim Al-Lail', he purchased the 
pedigree of a sultan and together with his remaining family moved his 
vast wealth to the to the bowels of the eastern canyons in the new city 
known as Thul Ab'Hara. And from within posh Byzantine confines of 
impetuous lavishing  he would again slowly begin to rebuild the empire 
that was ultimately to be his. 

In the years ensuing, word had reached even the farthest corners of the 
lesser renowned civilizations of an uprising that had occurred within 
the great city of Darkhaven. Rumor was quick to spread of a dark lord 
who would lead a rebellion and his people to brief accolades of fame, 
in direct affront against the holy crusaders and their pious 
indignation, and it was perhaps this warrior's stance alone that 
initially piqued the sultan's secreted interest in the lands of Lomar. 
Despite the dementia that seemed now his constant companion, his gift 
of acquisition was still as pristine as ever and he could practically 
smell the portent of conquest redolent about the dying lands after the 
warrior's fall. 
Lomar had quietly come under a new reign beneath the hand of a man 
whose pulse throbbed rhythmically in the familiar unholy beat as 
Salim's own, the sultan was quick to dispatch a caravan from Thul 
Ab'Hara with brightly colored canvas wagons replenished with fine brass 
potteries, exquisite textiles and a vast array of costly silks. A 
treaty of trade was soon signed between the sultan Al-Lail and the 
regent Aziel, though whatever passed between the two noble's hands in 
their covert meetings beneath the city saw little benefit for the 
people of Lomar themselves. 
The sultan understood well the core of the regent's desires, a man 
quite after his own heart after all, and posed the offer he knew the 
necromancer could not refuse. It was perhaps costly, and in truth 
bordering on insane risk to be discovered by the vampiric Bay't Mujrim, 
but the opportunities at hand for retribution were simply too great to 
be ignored. 
With that, Salim sealed the deal and took reign over the people of 
Lomar. But he would not yet enforce his own presence upon a people 
already shrouded in fear and doubt over their peasant whisperings of 
dark magics and blood curses. No, instead he would offer to them what 
they truly awaited. A promise of lighter days. A visage of virtue. 
A ruse. 
To them he offered the last of his bloodline. His youngest daughter
who, in her innocent ignorance, would provide for him the ultimate 
unwitting bait to secure his vengeance against the holy swords that 
would one day undoubtedly rise to her honor and inevitably crush the  
city of devout followers in their blind path of furious faith. 

<->                                                                         <->

<->    The Story of the Drow, Tokai                            by Babui     <->

As the first ray of sunlight pierces through the clouds, signifing dawn,
Tokai retreats to a small empty dark alley. Quite aware of the fact that
his dark skin colour is going to attract unwanted attention. The last thing
he wants is to have Nelkum's persuers after him too! Then they will both be
lost, with no one to save them!
Tokai settles into a corner, sprawling out in hope for some rest before his
busy schedule ahead. Just before he was about to doze off, some scuffling
could be heard coming his way. Instantly tucking his knees beneath his chin
as he can, Tokai shrinks into the corner, hoping he wouldn't be seen.
Apparently, he did a good job, as this shady scuffling character walked
straight pass, peered around, then procede to exchange something with another
shady character. mMm...Tokai stretched his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of
who these strange people are, and what they are doing in this empty alley.
However, all he can see are shadows and hooded characters despite his drow
abilities to see in such darkness.
Just as shady character A turned his back and was about to scurry away, Tokai
saw a a spark of light reflecting from a sharp dagger as shady character B
stabbed shady character A in the back. Taking a package from the corpse, shady
character B tucked away his dagger and scurried away.
Horrified at the backstabbing corruption of characters and the bloody corpse,
now buzzing with flies in front of him....he fled the dark alley. At this
moment, he couldn't care less about the curious glances he's getting from the
normal shoppers of darkhaven as he stumbles around in a rush to get away.
When Tokai finally caught his breath and regained his composure, a brilliant
idea crossed his mind. "I shall disguise myself! Oh, I'm so smart!" Hiding in
yet another corner, Tokai patiently awaits night time. 
Still grinning from his brilliant idea, he sneaked into a nearby house..."mMm.
Tullfuhrzky Manor eh..? There must be some pretty clothes and stuff here..."
Well, to make a long story short..he found an ivory make-up compact, a small
mirror, a silk bathrobe, and a wooden knife. There were probably more goodies,
but the loud snoring from the north scared him abit, as much as he tried to
deny it to himself. "It might be a green furry one eye one horn scary monster
thing hiding behind that door...better safe than sorry!"
Creeping out of the house and back into darkhaven square, he evalutes his
goodies. "mMm...soft silk...silkkkkk....soffttt....". He rubs the silk
bathrobe against his face. Taking a look at his dirty rough shirt and pants..
well, not much competition is there? Stripping and hopping into the fountain
again, he quickly got back out - with little thought on making the water dirty
but more on soofttt sillkkkk...

He slowly slipped on the silk bathrobe, it's smooth texture gliding across his
skin, causing him to quiver in anticipation of physical delights. (Bad social
Turning his attention to the other goods, he opens the make-up compact..."ohHh
...white little powder thingees..this will stop people staring at me for a
while." Using the mirror, he applied a little on his face, skillfully making
the application even and smooth... "Perfect!" he admires his handiwork in the
mirror, twisting and turning his face in all angles, then finally give a
dazzling smile and a mischevious his reflection.
Look out for next issue, the final part of the story of the drow, Tokai.
--Babui d'Mortem--

<->                                                                         <->

<->    The 100 Greatest News Events of Realms                  by Aslan     <->

Dear all,

The NewsDesk is currently looking for talented writers to submit what they
feel is the the very best of news type events that Realms has experienced
over the past 100 issues of the Cry. 

We are looking for ten events that shook the Mud Populace to be placed in a
run-down in the 100th issue to find the very best News Moment of Realms.
Please send me your submissions via mudmail to Aslan.

Aslan de Rotheschilde, NewsDesk Sub Editor.

<->                                                                         <->

<->    TS VC CoE News                                          by Mari      <->
                         +-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
                         |T|S| |V|C| |C|O|E| |N|e|w|s|
                         +-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+

New TS Format

1) Proposals will be posted as pending presentation. This area is used to 
identify new proposals and to arrange a time to have them presented at the
regular meeting. This is a place to coordinate discussion times with 
proposers and arrange proxies if necessary.

2) Proposals will be presented at the meeting. The person who proposes an
idea (be them TS or a member of the general public) will speak about their
proposal and field questions from TS members. If you are helping out a 
member of the general public, please back them up in the meeting.

3) The presented proposal is posted to the forums and discussion begins.

4) The idea is moved to the TS Lounge board for voting.

TS Members

Immortal Members:

Cappadocius -- Immortal Head of the Council 
Mortal Members:

Aeryn Rikoles Bregan Rikkath Oxnyx Vibra 
Fenrir Tsaren Theodore Zio Maratsade Mobine
Myceran Amaris Sumitra Typh Zistrosk Ordem
Padraig Zabanire Qualorn 

Mari -- Mortal Head

May 30, 2005

Make Brewing Heals Cost Less Mana (pending rewrite) 
Offer Cheaper Heals For Sale in DH

June 13, 2005

Sanc prompt token, prompt token - sanc run time- it was felt that this was
easy enough to check.
Mana points, Increase the mana points given in potions

VC/CoE Updates

May 30, 2005
Passed to CoE:
Multiplay indicator for group display
Denied by VC: (many of these came in through the IDEA command)
Idea: Tzadkiel's Touch adjustment - Will be given to TS to reflect on.
Idea: Casting/Ignore list - ignore spells from those on ignore list.
Idea: Containers on Auction. Too easy for people to abuse with mis-
     leading notes and items not meant to be auctioned.
Idea: Bank command (See bank balance with a command). Use the balance command,
     worth, or score.
Idea: Identity of Auction Seller. Couple of opportunities here for
     harrassment of the seller.
Idea: Color code "level" command. Just doesn't seem necessary enough
     for the effort.
Idea: New renames for Blorin. The purpose here is for wedding rings
     so that people don't have to use glory for them.
Idea: Prompt token for position. Seems a lot of effort for little
     return. If you arent standing, you cant move. Good as way as any to tell.
Idea: Golden Tickets. Quests are held occasionally asking for these
     tickets. They've been held at all times, not just EST evenings. Future
     quests are always being planned. Please watch for them.

May 30, 2005
Passed to CoE
Idea: Arealist command revision allowing, for example areali
Idea: Give/weight message for overburdened recipient
Idea: Keywords on cooked/burnt items
Idea: Identify scroll name on Magical Tablets
Idea: Earthquake/nofloor rooms
Idea: Reduce ordertalk lag
Idea: Title default
Idea: Innate skills starting at 1%
Idea: Dismiss all
Idea: Glory owner showing in id
Idea: EXP loss message on death
Idea: Bank locations
Idea: Line wrap when using compass
Idea: EXP bonus to Paladins vs evil mobs
Idea: Adept/mana boost
Idea: Compare/container size
Idea: Peek failure message due to cloak
Idea: Skinmask short desc
Idea: Refuge/pets
Idea: Shout/sleepers
Idea: Con/pacifist mob

May 30, 2005
Passed by VC
Idea: Arealist command revision allowing, for example areali
Idea: Give/weight message for overburdened recipient
Idea: Keywords on cooked/burnt items
Idea: Identify scroll name on Magical Tablets
Idea: Earthquake/nofloor rooms
Idea: Lights/AC
Idea: Message on failed fill
Idea: Disarm message showing disarmed weapon
Idea: Chan +/- message
Idea: ICQ slot allowing letters and new command NOIM
Idea: Nephandi/lower level attack spell
Idea: Voluntary spell component

Make favouring a bit easier based on years devoted
Denied by VC
Increase level for chardelete - This command was added originally with the
intent of never increasing it. A level 2-5 character is essentially valueless.
Higher than that, the value of a well-statted character increases opening us
to issues with password theft, people accidentally deleting and requesting
that the character be restored and similar. 
If you have any questions about these, please contact a TS rep.

June 6, 2005
Passed CoE:

Display which item was disarmed          Peek failure msg due to cloak
Arealist command revision                Skinmask short desc   
Give/weight message                      Shout/sleepers 
Keywords on cooked/burnt items           Message on failed fill
Identify scroll name                     Disarm message
Earthquake/nofloor rooms                 Chan +/- message
Less lag on ordertalk                    ICQ slot      
Title default                            Tweak Disruption 
Innate skills                            Voluntary spell component             
Dismiss all                              Who Clan  
XP loss message on death                 Favour increases per years devoted
Additional bank locations                Petsave toggle
Line wrap when using compass    
XP bonus: Paladins vs evil mobs 
Compare container size

Denied by CoE:
Multiplay indicator for group display - This doesn't seem like a part of "in 
game" knowledge, nor does it seem possible in anyway that other players 
should know your multi status. Yes, it would make group members happier to
know who was multi'ing, but it doesn't seem sensible and it also seems to be
the responsibility of the individual player to ensure they aren't hindering
their group.

(Idea) Adept/mana boost - An experience boost is given on adept. This
suggestion would have to be a mana boost for mana casters and a blood boost
for mon-mana casters and then what of skills for non-casters or skills
generally? It all just doesn't add up.
(Idea) Glory owner showing in ID - The person that owns a glory tagged item 
knows that it is. It either _is_ or it _is not_ your item
(Idea) Con/pacifist mob
(Idea) Lights with AC

June 13, 2005
Denied by CoE
Multiplay indicator for group display - This doesn't seem like a part of "in 
game" knowledge, nor does it seem possible in anyway that other players 
should know your multi status. Yes, it would make group members happier to 
know who was multi'ing, but it doesn't seem sensible and it also seems to be
the responsibility of the individual player to ensure they aren't hindering 
their group.
(Idea) Adept/mana boost - An experience boost is given on adept. This
suggestion would have to be a mana boost for mana casters and a blood boost
for mon-mana casters and then what of skills for non-casters or skills
generally? It all just doesn't add up.

(Idea) Glory owner showing in ID - The person that owns a glory tagged item 
knows that it is. It either _is_ or it _is not_ your item
(Idea) Con/pacifist mob
(Idea) Lights with AC
Passed CoE
Instead of showing the gloried name tag, ID will show that the item -is-
tagged. Original idea proposed by Calin.
Make refuge work on pets of group members. Idea proposed by Sandra

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Guild News - Guild of Mages                             via Aslan    <->

It's been a while since the Guild of Mages submitted anything to the Cry of
Despair, so here's a rundown of things we've been up to. As many of you are
aware, things on realms have been quiet lately, what with exams and the start
of the summer, but that doesn't mean to say the guild has been resting on its
Exciting things that we have run lately include - Sin/Olsen, Danbala, quite a
few of the new mobs from Nevermore and even a crazy attempt at Gwyn ap Knudd.
This is nowhere near a full list of the things we can (and do) run. We have a 
vibrant War Magi team and are always on the lookout for keen and fearless
runners looking to make a name for themselves.
We have had several new apprentices join our hallowed halls, including
Pardulak Qenelan, Gorsh and Shatara. They all have the promise of being 
excellent guild members and would like to welcome them to the tower.
If anyone would like to join the guild, by all means, do so. Roll up a 
character gain a few levels and stop by for an interview with a member of our 
friendly IT team. Whether you are a member or not, the guild prides itself in 
helping out any mages in need, whether it be with guidance, advice or in 
extreme circumstances by helping people CR!
The Guild of Mages is a fantastic place to socialise, make friends and enjoy
many aspects of the game. Apply today!


In the past little while, the Guild of Clerics underwent a HUGE amount of
changes! We lost an older member, Gatersade, to the immortal community, Tokai
stepped down from being our GM because he is going on a trip that will take
him away for at least a few months, and then we lost our first, Akael, to the
immortal community as well! Haviland, formerly our second, was thrust into
the position of Guildmaster, with two former leaders -- Karla (formerly
Carlie) and Chalamar filling in as the new first and second. And somehow, 
despite all this chaos, Torianne and Hairu succeeded in surviving their 
probations and becoming full members!
Maybe next month will be a *little* calmer.

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Babui's Babble Bubble                                   by Babui     <->

The following logs may be offensive to some.

Please discontinue reading if so.

No offence was intended, and permission was obtained from all parties involved
for these logs to be published.
Enjoy ;)

Namyar is Babui's psycho, stalker fanboy *RC Co-Leader* is sitting here.
Krasie is consumed by the pwr of Teh Mind Rapers h8.IT-CL is standing here.
Ryals tells you 'Teh Mind Raper gives you teh pwr of h8' is hovering here.
[AFK] Maeritus sucks is hovering here.
Your current title is: - Raidokas says 'Ok gonna go and wash my tampon :D
Krasie wonders 'why is raido washing a tampon?'
You say to Krasie, 'apparently'
You say to Krasie, 'he calls his car tampon'
Krasie says 'why 0.o'
Krasie laughs out loud!
Namyar rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
You waggle your eyebrows mischievously.
Krasie rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
You say 'please try to keep the hassling on raido limited =P'
You say '*on him when he comes on that is =P'
You attempt to straighten your halo.
Fenrir has entered the game.

Raidokas has entered the game.

Raidokas says, 'ooOOooOOooOOoo.'
Raidokas bows deeply.
You giggle at him.
Krasie and Raidokas are smooching in the corner.
Namyar says 'lo Raid'
Raidokas kisses Krasie.
Raidokas hugs you.
You give Raidokas a long and passionate kiss.
Raidokas says 'hey'
Ryals says 'raido.'
Raidokas kisses you.
Raidokas nods in agreement to Ryals.
Ryals asks Raidokas, 'why do you call your car, tampom?'
Raidokas grins.
You say to Raidokas, 'they asked about my title =P'
You waggle your eyebrows mischievously at Raidokas.
You say 'in fact, lotsa people did.. =P'
Raidokas wonders 'because it's Opel?'
Krasie wonders 'did you enjoy washing your tampon?'
Raidokas sniffs sadly.
Raidokas shakes his head in Krasie's direction.
Fenrir wonders 'did you buy your tampon used?'
Krasie comforts Raidokas.
Namyar snickers softly.
Raidokas agrees with Fenrir.
Krasie rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Namyar rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Fenrir says 'hopefully you washed it first.'
Namyar rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Raidokas says 'i used it a bit before washing'
Fenrir says 'i definitely wouldnt show my friends my dirty, used tampon'
Krasie rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Raidokas says 'wasn't so bad :P'
Krasie rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Namyar scrunches up his nose and exclaims "EWWWWW!"
Fenrir wonders 'you ever let other peolpe use your tampon?'
Raidokas says 'sometimes, my gf used it yesterday :P'
You seem to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Krasie throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
Fenrir wonders 'your girlfriend doesnt have her own tampons?'
Raidokas says 'u know couples share stuff....'
Raidokas says 'she does but she likes my tampon more :P'
Krasie laughs.
Fenrir wonders 'you ever both use it at once?'
Raidokas says 'better design'
Raidokas agrees with Fenrir.
Fenrir wonders 'you get it all dirty together?'
Raidokas says 'ooo yesss'
Raidokas beams brightly.  Why is that?
Fenrir says 'kk, im running outta innuendo'
Raidokas seems to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Fenrir wonders 'ever lose your tampon when you really need it?'
Raidokas shakes his head in Fenrir's direction.
Fenrir wonders 'how long did it take you to learn to use tampons?'
Ryals wonders 'is it all stiff to handle?'
Fenrir wonders 'manual or automatic?'
Krasie says 'manual.. and it was very stiff...'
You snuggle him.
Raidokas cuddles you.
Ryals says 'ouch'
Fenrir wonders 'wheres your tampon right now?'
Raidokas says 'in the garage '
Ryals says 'in his garage.'
Ryals rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Fenrir wonders 'do you still use it if it has mud and dirt on it?'
Raidokas agrees with Fenrir.
Raidokas nods solemnly.
Fenrir wonders 'did you buy your used tampon from another man?'
Raidokas nods in agreement to Fenrir.

Raidokas has left the game.
Ryals wonders 'ok, did anyone get the whole, opal car = tampon?'
Ryals wonders 'like seriously, did that make sense to ANYONE?'
Namyar shakes his head.
Krasie says 'shape/colour? o.0'
Namyar says 'not at all'
You say 'he explained it to me before'
Ryals says 'ok, so Raido's on crack.'
Ryals says 'gotchya'
Namyar says 'opels aren't shaped like tampons...'
I didn't log the time when Raidokas was explaining to me why he calls his car
tampon, so I am unable to paste you the reason here =P
Therefore, if you are really that interested in knowing! Please direct your
tells to him ;)
*inno* luv ya heaps rai ;)

--Babui d'Mortem--

You say to Moloko, 'who'z ur mudwifey? =P'
Moloko says to you, 'Aristacia'
You go ooOOooOOooOOoo.
You say 'evry1 likez aristacia =P'
Moloko wonders if his stick just went up  :p.
Moloko eeps!
Moloko says '*stock'
Moloko blushes.

<->                                                                         <->

<->    PK Log Submission                                       by Babui     <->

(Zacare = you)

You war 'Hi Jason'
Vortok wars 'hi love'
You war 'We have decided to replace you with a block of cheese.'
You war 'I hope you do not mind?'

Karum wars 'maybe you should replace him with a block of crap instead'
Karum wars 'so that the change wouldn't be so sudden'

<->                                                                         <->

<->    I'm Looking For YOU!                                    by Babui     <->

The CRY is always looking for more writers =)

Is there some log, bio, title, events, random personal thoughts...or even
astrological or food stuff things you would like to share!? ANYTHING really...
Why not share your logs/thoughts/anything with the entire mud community?! Have
your logs and articles published on the CRY, so we all can know more new
random stuff or laugh at cute little silly peoples and events =P HAR...I mean.
...We can all be entertained in a nice polite fashion... *nod self*...
Oh oh! Or some ascii drawing you did you might want to share! ANYTHING!

Send me your article/log/note/whatever via mudmail! Yay! Send your mudmails to
Babui now! =D

And my monkey thingee again, cuz it's cute =P
      _             _             _             _    |  See No Evil +
     c -.          { ".          c "}          c ".  |  Hear No Evil +
\_   / \   +  \_   /\\   +  \_   / \/  =  \_   / \   |  Speak No Evil =
  \_| ||        \_|  |        \_|  |        \_| ||   |  One Bored Monkey

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Wedding Congratulations                                 by Babui     <->

A friend just got married? Want to congratulate them along with the whole of
You just got married? Want to announce to the whole of realms your love for
each other?
Well, here's the place!
Send me a mudmail with the couples' name, the date of the wedding, and any
comments you would like to make =)
Start NOW by showing you care! Start NOW by showing you are truely happy for
them/yourself! Start NOW by announcing to the world!
______________________-> HaPpY WeDdInG!

<->                                                                         <->

<->    Humerous Bios                                          by Kender    <->

I was out and about today wandering the lovely world of realms and came across
a few people that had some interesting and notable bios see the following:

Ryals's personal bio:
Daskor racetalks 'I like pinning stuff on Dron.'
Eschara racetalks 'pin the tale on the Dronkey?'
Morgane yells 'my udders are too small'
Chaidyn tells you 'Did the gold fairy visit me last night?'
Elderon says 'you suck'
Elderon says 'you suck the ****'
Elderon says 'the mighty big ****'
******* says 'i know. but i do it sooo well.'
****** slaps a sticker on her shirt that says "newbie"
Vasod says 'yo gimme a couple mil to gamble por favor'
Chaidyn says 'sorry... I'm not a bank, I don't give out loans.'
Vasod says 'yo fly me'
Chaidyn says 'sorry... I'm not a bot either.'
Vasod says 'yo goto hell biaches'
Kortir asks Rafa, 'wanna get mudmarried?'  
Kortir looks innocently about himself.   
Rafa is now afk.
Kortir asks Rafa, 'wanna get mudmarried?'  
Kortir looks innocently about himself.   
Rafa is now afk.
Morgane yay for boobies!
Bariah i dont need lube
Irad openly traffics:  who needs hookers, i have you.
Shimus guildtalks 'I got a real life lapdance from moonbeam, it was hilarious'
The mud yawns.

Tilessa's personal bio:
You swallow the imp whole. His little arms and legs protrude out of your belly
. As the imp begins to die, he shows his anger by extending a single finger
and pushing it hard into your stomach.
Zilensko says 'don't be so naughty zil :p'
Skivven guildtalks 'Silly Mad and I are running Jade'
Skivven guildtalks 'And we WOULD be done by now'
Skivven guildtalks 'Except I'm a moron and had autosac on...'
Silet wonders 'are you dev now?'
Skivven says 'No, evil'
Madasen says 'he's evil'
Skivven says 'It's all good'
Madasen says 'he spam ate vamp candies'
Skivven says 'Two is NOT spam'
Madasen says 'ok.. ate multiple vampire candies in rapid sucession! :P'
Skivven says 'Two is NOT spam'
Madasen says 'ok.. ate multiple vampire candies in rapid sucession! :P'
Madasen says 'how's that :P'
Madasen grins.
Skivven says 'I am comic relief for GoT'
That annoying kid chats 'I see dead people.'

Raphael's personal bio:
North of Darkhaven that is many days ride,
was a land kissed by gods, and a Prince with no bride.
Raphael was his name, and handsome is face.
He was charming and witty, and possesed of much grace.
Though royal of blood, his stature was small,
and even in wealth, he wished to be tall.
So he secretly called on a hideous old crone,
who thickens mens blood, and chills to the bone.
and asked of this gypsy a potion for height.
her face cracked a grin and her eyes did ignite.
She pulled from her filth a small vial of black.
Our prince made his wish and tipped his head back.
She wheezed, "Unlike me, a Prince gets what he wants,
wears silk and not rags, recieves praise and not taunts.
You enjoy feasts, gilded shoes on your feet,
while i beg for rags, and scraps on the street.
For my pain does not matter to you handsome Prince,
and for that you shall face your deserved consequence.
With that potion and wish, you deserve what you get,
and for eternisave
ty you shall not, forget that we met!"
Then the Prince grew five feet and his skin colored coal,
gazed into a mirror and reflected... a TROLL!

Mumra's personal bio:
You chat 'I demand a re-do on that whole Shattering thing, I didn't get to do
any of the quest. :('
A glorious echo appears !
The mud will be down for ten minutes while we re-shatter it for Mumra. Expect
everything to be completely crazy for the next year.
Akael chats 'Yay!'
Nariel chats 'oh no :('
You chat 'Sweet!'
Ziah chats 'what the hell?'
The preceding message was a joke.  Thank you.  The management.
Send any questions to Lopuis.
Mumra DAMN YOU! Do it!
But alas, my heart was broken, no re-do :(

Vinsonnilli's personal bio:
Words Ok Knowledge
Coelit says 'i know this place like the back of my nads now'
Coelit says 'i mean hands'
Coelit wonders aloud, "Did someone just do something real dumb?"
Coelit says 'whats yer fly do?'
Coelit says 'the spell i mean'
Coelit rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Coelit ordertalks 'i could come out,, lay in the sun with ya and lick 
yer thigh's till ya completely explode'
Coelit ordertalks 'hrm'
Coelit ordertalks 'x-tell'
Coelit says 'decantor@hotmail.cum'
Zenobia says 'cum?'
Zenobia grins.
Coelit eeps!
Coelit says 'brb makin a sanswith'
Coelit says 'wich even damnit or whatever some break n stuff'
Coelit says 'bread even'
Coelit screams loudly!
Coelit says 'cant type a damn thing'

Nymath's personal bio:
Send tells as to whether or not my title is correct (with full explanation).
You say to Bubba, your cellmate, 'It's your turn to pick up the soap next time'
Kyla puts a bunch of daisies in the empty head of Orugan.
Pardalis guildtalks 'if you ever wanna talk about tit, im here'
Yilican says 'erkle'gubble is an abbreviation for "ok"'
Kolrag catches Babui's vomit with his mouth!
Kimmy gets a tissue from an extradimensional portal.
Kimmy gets a tissue from an extradimensional portal.
Kimmy puts a tissue in a tight bustier.
Kimmy puts a tissue in a tight bustier.
Kimmy fits a tight bustier on her body.
Shealkire's personal bio:
The sliced-off ear of a pig lies here, never again to hear battle.
The corpse of Shealkire, dressed in the frilly garb of the Town Crier, swings
limply in the breeze.
Stoneheft tells you 'If you shut up, I won't have anything stupid to add.'
Alihan says 'STFU noob jean wearer'
The corpse of Jebus fills the air with a foul stench. (2)
Pansynance says 'to bad you can't animate his corpse'
York tells you 'are u stoker?'
Alihan says 'THEY ARE HARD'
Alihan says 'THEY ARE NOT GUMMI'
Tabitha frowns at what Chino did.
Tabitha exclaims 'come f*** me!!!!!'
Tabitha is now afk.
Chino is now afk.
Goomra says 'ANY HOLE'S A GOAL.'
Tabitha says 'your name is not allowed'
Tabitha says 'to be screamed out'
Tabitha says 'while he's plowin me'
I also found that there is a lot of ppl who havent yet taken the time to fill
in their Bios *sigh* 

<->                                                                         <->

<->    June's Quest Results                                    by Alysira   <->

Last month, your quest was to search through the articles to try and find the
answer to the question, "Which star sign has been advised to get more involved
with art?". The answer was hidden in Mari's article "June Horoscopes". I hope
everyone followed this, show off your photography and poetry! But make sure
the person you're showing it to wants to see it. The answer was Aquarius, and 
these two people were selected randomly as winners. Congratulations to:
                                Vibra and Duluth!

Please see me for your prizes ASAP! Thanks to everyone else who participated!
Have fun in this month's quest on the next page!

Somewhere in this month's Cry of Despair is the answer to the following
question. The rules are, you can NOT ask the writer of any articles for the 
answer, and especially not the person who the question may be about. This
month's question is:

           What did Kaiashi ask Rhadamanthus in his interview?

When you think you've found the answer, MUDmail me by the 30th of July and
two correct answers will be chosen at random as the winners.

Good luck and enjoy!

<->                                                                         <->

<->    When Immortals Get Bored                                by Vortok    <->

When Immortals Get Bored

The Sanctum of Gravoc
Dark magic swirls about this particular chamber.  A massive, granitic throne
looms towards its middle, casting shadowy mists in each direction.  Nothing
this sinister can possibly be contained for too long, only lured and held
by the misery and despair it craves...
Exits: north east south west 
A Busty Topless PK Wench laughs at how puny you are.
Gravoc shimmers beneath an aura of dark energy.
Gravoc is surrounded by a mix of ice-shards and sparking flames.
(Unclanned) Power Pixie is standing here.

Power Pixie says 'hurry'

Your suspiric grasp **** SMITES **** Power Pixie!
Power Pixie is DEAD!

You strip the skin from the corpse of Power Pixie.

(50) Vortok   vs (50) (Unclanned) Power Pixie ... The Umbrageous Ruins

<->                                                                         <->

<->    PK Only Quest                                           by Ceirana   <->

Are you weary of giving voice to the same tired old invectives when boorish 
roobs intrude upon your serenity? Don't you wish you could inveigh your enemy
with a genuinely classic put down?

 Behold they mirror, thou beslubbering addlepated hedge-pig!
 I do desire we may be better strangers.
 Laughest thou, wretch? Thy mirth shall turn to moan.
 Thou disease of a friend.
Ah yes, the Bard would have been the ultimate pkiller. Taunts and insults as a
fully fledged art form.
 Here's the challenge:
 This contest is open to all Pkillers level 10 or higher.
 Mudmail Ceirana with your best insult. They don't have to be directed at her
 but if that helps inflame your vituperation she won't mind.
 Contest is open for 3 weeks after the next issue of the Cry is posted.
 Only rule is no cussing please.  Enter as often as you wish.
 Any questions, please direct to Ceirana.  

I look forward to scorning your puny wits!

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<->    PKC Update For June                                     by Vortok    <->

PKC has been restructured by Rhadamanthus.  There are now 8 total
slots:  1 Mortal Head, 4 Clan Reps, 3 At Large members.
- HELP PKC for more details
Ideas Awaiting PKC Vote:
- Eliminating protection on deadly chars
- Removing or adjusting poison weapons
- Creating an exit to DH from clan HQs
- Adjusting Charge for Barbarians during PVP
- Reduce Barbarian suscept magic to 10% for deadlies
- Bladesingers getting more 4th/5th attack, and enhanced increase
Ideas awaiting CoE:
- Vengeances being made non-magic and DR recuced by 3
Denied by CoE/PKC:
- Barbarians dismissing mounts from anywhere
Passed CoE, Awaiting Code:
- True sight potions sold in town
  -- Awaiting coding of an anti-peaceful flag to prevent abuse
- PK GEO has passed CoE
  -- Awaiting building completion by Jason(Vortok) & Chas(Anarky)

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<->    Deadly News For June                                    by Vortok    <->

-  PK livens dramatically (again); a few newbs join PK
-  Artifacts: M. Matt (Cat/Fer), Dre (Mal), C. Mike (Exc)
-  Nick has returned to PK as Sombreiq
-  Recent use of barbarians spawns new concerns
   -- PKC seeks corrections to balance this new addition
-  Currently the powerhouse clan, passed Maleficae on AV PKs
-  Skia/Judas selected as new #2
-  Wes/Gir/Vermicio outcasted for foul play
-  Maq/Alexandros takes the slot as #1
-  Tij gains the Catarrh artifact
-  Brad returns from vacation
-  Gerad also returns from absence from moving
-  Zibipo improves skill and gains strength!
Updated 27 Jun 2005 @ 7:25pm by Vortok

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<->    Kill Blow Of The Month: Brad vs Art                     by Vortok    <->

You war 'Help!  I am being attacked by Seothan!'
Seothan's pierce rips you!

Gerad's circle _demolishes_ Seothan!

A deathrattle escapes Seothan's throat as Myrddraal drains his life.
Myrddraal's suspiric grasp jars Seothan!

Nixha's blast hits you!
Sombreiq's pierce rips you!
Snooq fades into existence.
Snooq's blast injures you!
Gerad fades into existence.
Gerad's blast mauls Seothan!
Myrddraal's blast decimates Seothan!
Your blast decimates Seothan!
Your blast decimates Seothan!
Seothan is DEAD!!
Bolts of blue energy rise from the corpse, seeping into you.
Seothan hits the ground ... DEAD.

You get Demonic Influence from the corpse of Seothan.
You get Sovereign Boots of the Slayer from the corpse of Seothan.
You get Talons of Arcane Magick from the corpse of Seothan.

<->                                                                         <->

<->    A Guide To Nephandi                                     by Genge     <->

Nephandi: Class of choice for goths and kids who think that it'd be 'really
hardcore' if they were totally evil and who thought being a vampire was too 
mainstream. Before the shattering, they were a joke. They took more hits than 
augurers and dealt less damage. There was little point in seriously trying to 
run with one unless it was your main and you hadn't gotten around to leveling
a mage yet. Luckily for the Nephandi, however, things have changed over the
last few years. They have a competent alpha attack which no longer requires
carrying several heavy pentagrams, they got a boost to their survival skills,
and some shiny pieces of equipment exclusively for them. It's still a pain to
level them, so instead of simply spewing rhetoric, I'm going to lay out some 
information so you can decided for yourself whether you want to spend the 10+ 
hours it'll take you to get one to avatar.


Nephandi specialize in spelldowns. They've got over a dozen of them, although 
admittedly some are more useful than others. The numbers laid out below are 
approximations, if I am off somewhat please do not mudmail me demanding an 
apology for my terrible crimes against Nephandi.

 - Blasphemy: This is a curse, preventing an opponent from recalling in pkill,
   but with the addition of -2 lck, which makes it useful against mobs and 
   players alike. It also does a small amount of damage. Generally a great 
   spell. 500 rounds.

 - Chains of Agony: This lowers the hitroll and damroll of the opponent by 2, 
   but it is easy to save against. 20 rounds.

 - Enervate: This drops an opponent's strength by 2 and luck by 1, useful
   spell. 200 rounds.

 - Fatigue: Suscept sleep. Not all that useful, but if you really want to use
   the sleep spell... 750 rounds.

 - Feebleness: uscept drain. Applications are obvious. 950 rounds.

 - Kleshas: This worsens all of an opponents saves by 2. 50 rounds.

 - Mental Anguish: -2 int/wis, as well as worsening your victim's save versus 
   para by 2, and poison by 6. 200 rounds.

 - Occular Explosium: Suscept blind. 150 rounds.

 - Petrification: Suscept Para. 220 rounds.

 - Plague: Blinds an opponent and drops their maximum hp. It's a good pkill 
   spell, but hits the same rate as other blinds. 200 rounds.

 - Venomous Touch: Poison. 850 rounds.

 - Umbral Spear: Lowers the victim's hr/dr by 1, and does moderate damage. 
   Does not stack. 150 rounds.

 - Zidros Wrath: Suscept Fire/Acid. 60 rounds.

There are three more spelldowns, but they are not included. Sands of Hades
and Execrate are not included because they are room attacks, and I didn't
have any volunteers. Seduction is not included since I can't be bothered to
collect hearts just to make a mob suscept charm.


Nephandi also have several spellups, some of which are very interesting.

 - Demonic Aura: This gives 10% resist fire and poison. 750 rounds.

 - Demonskin: Resist slash, same as mage spell. 1150 rounds.

 - Fade: When faded, you cannot be the target of astral, farsight, portal, forest
   walk, helical, solar flight, etc. 550 rounds.

 - Flesh Armor: -50 ac. 1000 rounds.

 - Hellskin: This grants 10% magic resist, and 40% fire resist. It stacks with
   other spells that give magic and fire resists, including demonic aura's fire 
   resist. 130 rounds.

 - Levitate: Float. 1150 rounds.

 - Might of the Fiend: +4 str and -1 dex. 500 rounds.

 - Mind Fortress: This spell gives your entire group -6 save versus spell and +1 
   int, and it stacks with minor for a total of -12 save spell.

 - Mystic Awareness: Scry. 1000 rounds.

 - Quickening: +2 dex. 100 rounds.

 - Reveal: Detect Invis. Both my nephandi are gith, so I do not know the 
   duration of this spell.


Nephandi excel in three weapontypes:
 - Short blades:  95
 - Flexible arms: 90
 - Pugilism:      85

This makes them naturally good with both lifebanes and satan whips, which are
enchantable with infuscate for 2 dr over traditionally enchanted ones, but they
only get 2nd attack to 95% and 3rd attack to 40% - no fourth or dual wield.
They do, however, get 60% dodge, 95% anaesth, and 22 dexterity to help them 
survive fights. They only have one truly effective attack spell, which is 
qlippothic shift. In laymen's terms, qlippothic's lag is in between that of 
suspiric grasp and circle. It does a very large amount of damage, though,
which works out to about that of a regular shroud/whisps/bane circling thief
in aggressive style before resists and suscepts, but after the spell is saved.
I count the spell as being saved since, realistically, most run mobs will save 
spell most of the time. It is also important to note that while you can 
spelldown a mob to be susceptible to Qlippothic, some mobs have protect, which
reduces its effectiveness since nephandi are evil. This spell is far more
useful now that pentagrams weigh one, the spell doesn't drain them, and it only
costs 50 mana. This makes Nephandi more mana efficient than mages.


Nephandi also have some utility skills and spells for everyday use. Locate 
object, teleport (infernal node), trance, veiled steps (hide/sneak), scan, 
pass door, rid toxins (curse poison), recall and identify are conveniences one
is glad to have for questing. 

They also have several 'toys' for messing about with when you're bored.

 - Charnis Disengulf: Destroys a mystical fire.
 - Skinmask: Makes a Nephandi facewear out of a corpse.
 - Enbalm: You could argue this is useful for spell components for Seduction 
   and Occular Explosium, but mostly people use it to make disembodied mob parts
   permanent to give people as bizarre gifts or as keepsakes.
 - Wine Invocation: Turns water into wine.
 - Animate Dead: Makes a corpse into a pet.
 - Gremlin: Makes a pet that bears your visage. Useful for realigning alts.
 - Pestilence: Summons a swarm of locusts. Not a particularly strong pet, but 
   they can trip opponents.


Nephandi are useful for itemfinds due to inherent telescan ability, and usually
usable on mkill quests because most quest mobs are programmed with more 
mainstream classes like warriors, mages, and thieves in mind. They've got a lot
of equipment availible to them, including several nephandi-only pieces which 
can give them high damage roll. The problem with this is that Nephandi don't 
really need damage roll that much, since their melee is only superior to that 
of mages and clerics. So, despite the appeal of making a Nephandi with 130+ 
damage roll, I wouldn't recommend it.

When going into combat against a player, run mob or quest mob with a Nephandi,
it might be a good idea to hit it with a few of the spelldowns first -
notably, Blasphemy and Enervate. Those spells are simply too good to pass up.
They hit reliably and have powerful, long lasting effects. Qlippothic is a
powerful spell, but remember not to spam it - it does have more lag than mage
spells, so spamming it is dangerous.


While I wouldn't recommend one as a starting class, due to the amount of time
it takes to level one compared to other classes, Nephandi are competent 
questing characters and decent runners. They are excellent alteratives to 
mages in places where energy spells won't work, and at the very least a 
morbid amusement with their array of thematic spells. Should you make one?
No one can make that decision for you. They do have their uses, and are 
amusing to play, but they require an investment of time or gold that many 
people would find unacceptable.

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<->    An Interview With Rhadamanthus: PKC                     by Artem     <->

Artem - Alright, to start with- was your assignement as PKC head somewhat of a 
        surprise for you, or were you actually expecting and preparing for it?
Rhadamanthus - My assigment to PKC head came as a surprise, one day I was 
               approached by Kali for the position. Initially I had planned 
               to go to QC but this worked out well, since now I can focus my
               attention to an area of the game which I have become intensely
               interested in.
Artem - We know you do have ideas for PK, but what do you think yourself, do
        you think you have any positive impact on pkill here?
Rhadamanthus - As much impact as any regular pkiller does, I pkill often, I 
               try not to do things which are viewed as "bad" for pk (ld loot,
               etc), and from the immortalside I am trying to give pkillers 
               new things to enjoy as well as spruce up aspects of pk which
               have existed for ages.
Artem - What do you think pkill lacks the most currently, that can be changed
        - as an immortal?
Rhadamanthus - It lacks the fluidity that a good pkill environment needs, the
               ability to have changes made within a matter of days as opposed
               to weeks or worse yet months.
Artem - Do you think this can change anytime in more or less nearby future?
Rhadamanthus - Yes, but it needs dedicated immortals and players... Since 
               players know what passes PKC, even they can take some coding 
               initiative which takes an enormous burden off of immortals.

Artem - What are some things you'd want to change the most, but are unable to
        for some reason, if there's anything?
Rhadamanthus - I would really like to change the pkill attitude towards running
               (of pk mobs) in general, as well as the runs themselves - as 
               they are now pkill runs are viewed as a chore if they are ever 
               even done, and often people depend on looting pk area eq from 
               the eq exchange rather than running the mobs themselves and 
               enjoying the areas which were ported from Eclipse.
Artem - What do you think about current clans and clan balance?!

Rhadamanthus - I think that two clans are currently balanced, one is very new 
               player focused, and one is in transition. Mal and Cat are pretty
               balanced, both have a good number of pkers. Exc is so newbie
               oriented but that's a good thing, they need more people who can
               teach though. Fer is in transition, they are picking up some new
               blood I think.
Artem - What do you think about current clan themes (or lack of thereof), the
        clan setting itself? What changes to the clans do you want to see - if
        any at all?

Rhadamanthus - The themes are fine, my personal favorites of course were the
               V:TM clans but those are tough to top. These seem kind of made
               up completely at random, I think they could be based in some 
               cultural mythology or somesuch, would be cool.
Artem - Do you think creating some kind of a story, background in pkill could
        make it more fun, or it wouldn't matter?
Rhadamanthus - I think the bottom line for pkill is that pkill is what makes
               pkill fun, however an interesting back story couldn't hurt. I
               don't see how it could do any harm at the very least.

Artem - What do you think about current clan leaderships, what would you like
        to see from leaders?
Rhadamanthus - More leaders actively "leading" their clans, working out 
               strategy, pking with people to gain team experience, etc.
Artem - What is your "dream change" for pkill on Realms? Maybe something small
        and simple but what you think would make things A LOT better, or 
        something grand and great that would take years to change?
Rhadamanthus - Doesn't have to be actually 'possible' or whatever, just what
               you think would make things totally cool :p
Artem - (Like free blivs on every log on and cookies for every pkill, or
Rhadamanthus - My dream change is like 30 new pkillers joining the pk community
               and not getting annoyed with pk, because I have seen muds with
               10v10 fights daily, etc... that is what we should be striving

Artem - So mainly you want to see more new people pk, things being more active?
Rhadamanthus - What I have to say is that pk is more fun when more people log
               and pk. If people would just log on pkers when they aren't in a
               run or whatever, it will almost always cause pk.
Artem - Do you think pk playerbase is increasing at all, do you think it is 
        going to increase in future the way things are?
Rhadamanthus - Yes, it is increasing, and whether it's going to increase in the
               future, who knows - pkill here is prone to very sudden, drastic
               drops in players (or increases as the case has been lately).
               Lately it has been active though, we can only hope for more 
               people with the sense of adventure to make a new pkill char.
Artem - Alright, and the last question from me, do you like your position as
        PKC head?
Rhadamanthus - Yes, I love it. I get along with deadlies, they get along with
               me, and I have fun working towards changing an aspect of the MUD
               that needs changing.
Artem - Okay, thank you for your time, it has been a pleasant and interesting
Rhadamanthus - No problem :)

To finish this interview, I've brought forth some questions from other deadlies-

Miyaki - What do you think of the state of pk right now?
Rhadamanthus - I think it is good and getting better, it has a long way to go
               but definitely better than it has been recently.
Todzuallen - Do you have any plans as far as deadly only quests, or working on
             making deadly pk a better experience for everyone?
Rhadamanthus - Yes, I have plans for deadly quests - however, pk specifically
               is best made better by the players themselves. As for quests, 
               it's a secret exactly what I have planned :)
Tij - How can you, supporter of the bourgeoisie dogs who steal our bread so our
      children starve, assist the Glorious Revolution in their quest to save
      pkill, and the mud?
Rhadamanthus - Well I would like to form labor unions, and change the nation's
               currency to make the people's labor more valuable, that the 
               proletariat may benefit.
Kaiashi - ????????????????//////

Rhadamanthus - I blame Kali.
In conclusion I'd like to say, it is very great to have a dedicated and
knowledgeable deadly imm. In the past, the pk community suffered greatly from 
the lack of immortal support, though Rhadamanthus indeed gets along well with 
everyone, and is a great asset to PKC and deadly side of the game in general.

<->                                                                         <->