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Shingo shelters Flareon; Pixie Myths; Life for a Life PART 2

Cry of Despair Issue #33
 Mortal Staff:
 Alendil, Alerious, Alisia, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin, Begaria,
 Conran, DekkatH, Elaria, Elbanon, Goomra, Laine, Loril, Nimue,
 Nitsuj, Odessyus, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo, Thalasian and Trinda
 Mortal Editor: Kuah

 Immortal Staff:
 Elisabet, Kyrnia, Lascivias
 Immortal Editor: Ayesh
 Desk of the Editor

 Feature: All About Pixies!  PIXIE POWER!

 A Life for a Life PART 2  The story continues...

 The Symposium News  News from TS!

 Pagan Pages  What is in the cards for you?

 Quest and Contest  A challenge! and Family Winners!

 Dear Shingo  More Troll issues.

 Group News  Information on DragonSlayers Apps.

 Poet Corner  Apoligies and sleeping alone.

 Funny Bones  Funny Titles and... revenge of Pelmen?

Desk of the Editor . By: Kuah

 Whats the good word? I hope the Realms have been... kind to you.
 We return with another strong issue thanks to the strong support
 of the staff and you, our reader. The feature this issue is a look
 into the Pixie Nation that Shingo had with long time Leader and
 Pixie Godmother, Gwvyrn.

 Returning this issue is part 2 of A Life for a Life, a well
 written tale on the choices of man. We also see the return of
 Quest and Contest! Poets Corner makes a small comeback as well.

 As always suggestions, complaints and submissions from the public
 are welcome. You can post them on the CoD public board on the
 third floor of the Town Hall. (e,s,2u,s,w,s from DarkHaven
 Square), or south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street. Or
 you can mudmail them to me or Ayesh. As always, enjoy and thanks.

 Kuah Cha'Din

All About Pixies! . By: Shingo
     .--;    \              ,
    /    '.   |  ,--._    . ' .
   |       \  \ (  ,-.) --= * =--
    \ /\_   '. \((` .(    '/. '
     )\ /     \ )\  _/   _/ '
    /  \\    .-'\__/--. /_\
   |    \\_.' ,        \/||
   \     \_.-'; _) _)'\ \||
    '.       /`\   (   '._/
      `\   .;  ;   '.
        ).'  )/      \
        `    /        \
               '.|   |
                  \  '\__
                   `-._  '._
                     \`;-.` `._
                      \ \ `'-._\
                       \ |
                         \ )
 Pixie Article            \_\
 with Gwvyrn Nvwls
 By Shingo Solstice

 This is an interview with the Pixie Nation Leader, Gwvyrn Nvwls,
 and in this interview, I decided to ask her about some of the most
 common misconceptions about pixies, and also for some interesting
 facts of the Pixie's way of life.

 Gwvyrn stated that pixies don't usually weigh 30 to 45 pounds.
 They would not be able to fly very well because their wings
 wouldn't be able to support them.

 When they fly, they actually change their mass so their wings can
 support them. Another interesting fact, is that they can change
 size as well. This is how they are able to sit on one's shoulders
 or head without causing the "perch" (a pixie's term for someone
 they like to rest atop of) any discomfort, but they cannot increase
 their size beyond their true biological height.

 If a pixie's height peaks at 1'11, they cannot increase their size
 above that. They can also use their size-changing magic on
 inanimate objects. This is how they are able to fit inside the
 large equipment, made for human-size folk.

 Pixies shed their wings constantly, and these wings are found
 scattered all throughout the Pixie Forest. It is these wing husks
 that the Troll's use for making fried pixie wings. They do not
 actually tear them off the poor pixie.

 "I have many troll friends", states Gwvyrn. "We do not hate Trolls,
 we just tend to dislike stupid individuals, and no entire race is

 Although Pixie and Troll relations seem to be at a low, Gwvyrn
 says that they really aren't all that bad. Gwvyrn also mentions,
 "If there is any race we think is silly, it is mostly the humans
 who are caught up with formal titles and events and such. They
 should really have more frolicky fun, but I have some friends in
 there too".

 Gwvyrn, was very adamant about dispelling a particular myth with
 the pixies. "There is no Pixie Mafia! Pixies are pacifist and
 would not engage in such activities. We would not wish to strain
 relations with others by having some covert force or something.
 We prefer to frolick, and while we do like to frolick often, we
 don't do that all day long".

 "While we realize we are the superior race, being the most
 beautiful and intelligent, and the only one with wings", Gwvyrn
 began, "we are not arrogant. We are very humble about these
 things. We are not elitist as we discriminate against none, and
 interact with all. Pixies have family, friends and in most cases,
 frolicky, significant others from all walks of life".

 "Our language is vocally higher pitched and faster than human
 speak. It can sound like a bunch of birds when there is a lot of
 chatter amongst us. We like to use the word 'frolick' about as
 much as the ancient smurf race liked to use the word 'smurfin'
 when they spoke. You have to look at it in the context to get the

 "Pixie society is matriarchal, however, unlike the drow, this
 does not mean that the women have total control. There is an
 equality of the sexes, it is just that things are seen from a
 matriarchal point of view. Leaders tend to be female".

 And finally, Gwvyrn had an announcement to make about some recent
 changes to the Pixie Council.

 "Keidia has been promoted to the role of Co-Leader of the Nation,
 Ryoko is Head of Trade and Namsar is our Political Advisor.
 Congratulations to all!"

An Eye For an Eye . By: Azrakare

 Groggily i opened my eyes.
 Apon reaching full conciousness my thoughts settled into replaying
 the events that now seemed but a dream. So I belived it was, a
 dream and no more. But as I rose up the wound in my side snapped
 me into reality. It had all happened... or so I thought. I could
 not be sure at the moment.

 Infact, I couldnt be sure of anything. It was too dark. A pitch
 black surrounded me, enhanced in thickness by the smell of
 decaying bodies.

 I was in a tomb! A tomb! Dear gods!
 But wait, I wasnt dead, I knew that. Nor was I dreaming.
 A blast of fresh air penetrated my thoughts. Following my nose I
 came to the sorce of the breeze. A stone door, it was, slightly
 cracked open.

 I gave it a good shove with all my strength and it swung open
 easily enough. Apon exiting the stinking tomb and the graveyard
 which had contained it, I made my way down the familiar road
 leading to the town in which I lived.

 As I stumbled wearily down the path I looked at myself for the
 first time in what seemed like ages. My clothes were tattered and
 covered in blood. My wound, however, was neatly bandaged in clean
 cloth and I could smell the pungent herbs that my savior had used
 as a poltice to keep the infection away.

 I noticed a new addition to the clothing I had worn into battle.
 A belt was slung across my sholder and on it hung a leather pouch
 which jingled with the sound of gold coins. I stopped to look
 inside. There was enough gold in it to make a poor man happy for
 the rest of his life! Of course, this did not shock me. Infact, now
 that I think about it, I dont belive anything has shocked me since
 that day of the battle.

 The dancing light from the lanterns of the town gate now put new
 speed into my steps. Dusk was falling, so I hurried as fast as I
 could through the looming towers of the guarded gates.

 I should go home I thought. And so home I headed. But as I passed
 one of the many taverns in the small city I remembed the huge
 fortune that was now litteraly slung apon me. I gave myself a
 smack on the head to clear my muddled mind.

 Wine, very fine wine, the color of blood.

 The words seemed odd for me to think, as if they were not mine.
 But I payed no attention to the oddness of it all and redirected
 myself from the mucky road to the tavern. Oh, to hear the voice
 of humans again. It was like the angels in heaven singing just
 for me. The din comforted me more than anything had in a long

 I quickly entered the tavern and sat myself down in a secluded
 corner. I pulled what was left of my hood over my head and
 motioned to the serving wench. Warily, she walked over to me.
 'Wine. Bring me wine. The finest red you have. And I want it

 Again I thought the words odd for me to hear myself say, but I
 payed no mind to that.

 The wench gave me a snooty look and said 'Money first, beggar.'
 I opened the pouch quickly and took out 3 large gold coins. I
 threw  them at her in a disgust I had not known before. She gave
 a quick curtsie in my direction and even more quickly picked up
 the coins and scurried off to fetch my wine.

 When it arrived, I poured a glass and downed it in one gulp.
 I poured another and lowered my head, slowly sipping from the
 crystal glass. I did not want to draw attention to myself.

 At least, I didnt want to have to explain anything to anyone at
 the moment. I withdrew into my own mind. I thought of days long
 past, childhood fun and my journey through adolecence.

 My thoughts turned to the present situation soon enough. Almost
 dreamily I thought of myself as the young fool who, at the age of
 only 25, joined up with the band of mercenairies who had been
 hired to destroy the necromancer and his legions of the undead.

 I snorted at my own foolishness. To think that we could have even
 thought we would be sucsessful was madness. I corrected myself.
 Foolishness it was, in the truest meaning of the word. It did not
 matter anymore. Everyone else on that adventure was dead now or
 part of the undead legions. But who cares. I wasnt.

 And so time passed.  With my newly aquired fortune I set myself up
 as the apprentice to the old shaman of the village. Through the
 years we spent together he tought me things about the world that
 I had never dreamed of dreaming. A coward he was, however, and a

 But one lesson he taught for some reason always stuck in my mind.
 'A life for a life', he once said 'is a deal you should never
 make. Beware the old grey one, else you find yourself worse off
 than you started.'

 I thought nothing of the words but they often repeated themselves
 in my head.

 To be continued... the next Cry of Despair.

The Symposium News . By: Shingo

 The Symposium has finally gotten the Subcommittee's in full
 swing and there should no longer be any delays between ideas.
 Of recent ideas passed, we have decided to ask the Immortals to
 change remaining bows that aren't missileweapons,
 to be missileweapons.  As well, it is possible that the Darkhaven
 Weapon Shop, The Daring Attack, will begin to sell a bow at
 all times.

 Anyone interested in The Symposium, but isn't really sure what
 the rules and regulations are, we now have a brand new guide.
 It is complete with all the bylaws and how-to's and what-if's
 that you could need to know. Simply ask any member on The
 Symposium for one.

 That's all there is to report for now.  Until next issue,

Pagan Pages . By: Goomra
          (       "     ) By the pricking of my thumbs,
           ( _  *         Something wicked this way comes.
              * (     /           ___
                 "     "        _/ /
                (   *  )    ___/   |
                  )   "     _ o)'-./__
                 *  _ )    (_, . $$$
                 (  )   __ __ 7_ $$$$
                  ( :  { _)  '---  $\
             ______'___//__\   ____, \
              )           ( \_/ _____\_
            .'             \   \------''.
            |='           '=|  |         )
            |               |  |  .    _/
             \    (. ) ,   /  /__I_____\
              '._/_)_(\__.'   (__,(__,_]
   Come, children, be seated..let me tell your fortune...

 First, an insight into the Tarot. The Tarot is a specialized set
 of cards that have a very long history. The Tarot deck is similar
 to an ordinary pack of playing cards. Both have for suits,
 numbered from ace to ten. In a Tarot deck, these are known as
 the Minor Arcana.

 The Tarot suits are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Unlike an
 ordinary pack of cards, each suit has four court cards, rather
 than three. The King, Queen, Knight and Page, making 56 cards in
 the minor Arcana. In addition to the Minor cards, the Tarot deck
 has twenty-two 'extra' cards, known as the Major Arcana. These do
 not belong to a suit, but they have their own numbers (except the
 Fool), a symbolic image and a title. Many different ways of
 reading them are possible..I am doing the one card for you, to
 predict the immediate future. Enjoy.

 The Mage:
 The Knight of Cups - Offers and opportunities shall come your way
 soon, and a good friend may suddenly make themselves known. The week
 shall be amiable, with enthusiasm being a good feeling to keep
 in mind.

 The Cleric:
 The Devil, Card 15 - Unyielding power, tyranny, lust and greed
 shall enter your life soon. An immovable obstacle that cannot be
 overcome yet may be worked around will be present. Discontent and
 depression caused by overwhelming forces. But there shall be
 unbreakable bonds..

 The Thief:

 The Two of Pentacles - Hard times shall arise, but you will cope.
 Income equals expenditure but the finances are still coming in
 and you will be solvent. Perhaps a cash-flow crisis.

 The Warrior:

 The Emperor, Card 4 - High honour shall be with you. You shall
 finally achieve an ambition! Perhaps an influential man shall
 appear in your life. The Emporer may represent a good family


Quest and Contest . By: Elisabet & Kyrnia

 oyj, yoj etrhe si a sueqt.  Lal hesto ntesdirtee ni rpactiitgnpai
 spelae emte ni het olfoniwgl ormo -  A necef sndrurosu htsi utsyd
 nlmaai epn odvrginip a alpec ot ekpe rseohs nda roeht lasimna uto
 rfmo fuendtoro ni hte lieglva.  Utbil pu ngtaais het abkc lalw fo
 hte eostn shueo ot teh tronh si rae a eeisrs fo ocrvdee nodwoe
 slstal rvpdoniig hetlser ofr nya oshers ahtt rea albsted eher.
 Ni het reenct fo eth noset lawl si a noeowd dwyoaor, nivgig ceascs
 ot het dubinlgi, nad kognoli etsw, oyu stop a tage gvgiin sceasc
 otu toon het rlvgea ayodrwa.  Aiasntg teh seat isde fo hte blestas
 a malsl eowdon fhsedede nasdts, viponirdg gsoater ofr ohers dedfor
 nda hetor sipeupls.  I lwil eb goklion orf oyu no duhstary, yam
 tevlheen ta hetre mp ste.  Mcoe aperdrep orf nuf!

 The Family History Contest Winner!!!
*A history of the Darkraven Family*
In a not so distant past, an honest man, met his true love. So true
their love, that they wed shortly after and the two brought forth into
this world, two lovely ladies. As time passed the girls grew and
learned the ways of the world, under the guidance of their mother
and father. That was until, the gods, displeased with the blatant
honesty of James felt it necessary to rip him from the peaceful world
in which he lived. Not a person ever heard from him again. The two
girls lived as a group for a short while, until the eldest, fled to the
arms of her love Drachenfeld. The youngest one of James' and
Violamarie's love disappeared from the from the realms after a
brief encounter with the gods.

As more time passed, the Family Darkraven flourished and grew
at a rate that could not be matched. Ilianas great generosity was
displayed as she and Drachenfeld took in those less fortunate and
showed them the path to courtesy and righteousness. This now
great family adopted more than fifteen noble heirs, raising their
children in  the ways of their parents, proud to be a DARKRAVEN.

*The Family Tree*
|  |-Cedon
|  |-Mino
|  |-Lina
|  |-Tarmon
|  |-Ryek
|  |-Zandra
|  |  |-Nannuki
|  |-Dacoit
|  |-Karman
|  |-Jasmanna
|  |-Tomalak
|  |-Michale
|  |-Foamfoller
|  |-Alendil
|  |-Frank
|  |-Faya/Vortex
|  |  |-Yanno
|  |  |-Lorel
|  |-Saderax
Dear Shingo . By: Shingo

 Deer Shingo,
 I am having problems with being the brutish troll I really am.
 I try to be mean, but it just doesnt work, Everyone always laughs
 at me. How do you suggest I can get these feelings out? Random
 killing? Beatings? I need help,

 My friend, the answer is all really simple. Take the insults
 these other trolls are hurling at you, and don't react to them...
 yet. After a while, they will begin to see that their attacks on
 you have no effect, and will begin to beat you physically. It's
 at that point, that you take all the rage you've pent up for these
 miscreants and suddenly unleash the fury upon them. The troll
 society will likely see you as a very powerful one, and will
 probably never mess with you again.

Group News . By: CoD Staff

 Attention to all who are interested in applying to Dragonslayers!

 If you have applied recently or wish to apply in the future,
 please note the Induction Council Head (HoIC) is no longer Tobie
 Moonbeam, the INSANE Pixie! The new IC Head is Alisia Moonbeam,
 the CRAZED Cleric! Please make note of this and direct all IC
 related questions towards her.

 Thank you,

Poet Corner . By: CoD Staff

 Tis a sad day, I am writing you, those of you who are still my friends.
 I would like to write a little farewell poem.
 I am sorry.
 I am sorry for the things I have done,
 I am sorry for the things I have said.
 I am sorry for the ones I have hurt.
 I am sorry to the bitter end.
 I will never forgive myself for what I have done,
 I never expect to be forgiven, for the things I did.
 I was trying to gain nothing, by my actions,
 I did not want a thing, all I wanted was peace and happieness between
 the two of you.
 I dont know what came over me, I was not myself.
 I am sorry

 Dedicated to the ones I love.

 Never let yourself be so caught up with the affiars of other people
 that you let yourself become involved. Take this warning to heart. It
 will be the best thing you ever do. You can loose alot of friends
 As I know now.

 Taken from 'Empty' By: Kuah

 The heavy bell rang out a strike of three.
 Out this means in childrens games. Fear it means to me.
 For at that hour does she ride in. Full of lies and breath of gin.
 And I dont want her next to me.

 Yet this morning there is no sound. I hear no vomit splash around.
 I hear no laughter echo out from her lovers and her show.
 For the gate it is still bound and no footprints can be found;
 in the snow. the only thing white in this world: snow.

 So I drift back to sleep. Not a care about my whore.
 I'm sure the filth will be riding in around the toll of four.
 And I just don't care any more...

Funny Bones . By: CoD Staff

 Funny Titles
 Kethrin ridiculed for his love of large buttox.
 Evaine is so lagged she can't tell if she set her title.
 Granville and his amazing exploding hamsters.
 Throm knows that coffee is a dish best eaten with a fork.
 Telemnar the professional DT finder, ask me how!
 Gultar Endymion speaks in the third person as God.
 Thufir:Look, I'm cool. (xyz)[qbe]*DF*(yyz){uts}[smut].

 Walking around the busy streets of Darkhaven, I overheard this:

 Shingo: No, this is not Lambchop's Play-A-Long
 Gwvyrn: Where kids come to play along
 Farthies: come join the imms and slay along
 Gwvyrn: and Fun things are all we ever doooooo

 Revenge of Pelmen? By: Begaria
 I was flying down Horizon road when I accidentally flew right into
 Flareon. She had a look of desperation in her eyes and she clutched
 at my arm and yelled, "PLEASE! Save me from those horrid Lowbies!"

 By the look of her, I knew she was in hysterics. So I took her to
 Dragon Exports and hid her there. I asked her whats the matter and
 she started to sob.

 "Those horrid lowbies. They keep abusing my spells! I tell them to
 wait while I trance, and what do they do?  They keep repeating the
 spell name and I go link-dead! It's so horrible!"

 I calmed her down with a nice hot cup of tea and asked her why she
 was running. "I couldn't take in any more. 2 score, about 40 lowbies
 that is, entered that little road and started to spam me with spell
 requests. I went link-dead 3 times before I got fed up. I started
 to run away when they gave chase! That's when I bumped into you."

 She started to sob again and I poured her another cup of tea,
 thinking of how I could help this poor woman. I mulled it over in
 my mind when I finally came up with an idea.

 "Hey," I said, "why not ask the imms for a bestowment of mpforce?
 I mean, when you have the trance trigger going, if the person says
 a spell name, you can have an mpforce trigger set up and you can
 force them far far away?"

 She quieted down and said, "That's not such a bad idea, but they
 probably won't go for that." She started to sob again, and I poured
 her another cup of tea.

 I sighed and stood up and looked around...when another idea hit me.
 "Why not just ask them to shut up and wait their turns?" I asked.
 She looked at me and said, "Hey...I haven't tried that
 think it will work?"

 "I don't know," I replied, "it better or you can always complain
 to an immortal."

 Pelmen flies in from the east.
 "There you are you little punk, I'm gonna get you back for that
 Seth article."  Said Pelmen.

 Flareon stood up.

 Flareon slays Pelmen in cold blood.
 Pelmen falls to the ground...DEAD!

 "Hey I didn't know you could do that."  I said in amazement.
 "Neither do I....but it made me feel better."  responded Flareon.

 I led Flareon back to her customary spot and I logged off so
 Pelmen couldn't hurt me.

Thank you for reading, from the Society of Scribes!