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Two immortal interviews, Using Character Archetypes

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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 This Month's Special:
   Interview with Odessyus          - Malkatov        CRY3-6
   Interview with Calin             - Vortok          CRY7-13

 Monthly Article     
   Roleplaying With Fire
     Using Character Archetypes     - Alessio         CRY13-18
   Helpfile of the Month            - Annale          CRY19

 Guild News
   Realms of Despair Guilds                           CRY20
   Guild of Mages                   - Hunajaa         CRY21-22

 Nation News
   Quendi (Elf)                     - Annale          CRY23-24
   Gralthai (Gith)                  - Vortok          CRY25
   Uruk'hai (Half-ogre)             - Klaatu          CRY26
   Khazad (Dwarf)                   - Stoneheft       CRY27        

 Clan News
   Maleficae                        - Vortok          CRY28

 Sect News
   Interview with Miguel            - Annale          CRY29-33
   Elghinn D'aron                   - Elghinn         CRY34

 Order News
   Order of Sanctus Irae            - Jurevicus       CRY35-37

 Quest News
   February/March CoD Quest Results - Falennt         CRY38
   April COD Quest                  - Annale          CRY39
   Gladiator II                     - Gonnil          CRY40
   Desktop Wallpaper Contest        - Romani          CRY41

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Reunion 2009                       
     RoD's 15th Year Reunion        - Thoric          CRY42-43
     Reminders for Writers          - Falennt         CRY44

  Cry of Despair Staff
  Ask COE                                             CRY45
  Wanted - DEAD!                                      CRY46 
  Letter from the Editor                              CRY47
  Write for the Cry                                   CRY48
  From Falennt's Inkwell                              CRY49


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 Page 3    \/    Interview with Odessyus - Malkatov

Odessyus tangos into the room, and into your heart.
Malkatov> Alrighty, let's get to know the new Immortal, Odessyus. For those 
reading at home, where does your name originally come from?
Odessyus> The greek hero Odysseus.  They wouldn't auth it, so I had to
misspell it!
Malkatov> When did you first start playing realms?
Odessyus> Man, about 12 years ago.  I actually found RoD on accident through
some weird telnet portal that a person had in an IRC channel.
Malkatov> Given that you've played for so long, has becoming an immortal 
changed your perspective of the game?
Odessyus> So far, it hasn't really changed my perspective about the game or
mechanics or anything like that. But, it's changed my perspective on the 
administration a little bit.

Malkatov> How so?
Odessyus> I was never one of the anti-admin groupies.  The game was fun, so I 
always trusted it was fun because the people who ran the game knew what they 
were doing. But there were always a few things that made me go "zuh?" 
Odessyus> Now that I'm an immortal however, and see how things are run and how
the rest of the immortals think and react, I'm actually a little surprised that
most of the immortals are even more in tune with the game than I originally 
thought, and probably more than other people think. 
Odessyus> Basically, I always trusted them before, but now I guess I feel good
that I was right about doing so :P
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 Page 4    \/    Interview with Odessyus - Malkatov

Malkatov> Are you the new higher immortal punching bag since Calin got promoted
to the next rank?
Odessyus laughs.
Odessyus> I sure get titlejacked at least once a login :P

Malkatov> What activities do you like the most since becoming an imm?'
Odessyus> Well, I was always a builder before (on my own local SMAUG and then 
the RoD mortal port), so it's pretty neat to have my stuff ported over to the 
immortal port and play with all the neat new ways to build things.
Odessyus> I also kind of like being on name-authing duty so far. That was
always one of my (only?) disgruntled-mortal things. So now I can be an imm who
isn't an auth-nazi! :P
Odessyus peers intently about the area, looking for thieves no doubt.
Malkatov> Given your recent self-professed leniency, has there been any crazy
names that even you had to deny?
Odessyus> Tons and tons.  I wonder if those people are actually trying to get 
those names or are trying to give us a laugh. There's a nice big visible line I
won't cross with my self-professed leniency :P

Malkatov> Which immortal activities do you like the least?
Odessyus thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
Odessyus> I suppose I haven't experienced anything horrible yet.  But there are
many more levels with new duties I could learn to hate!
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 Page 5    \/    Interview with Odessyus - Malkatov

Malkatov> What do you hope to achieve as an immortal?
Odessyus> Overall, I'd really just hope to help better the game.  Been playing 
for so long, was time to give something back. 
Odessyus> My secret little goal is to change the sentence "The admin sucks!" 
that you sometimes see, to "The admin sucks!  Well, not all of them." It'd be 
neat if I could reach those people.  They seem like a tough nut to crack.'
Malkatov> Speaking of tough nuts.. Was the decision to leave Baali to imm a
difficult one?

Odessyus seems to agree.
Odessyus> I've been a part of Baali for so long, through the good, bad, worse,
etc. But, my other bazillions of alts didn't have to imm, so they're still safe
and sound in that evil citadel.
Malkatov> Ok, there is an evening ball at Seth's Fortress. Which female mob 
would you take to that ball and why?
Odessyus thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
Odessyus> I can't take Calin?
Malkatov> Why would you take Calin? :P
Odessyus> We're the best couple runners up in the CRY awards! He looks pretty
tight in a dress too.
Odessyus> But, I could always cheat and take Princess Buttercup.  You've seen 
the movie, right? If the mob looks anything like the actress, I'm down.

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 Page 6    \/    Interview with Odessyus - Malkatov

Malkatov> Lastly, anything else you would like to add?
Odessyus> I'd just want to let people know to trust the admin, I suppose,
and keep having fun.  Or start having fun if you weren't previously. And if 
you weren't having fun previously, let me know what you were doing the whole 
time :P

Malkatov> Thanks for the interview :)
Odessyus> Was my pleasure!
You salute him.
Odessyus bows deeply.
Odessyus removes his pants.
Odessyus squishes you between his legs.
Odessyus hastily puts on his pants.
Odessyus laughs diabolically.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Odessyus adjusts his gorgeous red dress and leaves your heart wanting


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 Page 7    \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Calin appears before you in a vision.

Players near you in Kontaur:
| Calin          (Creator)               | Immortals Altar
| Vortok         (Maleficae)             | Immortals Altar
Immortals Altar
As you walk into this room you rub your eyes in disbelief. You are
standing in a huge cavern, but the walls are covered with gold and 
gems of all sizes and color. There is a small altar here, made by the
immortals to pay tribute to those mortals they love and care for. You 
notice a plaque, made of gold with platinum lettering on the wall. The
only exit from this room is a huge golden door to the south. 
Exits: south 
An altar to pay tribute to the wives and loved ones of the gods.
(Creator) Calin will dance the hula in a grass skirt at the next
reunion if we stay in position #1 on Vote now! is shrouded in a demonic

Calin beams a smile and says, "Tada!".

Calin looks at you.

Vortok bows before Calin.

A toffee coated imp dances around yelling 'Can't eat me! Can't eat me!'
Calin exclaims 'thats not mine!'

Vortok puts a toffee coated imp in a pouch made from the skin of Vortok.

Vortok does his best to look utterly innocent.


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 Page 8    \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Vortok> Hello, sir... It was mine! Thank you for coming.

Calin> Greetings!
Vortok> How long have you been playing RoD?
Calin> Hrm about 13 years, I believe.
Vortok> What made you get into a text based RPG?
Calin> on a bored day. got me to download
RoAClient, from there I got to realms randomly.
Vortok> But you've since switched to C/Zmud right?!
Calin> Yeah, I made the switch about 6 years ago I think. I'm now
using CMud.
Vortok> Have you quit at all over the years?
Calin> Nope, I had a 3 month hiatus when I joined the Air Force
(basic training). Since then, I never got burned out/dt'd and went all
emo/found out the girl on here was a man/etc...

Vortok rolls on the floor laughing hysterically. 


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 Page 9    \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Vortok> What was your progression/development like here in RoD? Such
as going from a newb, to a guild, order, leadership positions, etc, and then
finally imming.
Calin> Well, I started playing when I was 16, joined AF when I was 21.
I was hooked by the time I joined the AF. As a newb, I joined the guild of
mages when I was around LvL 26. It took me about 6 months to AV, and it was
the best 6 months of game play, ever. I think that by the time I had av'd, I
had over 400 mdeaths. For the first 2 years I didn't do a lot, which makes me
sad because I missed out on a lot of fun stuff while it was a lot easier to
do. I traded a lot. I got into Baali in my 2nd or 3rd year playing, back in 98'
I believe.

Vortok nods.

Calin> I got interviewed while I was hammered at the 98' reunion. There
were 13 Baali there at that reunion I believe, it was a grand ol time. 
Vortok> They interviewed you in real life, for the MuD? :p
Calin> Yep, I don't remember much though. I was a bit inebriated...
Although, I can imagine the interview. Me boasting with a happy drunken lisp
that I know how to kill sesh and bahmoosh. 

Vortok seems to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Calin> I was in Baali for about 10 of the 13 years I've played I
believe. I immed ...2 years ago?
Vortok> What leadership positions have you help prior to Imming?
Calin> I was Baali Number One for about 5 months from start of leadership
until Imm, that's it.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 10   \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Vortok> Why did you accept the sponsorship to become an immortal?
Calin> Because I think that if a community that has kept me entertained
for 13 years asks me to help moderate it, then if I can contribute in any way,
I should jump at the opportunity to repay them.
Vortok> So why Herald Assembly? To promote more drunken interviews in
real life?

Calin grins.
Calin> Herald Assembly found me, really. All I remember is that I had
taken notice of how we slipped at topmuds and decided to start reminding
people. Then one day Alysira inducted me into HA and told me to keep it up.
Vortok> Are you in any uncoded councils?

An otter arrives from the south.

Calin greets an otter warmly.
An otter slaps Calin.
(Several moments go past...)

Vortok bonks Calin! BONK!! BONK!! BONK!!
Calin raises an eyebrow.
Vortok> Wake up and answer, I get paid for only 30 minutes here :(
Calin> Oh, nah. I do make the Gatorade for the snackroom.
Vortok> I can believe that...


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 11   \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Calin> Most times I help with what I am able at this level. Policing
channels always, authorizations, area checks, buildports, maybe the odd quest.
Vortok> Rumor has it that you want to become a deadly imm, is this true,
and if so why?
Calin> Oh, I am fascinated by PKers, I would really like to see PK
be ...more.
Vortok> Why are you fascinated with PKers?
Calin> They are a particular sort of beast really, most are aggressive
personalities who have such a huge emotional need for love that its beautiful
to watch them talk to each other after a particularly bad/good pk... Raw
emotion n such.

Vortok gets a blank look on his face. 
Vortok> Wtf, we are not emorage!
Calin> Pfft, you genteel souls all need a big ol hug :(. I just like
PK because it's part of the game I never got into. For 13 years I've only
played half of the game as far as I see it, and I'd really like to make PK
another aspect of the game that I could enjoy. This means I will need to
learn a lot about tactics and know when to do a big attack and when to kind
of sit back and quaff.
Vortok> What role would you want to play in the realm of a PK immortal?
Calin> As a PK immortal I'd like to get more involved with creating
balanced PK, which seems to be virtually impossible unless you nerf everything.
Vortok> How would you feel about designing/running PK quests/areas?
Calin> I think that for now, with the PK community not being as large
as it could be, that making a strictly PK area would go unused.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 12   \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok

Calin says in a stern voice, 'I'll be back!'

Calin has transferred you.
                                                       covarG fo mutcnaS ehT
enorht citinarg ,evissam A  .rebmahc ralucitrap siht tuoba slriws cigam kraD
 gnihtoN  .noitcerid hcae ni stsim ywodahs gnitsac ,elddim sti sdrawot smool
   dleh dna derul ylno ,gnol oot rof deniatnoc eb ylbissop nac retsinis siht
                                      ...sevarc ti riapsed dna yresim eht yb
                                                tsew htuos tsae htron :stixE
         ...erugif ywodahs ,evissam a etaerc ot rehtegot lriws stsim tneloiV
                             .ygrene krad fo arua na htaeneb sremmihs covarG
           .semalf gnilkraps dna sdrahs-eci fo xim a yb dednuorrus si covarG

Vortok taps his foot impatiently. 

Calin tells you 'Ok, back. Had to CR someone.'
You tell Calin 'ok.'

Calin has transferred you.

Vortok> Last question, what are your future goals on this MuD?
Calin> To continue to enjoy it, to help introduce new equipment, to
become a better imm and to be sure I stay connected to the mortals. Oh, and
to be able to use the slay command.

Calin laughs diabolically.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Vortok> Level 56 :p

Calin seems to agree.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 13   \/    Interview with Calin - Vortok
Calin> In any event, my bottom line truth for this game is that I will
try my best to make sure I enjoy it and when I can, make it enjoyable for
everyone else. Sorry if I am a lame interview :P

Vortok seems to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Vortok> You won't get promoted off of it, but oh well!

Calin grins.

Vortok> Anything else you'd like to add, a word to our readers perhaps?
Calin> Aside from vote as often as you can, enjoy the game, enjoy the
players and thanks to all for playing, without them, I'd never have had such
fun. I am RoD's biggest cheerleader and stuff.

Calin whips out the pom-poms.

Vortok makes loud retching noises and pukes on the ground.

Vortok whispers to Calin 'You're lame.'

Calin seems to agree.

You shake Calin's hand.

Calin shuts the shower curtain and slowly fades from view, muttering something
about privacy.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

                                Roleplaying With
                      @@@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@
                      @@!      @@! @@!  @@@ @@!       @@@
                      @!!!:!   !!@ @!@!!@!  @!!!:!    !@!
                      @!!!:!   !!@ @!@!!@!  @!!!:!    !@!
                       :       :    :   : : : :: :::  :.:
                     Volume Six: Using Character Archetypes
   The underdog. The rebel. The kingmaker. The champion. The orphan. In the
world of fiction, all of these cliches and many more are used on a frequent
basis, and with good reason. These are character about whom readers like to
read. When written well, they're exciting. When written very well, they're
   In the following pages, I will elaborate on some of the many character
archetypes, what they're about, what makes them exciting, and a handful of
interesting twists that you can use to freshen up the choice a little. So
if you're looking to build a new roleplay character, and don't know where
to start, I implore you: read on!
                               Part I: The Heroes
   Every story, and especially every fantasy story, needs a number of
things to make it really pop. One of these things is a great hero around

Continued... help CRY15


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 15   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

which the story can develop. The hero must at once be exciting, inspiring,
and intriguing, otherwise the reader will likely end up cheering for the
bad team.
   In roleplay, a good hero is equally as important as he or she is in
fiction. You want to have fun, and you can't have fun without a conflict
of some kind: hence the need for a hero and a villain (or a protagonist
and antagonist, if you're the picky type).
   Listed below are a handful of heroic archetypes from which you can
build your own.
                                  The Underdog
   The boy who was picked on by all the other boys, only to grow up into
the powerful champion of a local lord, is a perfect example of the underdog
archetype, also dubbed 'The Unlikely Hero'.
   One of the things that makes this hero archetype so effective is that it
is highly relatable. Many people have played the underdog at least once in
their lives, and it's tough not to cheer for the little guy.
   What are the twists you can put on the underdog? That's a good question,
and one that is not easily answered.
   A lot of people like to blend the Underdog with other archetypes, the
most common of these being 'the Unlikely Hero' (below). While it's not
the most unique of paths to take, it is one example of a spin you could
play on the character.

Continued... help CRY16


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 Page 16   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

                               The Unlikely Hero
   The common soldier thrust into an epic quest to put an end to the evil
tyrant's rule is one example of this archetype. Like the underdog, these
characters commonly face insurmountable odds and overcome them to achieve
   What makes this character type work is not that it's overly relatable,
but rather that it's a common fantasy that most people have to be one.
   One of the most interesting twists that could be applied to this
particular archetype is to make the character morally ambiguous. Perhaps
build a question of morality into the running personality of the character.
Have it hold one or more scruples that are uncommon with the usual reader,
and you force other players -- and yourself -- to think about the character
and his or her overall impact (positive or negative) on what happens.
   It also creates some uncertainty for the end game. How will the hero
turn out? Who knows!

                                  The Crusader
   The crusader needs no explanation. Everything you need to know is in
the name of the archetype.
   By definition, a crusader is not inherently heroic or villainous, but
rather is aligned in direct response to his or her cause. Most of the time,
however, the crusader is labeled as heroic because most often his cause is
one of honor.
   A crusader appeals to use because of his unwavering code of honor and

Continued... help CRY17


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 17   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

his devotion to a specific cause. Whereas most people are incapable of
sticking it out with a cause, through thick and thin, safety and peril,
and so forth, the Crusader not only does this, but he or she does it
with style.
   One of the most interesting twists that a player can use on the
Crusader is the possibility of shaken faith. Some of the greatest of
the archetype face challenges that almost cause them to lose their way;
it is part of the persona. Use that to your advantage and you could be
well on your way.
                                  The Antihero
   Though the archetype was originated much earlier, the term antihero
was coined far later.
   Typically defined as a protagonist with untraditional and usually
unheroic traits, the antihero is the rebel, or the scoundrel, or any
number of other cliches. Instead of purposefully setting out to achieve
some grand, heroic goal, the antihero is commonly chancing upon the heroic
simply by doing something selfish.
   One of the best examples is the man who hunts down a maniacal tyrant
for revenge. He is not setting out to defeat the tyrant because he is
oppressing thousands of people, he is doing so because that man killed
someone he loved. If the greater good and his ambitions just so happen
to coincide, all the better.
   A great way to twist the antihero: perhaps consider making him worse

Continued... help CRY18


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 18   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

than the villain he's hunting. Not only will you draw people into your plot
this way, you'll likely also create fertile ground upon which to build
future plots and roleplay.
   This month, I looked at heroic archetypes and addressed some of the most
common ones for my readers. Next month, I will handle the villains.
   If you'd like to work with one of these archetypes, but don't know where
to start or want some help in development, please write to me! I am more than
happy to help anybody who needs it.
    Until next month, have fun and get roleplaying!
                                                           --April 2009
 Alessio di Rossetti was the leader of Sanctus Irae and has been the
 High Chieftain of the Rukhas'dul for more than a half-decade. If you have
 any comments, questions or concerns relating to this article or roleplay
 in general, feel free to MUDmail him, send him a tell, or write him an
 e-mail at


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 Page 19   \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale

Inspired by the recent RoD awards, each month the Cry of Despair will
showcase a helpfile.  The helpfiles may be selected because of how truly
helpful they are, how not helpful they are, their humour, or just randomly
because we can.
For this month, what better helpfile to choose than: help help
Syntax: help           Displays commands by command type.
        help  help     Displays this help file.
        hlist letter   Displays help file topics by letter.
To find help topics available to you, type hlist. This will give you
a very long list of help files. If you'd like a shortened list, type
hlist a for help files that begin with the letter a. 


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 Page 20   \/    Realms of Despair Guilds

In Realms of Despair we have 11 different guilds all class based.

 Guild of Augurers - The Guild of Augurers takes pride in magic and in 
physical combat. They are the wisest of warriors and the strongest of mages. 
United they stand, to help those in need and to face all adversaries with 

Guild of Clerics - Blessed by the divine powers of the gods, the Guild 
of Clerics is a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who help those in 
despair, offer advice to those who seek it and join in battle where assistance 
is needed.

Guild of Druids - Bringing to the realms the virtues of honour, truth, 
justice, faith, hope, love and benevolence, the Druid Guild is here to serve 
and aid the aspiring Druid avatar and accomplished Druid alike.

Guild of Fathomers - Adept at both physical combat and the magicks of 
the sea, members of the Guild of Fathomers strive to become masters of the 
seafaring arts, while helping new recruits learn and explore their environment.

Guild of Mages - A group of wizened mages in the search for the improvement 
of the self through the guidance of the Guild, and the will of one's mind.

Guild of Nephandi - Mastery of Magicks and Mystery of Evil is what makes 
up the Nephandi way.  The guild is dedicated to teaching its young how to be 
most proficient and skillful at what they do best...Spread Evil.

Guild of Paladins - The Guild of Paladins strive to purge the Realms of 
the darkness that lurks in its most hidden corners, to grant succor to those 
in need, to aid those in jeopardy, and to destroy those with hearts of evil!

Guild of Rangers - The GoR boasts a band of avid explorers who encourage 
the unique combination of camaraderie and independence.  These hapless rogues 
and wanderers of the Realms fight with honour and skill for the sake of 

Guild of Thieves - Stealth, swiftness and secrecy are but a handful of 
the many threads that entwine to form the Art of Thievery. Together, the 
thieves are as one and the Guild is a place to learn the art among comrades 
and family.

Guild of Vampires - Darkness is a part of everything - We are that 
darkness. From the darkness comes a power - That power resides in us. We have 
banded together to help those of us who need aid, to guide those who seek to 

Guild of Warriors - In the GoW, the proud and courageous warriors train 
themselves not only in physical strength, but also in knowledge of battle. 
A fellowship filled with Camaraderie: the GoW, may their blades be ever sharp.


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 Page 21   \/    Guild of Mages - Hunajaa

    =*=*= News from the Guild of Mages =*=*=
                          Page 1/2
Lately, our lovely guild has been run over with lots of new mages. We
welcome you all of course. Some are really new players, some are returning
players and others have discovered our guild for the first time. We, the
Guild of Mages, keep our doors open for every person who is interested in
joining our guild. "Help GoM" explains how you can do so.
There have always been a lot of advantages in joining a guild. Recently, 
there are even more! First and for all, being part of a guild (and GoM 
specifically), you are part of a big family where you can always get some
advice, a nice chat, partners to run, any help you need.

Continued... help CRY22


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22   \/    Guild of Mages - Hunajaa

        =*=*= News from the Guild of Mages =*=*=  
                          Page 2/2

There is also the IGQ in which you can participate monthly, which is one of
my personal favorites. IGQ is not only a way to earn glory, but one of the
most exciting events in RoD where you get to know people you haven't met 
before. Guildees now also have bonuses to spells and skills. Thank you, 
immortals, for that!
You no longer need to be level 20 for joining our guild either. We accept
mages as young as level 15 and we have a council helping even younger
mages. But more on that some time later, perhaps.
This month we wish to welcome the following newest members as Apprentices:
Iohan, Magilus, Nelith, Jordicus, Xandor, Toraal, Majikku.
Love, Hunajaa, GoM journalist.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale

 Smooth Sailing

The first new ships of the Elven fleet have been seen floating gracefully 
through the waters surrouding Irrybis, leaving no wake in their path.  While 
only a few ships are openly sailing, it is obvious that the Elves are not 
ceasing in their construction of a fleet.

 The Elear's Return

With much relief to the Elven community, Elear Israfel has returned to 
Irrybis and has aided in bringing order back to the Island in the absence 
of the Tari and most of the High council.  


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 24   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale & Creemore
Recap Elf Nation Quest March 1st 
Eight brave Elves decided to test their
luck against the fates. After the dust settled
Ecnanysnap came out on top with 3 Queens.   Av Barbarian
Jimothy in second with a pair of Aces       Av Ranger
Sartanis in third with a pair of Kings      Justice
Thanks to all involved in the quest,
Romani for Imm support, QC for the special prize,
and the Questors for making it worth while.
The next quest is set for May 31st (subject to change).
Hope to see more pointy ears taking part in
the fun and games!
Creemore Springs
Annale Firestorm


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/    Gralthai Nation News - Vortok

Voices whisper throughout the Sands of Teracchei...
Unspoken until now, but decided long ago, the Gralthai shall have
nothing to do with the self proclaimed 'king' (K intentionally left
lowercase) of the Free People. Such a notion of 'free' if you obey
is hardly free at all.
We laugh amongst ourselves as we watch the tension between the
nations, the weak who follow in fear and the idle threats/promises
that will never come to pass. The Gralthai shall neither join nor
oppose the 'free' fools, as they pose no threat to our realm.
The conflicts of the outside world are of little concern to us, and
were it not for the endless comedy provided by the developments of
late, these recent events would have gone completely unnoticed.
So said the whispers in the Sands...


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 26   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - Klaatu

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc - News Restrictions Continue
News releases are still needing approval of the Tribal Council before being
made available to the general populace.
Dateline Vast Horizon - Something for everyone
Seek out the various Totems of your race. For those half-ogres lucky enough
to find the spirit of the cave bear, you be rewarded with something special.
Dateline Opallinoc - Spring Equinox Fest
This year's Spring Equinox Fest was somewhat a failure. This was due to the
mobilization of the troops, leaving only the elderly and very young to gather
around the Great Bonfire and partake in the celebration. For some of the
younger tribe members, sent to represent theoir Septs, it was their first
tasting of Meeka's swill. The senior tribe members were much entertained by
this age old rite of passage.
Dateline Tribal Swamplands - Please Sell or Donate Your Unused Lizardman
This project is to keep lizardmen alive for roleplay and end their autodeleting
Do you have a Lizardman character you don't use or use just for storage?
Are you willing to trade the lizard for some other storage? Want to sell
your lizard for gold? Some kind of negotiated deal? Contact Klaatu or Dazamo


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Khazah Nation News - Stoneheft

It seems that the uneventful declaration of war by the fruitfly people upon
us actually has had an effect. Despite there being no evidence of any actual
skirmishes, invasions terrorism or even fly by peeing by the creepy crawlers,
the rumours of potential trouble in our kingdom has lessened our support of the
real wars abroad. News from Juargan's kingdom now has the dwarves outnumbered
in their own mines by the duergar whilst good dwarven warriors scan the sky
for the frivolous rumours of an enemy.
In the good news section, quarries are apparently operating at high volume and
the construction industry is booming. New housing is being built in far-flung
regions and our economy is reaping the rewards.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 28   \/    Maleficae News - Vortok

MM MM  A A  L     E     F       I   C      A A  E
M M M AAAAA L     EEE   FFF     I   C     AAAAA EEE
M   M A   A L     E     F       I   C     A   A E

- Shawn has defeated the mighty Artem
  - Loot: Veil of Divine Wrath, Shroud of Darkness, Phantasma
- Vortok has returned to Maleficae as #1 (Sekmet) 
- Sekmet and Nakor defeat the mighty Feralis Leader, Tsyn
  - 03/17/09 (50) Sekmet vs (50) (Feralis) Tsyn ... Sewer
- Ray (former Pancor) has returned to PK and Maleficae as Dracian
- Roster has been cleaned, as it will continue to be from now on
- Any peaceful wishing to find a home in a clan and try PK are
  welcome to make/buy and Avatar fighter (Vamp, Warr, Thief, Ranger,
  Paladin, Bladesinger) and contact a leader. Leadership reserves
  the right to deny anyone membership for any reason
- Maleficae would like to host the next PK Quest, anyone with any
  ideas or input should contact Vortok via tellslantalk/mudmail
  - Expect the quest sometime near the end of April

Updated Mar 30, 2009 @ 1711 CST by Vortok


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 Page 29   \/    Interview with Miguel - Annale

Annale> With the introduction of sects, I thought it would be good to get some 
opinions from those who have enjoyed this new player-lead organization.

Annale> So I noticed that you are the leader of the Sect Pandamonium.  I was
wondering what made you decide to start the sect?

Miguel> Well, I thought sects, being player-run organizations are pretty 
cool, so I decided to give it a go. In addition, getting to pick your own name
for an organization is pretty awesome.

Annale> Lol, very very true.  So why Pandamonium?

Miguel> It's a cute play on words.

Miguel> I was delightfully surprised when the Imms decided to authorize it :p
Annale> How would you compare being in a sect to being in another organization?

Miguel> It's like being in any other organization, really.

Miguel> The only difference I can tell as of now, is that I get to choose who 
to invite :p  Whereas if you're in an order or a guild, there's a standard 
procedure to induction, usually.

Annale> Ha!

Annale> How would a newbie go about joining your sect, or perhaps less 
specifically, a sect in general?

Miguel> I think all they have to do is to approach the leader, and it is up to 
each leader to determine who is worthy, I suppose

Continued... help CRY30


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30   \/    Interview with Miguel - Annale 

Annale> Would you say that sects are at a disadvantage from other coded 
organizations because of the lack of imm support? (IOQ/IGQs, IGPK, etc)
Miguel> No, I wouldn't say so.  The only only disadvantage I see is the lack
of noteboards as well as huge storage rooms.

Miguel> In terms of quests, it's up to the players to participate in them, if 
you don't quest, you won't quest even if you're in all the organizations.

Annale> Touche

Miguel> And if you do quest, you'll be making all the IOQ's and IGQ's

Miguel> And, I haven't seen any IGPK's in the past 2 years or so =P

Miguel> Would you like a tour of our fortress of bamboo?

Annale> That would be awesome!

Annale> After a lovely tour of the Fortress of Bamboo, I learned a great deal
about the resourcefulness inherit in this sect.  Between creatively using the 
room desks as a noteboard, a comprehensive bot for donations and potions 
(created by Marle), and an awesome Panda pet saved from the poachers at the 
National Olympics, the sect enjoys all the basic comforts of any other coded
Miguel> The only problem we run into is the fact that each room holds 2000 

You nod your head in understanding "Ahhh yes..."

Continued... help CRY31


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 Page 31   \/    Interview with Miguel - Annale 

Miguel> So we have to keep an eye on the containers so they don't run out of

You nod solemnly.

Marle> Im working on that, with auto-brewers =(

Miguel nods solemnly.

Miguel> So as you see we function just like any other organization.

Miguel> I am quite mkill-oriented, so this is how we've set up this sect.

Annale> Minus the shop mobs and repair mobs that other orgs get, you really 
aren't lacking anything here.

Miguel nods solemnly.
Pizanda> NOPE.
Miguel> In RB, I don't really use repair mob there either :P We use Jokaan.
Continued... help CRY32


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 Page 32   \/    Interview with Miguel - Annale 

Annale> So that leads me to my last question: What changes are you hoping 
sects get in the future, if any?

You watch Miguel gaze thoughtfully into space while rubbing his chin.

Pizanda> None.  They are working as intended.

Miguel> Welllll!

Miguel> I understand that TS has some nice ideas going through.

Miguel> Having a 'who pandamonium' command would be nice.

Miguel> Also, if we could pool glory together as a sect to help upgrade our 
potions room. That'd be neat, too
You nod solemnly.
Miguel> I'm probably hoping for too much if I ask for a dh-trans room or a 
noteboard. So I'm going to stop here

You laugh.
Annale> You'll never know if you don't ask.
Miguel grins.

Continued... help CRY33


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 33   \/    Interview with Miguel - Annale 

Annale> I wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat with me, and for 
showing me your fortress!

You beam brightly at him.

Miguel> Welcome

Annale> Any last thoughts or comments you'd like to add?

Miguel> Yes!

Miguel> I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity, I'd like 
to thank my parents for supporting me, and all my fans out there for buying 
my records




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 Page 34   \/    Elghinn D'aron News - Elghinn

As time passes in and out of divine favor we fall
Some times never realizing we had it at all
We live lives looking for things sublime
Sometimes losing ourselves in lucks chime
But for the drow nation and the knights of death
An alliance of evil that could rival lord seth
For we now stand in the favor of the beloved of lloth
Never again will we allow ourselves to fallith
Enemys of the high matron run away in fear
For when she calls your death will be near
-Elghinn D'aron


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 35   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Jurevicus

 The Sanctus Irae                                                 
   ***   *** *********  ********    *******  ***       *******    
   ***   *** *********  *********  ********  ***       ********   
   ***   *** ***        ***   ***  ***  ***  ***       ***   ***  
   ********* ******     ***  ***   ***  ***  ***       ***    **  
   ********* ******     *******    ********  ***       ***    **  
   ***   *** ***        ***  ***   ********  ***       ***   ***  
   ***   *** *********  ***   ***  ***  ***  ********  ********   
   ***   *** *********  ***   ***  ***  ***  ********  *******&D    
      First Edition             -----             Volume One
                    Blood in the Streets of Irae!&D
    The Usurper of Irae, Jurevicus Galilee, was brought to his
   proper justice last month, following a bloody battle between the
   Iraenian guard and his loyalist Crimson Hand forces.
      The conflict started in the Dock Faire, where a number of
   guards under the command of a new captain engaged ten Crimson Hand
   soldiers who were attempting to use their newfound authority for
   less-than-benevolent ends.
      The guard, enraged by Jurevicus's continued disobedience of
   Iraenian law and his willingness to employ vagabonds and brigands
   as his personal bodyguards, carried the fight through the streets

Continued... help CRY36


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 36   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Jurevicus

   to the Galilee Estate -- formerly the Villa di Cameratti -- and
   launched what could best be described as a seige against the
   home of Jurevicus.
      Carnage ensued, leaving many men -- Crimson Hand and Iraenian
   guard alike -- dead in the Estate's magnificent courtyard. And,
   though it is unclear precisely how it happened, a blaze had started
   during the fight and quickly rose to consume the entirety of the
   Villa, leaving it in smoking ruins.
      Most, if not all, of the Crimson Hand were executed, and the
   Usurper was captured and brought before Alessio di Rossetti, the
   rightful Marquis of Sanctus Irae, for justice. &D
                Grisly Discovery in the Poor Quarters&D
      An unidentifiable corpse was discovered near the Moon Raven in
   the Poor Quarters recently, maimed and butchered in what must have
   been a deliberate assault against the individual.
      Given the unrecognizable condition of the body, it is impossible
   at this time to tell what the motive for the killing was, let alone
   anything else.
      Anyone who may have information pertinent to the case is asked
   to contact the city guard as soon as possible.
                  High Chieftain Drah'zi Visits Irae&D
      High Chieftain Vokith Drah'zi of the Rukhas'dul people has

Continued... help CRY37


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 37   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Jurevicus

   recently returned to the City of Irae to pay a visit while on
   vacation from Mount Krozloy.
      Allegedly weary after his encounter with Kragash Bonehewer and
   the subsequent Pixie invasion of Krozloy, the High Chieftain was
   seen wandering across the Realms, visiting many places on his path.
      One of these places was Irae. Originally arriving with a net
   filled with fish, he traded those fish for a strange device which
   had been designed many years prior by the Professor of Illusory
   Magics in Valdislav Conservatory, Montesquieu. The device caused
   much havoc and amusement in the Inn.
      It is rumored that the High Chieftain has since commissioned
   a small privateer vessel which commonly sails from Irae to ports
   unknown, to ferry him back to Darkhaven.
                   Bishop Kondeh Promises Salvation&D
      In light of all the death and chaos of the past several
   months, Irae's newest religious representative, Bishop Abner Kondeh,
   has been giving a number of sermons and speeches to the people of
      Promising salvation to all who see the error in their ways and
   convert to the Common Faith, Bishop Kondeh preaches that those who
   do not will find only death and damnation in life.
      It is a radical stance which, judging by the number of individuals
   have since converted to the faith, is working.
      Though the exact number of converts is unknowable, the
   prominence of the faith on the streets of Irae is becoming evident.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 38   \/    February/March COD Quest Results - Falennt

 Answers for February/March COD Quest

(There is no Edo. Almost everyone missed out either Olympus or Umbrageous)

The winners in order of correct answers, and earliest timing are :
Graet, Jethren and Loijinn. Congratulations!

Consolation prizes go to Vukodlak, Smee and Jaxxon.

 Please contact Falennt for your prizes at your earliest convenience.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 39   \/    April COD Quest - Annale

tararrrtrerere   How many times can you find the word Easter 
eastereeeeeeee   In the word find on the left?
sesastssssssss   Mudmail your findings to Annale by April 28th.
eastereeeeeeee   The three people with the closest number found win!
atseseastersee   Good luck!!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 40   \/    Gladiator II Results - Gonnil

Gladiator II was held April 4th, and there was much death and slaughter, as well
as fun had by all.
Results of the Gladiator II event were as follows:
Taqqiya Maliss: 5 wins, 0 losses
Wismar Kapit: 4 wins, 1 loss
Varokk Drukk: 3 wins, 2 losses
Lonsmamaivuh Stokes: 2 wins, 3 losses
Kasel Bratac: 1 win, 4 losses
Ellen Nazario:  0 wins, 5 losses (Nazario was a no-show)
Congratulations to Taqqiya and Maliss, our new Gladiator champions!  They
received a custom piece of equipment for their efforts.
Watch for more Gladiator style events in the future.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 41   \/    Destop Wallpaper Contest - Romani

Minimum requirements: 
1.  Is your original work
2.  Contains the following information
     "Realms of Despair"
3.  Either bmp or jpg format.
4.  The Realms Motto: "Endless Medieval Enjoyment"
5.  Use either (or both) sizes: 1024 by 768, 800 by 600
6.  Images may use any other elements from the game to aid in your
7.  Images will be judged on the above elements and voted on by the 
    immortal community. 
8.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place and be posted on
    the website for download. All entries become the property of RoD
    and may be used for advertising and distribution purposes. 
9.  Images are to be emailed to
10. Images will not be returned. Please keep this in mind when 
    sending in submissions.
Email entries to: no later than April 31, 2009.
For an example of previous works submitted, look under "wallpapers" on the
Realms of Despair website.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 42   \/    15th Annual Reunion - Thoric

Merry tidings to all of the Realms!
The time of our annual Faire approaches, and this year we shall be celebrating
fifteen years since the Realms of Despair first opened its gates to everyone!
This is to be a very special celebration -- one which we hope that everyone
who has always wanted to come to a reunion will be able to join us along with
everyone who has ever attended in years past.
The theme of this year's reunion will be one of reflection... reminiscing back
on all the days of old and the history of the Realms of Despair, as well as
past reunions.  We encourage each and everyone to submit their favourite tales
and personal accounts of yesteryear.
As always, but especially this year, we need to assemble a committee to assist
with planning this year's festivities.  Please don't hesitate to contact me:
-Thoric (

The Reunion note board is located in Darkhaven (3w of DH[]).


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 43   \/    15th Annual Reunion - Thoric

         R  E  A  L  M  S     O F     D  E  S  P  A  I  R
             F I F T E E N T H   A N N I V E R S A R Y
                      ____   ______ __   __    
                     |_   | |    __|  |_|  |--.
                      _|  |_|__    |   _|     |
      ______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ 
     |   __ \    ___|   |   |    |  |_     _|       |    |  |
     |      <    ___|   |   |       |_|   |_|   -   |       |

                           Reunion 2009

Join us on the weekend of July 30th through August 3rd at Bingeman's
in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to celebrate the history, the fun and
the merriment of Fifteen Years of the Realms of Despair!  There will
be good times to be had by one and all!  Try not to miss it!

The _one_ to come to!  This party will be like no other!  Save your
pennies and book off a day or two.  This event is not to be missed!
Feel free to read the Reunion Note Board located 3 west, south of DH[]

If you know you are coming, please RSVP!
Also see the Facebook event:

See also: Help Reunion Hotels, Help Reunion Committee
          Help Reunion Directions, Help Reunion Events, Help Reunion Travel,
          Help Reunion Camping, Help Reunion Auction, Help Reunion Donations.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 44   \/    Reminders for Writers  - Falennt

Writers for the Cry of Despair Issue 135, Feb/March, please contact Falennt
at your latest convenience for your payments.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 45   \/    Ask CoE


           ###     ######  ##    ##     ######   #######  ########
          ## ##   ##    ## ##   ##     ##    ## ##     ## ##
         ##   ##  ##       ##  ##      ##       ##     ## ##
        ##     ## ######   #####       ##       ##     ## ######
        #########       ## ##  ##      ##       ##     ## ##
        ##     ## ##    ## ##   ##     ##    ## ##     ## ##
        ##     ##  ######  ##    ##     ######   #######  ######## 

  If you had a chance to ask the Council of Elders something about
  gameplay, what would you ask?
  Do you want to know when we are going to have pasta somewhere?
  Do you want to know why thief mobs only keep a percentage of what
  they steal?
  Or do you want to know something else?! If so, mudmail Falennt or Linda with
  your questions today! 

 See HELP MUDMAIL for information on how to write a note and mail it.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 46   \/    Wanted - DEAD!

  |                      ___  __  _        /
   |    |   |  /\  |\  |  |  |   | \      |    
   |    | x | :__: | \ |  |  |-  |  ;     |     The CoD Staff
   |    |/ \| |  | |  \|  |  |__ |_/      |     invites any deadly
   |                                      |     to post a bounty on
   |    /""""""""""""""""""""""""""\      |     another deadly.
   |    |     :   ,''"((") |       |      |    
   |    |     |  /         |       |      |     You set the bounty
   |    |     ,-: .*"    "*;       |      |     and the number of 
   |    |     ;    (o)  (o)|       |      |     bounties you are
   |    |     `-.      ,   |       |      |     prepared to pay and
   |    |       :     ___  '       |      |     Falennt    
   |    |       |`.   -   /        |      |     can collect the  
   |    |     _.:  `-.__.'         |      |     skived skin of your 
   |    | ,-"'"  `-.__.-''*-._     |      |     target from bounty 
   |    .-----------DEAD-----------.      |     hunters. You may also
   |    _   __              _   _         |     share your reasons
   |   | \ |   |   |   /\  | \ | \        |     for wanting the target
   |   |_/ |-  | x |  :__: |_/ |  ;       |     dead.
   |   | \ |__ |/ \|  |  | | \ |_/        |     The cost of this
   |______________________________________|     service is 1 million
0=(________________________________________)=0  gold coins. The Cry of
                                                Despair may also award
                                                successful bounty hunters
                                                with additional gold!
(Thank you Romani for the Ascii art) 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 47   \/    Letter from the Editor

Greetings Readers!

With the Cry's snazzy new look has come a couple of new editors! We're 
hoping to get the Cry out on time and to bring some new and fun stories!  
On that note, I do apologize for the tardiness of this issue.  I'd like to ask 
all writers, both staff and freelance, to please have their submissions posted 
on time.

Remember, the deadline for submissions is the 25th of each month.  Thank-you!

With that, if you have any ideas or want to write for the Cry, feel free to 
send us a mudmail, tell, or post on the CoD's Public board in Town Hall!

Thanks for reading!

Annale Firestorm


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 48   \/    Write for the Cry!

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would like 
the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the immortals 
can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt for more information.

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you would 
like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel free to 
speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 4 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If your passion
is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest. 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 49   \/    From Falennt's Inkwell - Falennt

Dear Readers

I would like to welcome our new Editor, Annale, for bravely taking up the 
reins to diligently work on the monstrosity we affectionately call the Cry 
of Despair.

As some of you may have noticed, the Cry is now a bi-monthly publication 
and this move is made so that we are able to bring you reports with more 
quality and information. Any feedback or suggestions regarding our change can 
be mudmailed to either Falennt or Annale.

And as always, enjoy the read. :)