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Vortok's Eight Gates; Fiebin: Desert of Despair, still worth exploring?

    Cry of Despair, Issue 94                                    April 2005

                  - Happy Easter!                               - by Babui
                  - Desert Of Despair - Still Worth Exploring?  - by Fiebin
                  - Lessons From The Headmaster: Aliases        - by Karkarov
                  - The Eight Gates                             - by Vortok
                  - Nations News                                - via Romani
                  - Order News - Sanctus Irae                   - by Aslan
                  - Deadly News                                 - by Vortok
                  - PKill Conclave/CoE Rulings                  - by Vortok
                  - The Worst PK Bug Ever!                      - by Vortok
                  - Wedding Congratulations                     - by Babui
                  - A Game Of Chance                            - by Babui
                  - Poem Contest Submissions                    - by Aragon
                  - Room Description Contest                    - by Aslan
                  - Cry of Despair Quest
                      -  February's Quest Results                 - by Alysira
                      -  March's Quest                            - by Alysira
                  - From The Quill Of Alysira                   - by Alysira


      Happy Easter!                                           by Babui

    ... | | .................... |  ....................
   :    |_|  _   _   _           |_   _      |_ _  ,__  :
   :    | | / | | \ | \ / |      |   / |  /\ | / ) |  ` :
   :    | | \_|_|_/_|_/_\_|  ___ |__ \_|_/ /_|_\/_/|    :
   :           |   |      |.'()o`.                      :
   :           |   |    .|O o _()`.                     :
   :                   /_) o (_) o \                    :
   :                  /o  ()  o_ O(_\                   :
   :               .--._O   o (_) O _.--.               :
   :              /`--._`-.O () o.-'_.--'\              :
   :          .-=-.     `-.\.==./.-'    _|              :
   :        .'     \_    --')  (`--     .---.           :
   :     __.|    p )_\ _.--/`=='\--._ _/     `.         :
   :_.-''          /--'()o/   |  `.O /_( q    |.__      :
<`'     ..._    <'  \O o/    |    `o/ \          ``-._  :
 `._ .-'    `.  |    `o/     |\     `  `>    _...     `^>
  ; `.    .-'  /      / .-.  |o\   ___:.|  .'    `-. _,'
   :\  `--'  _.'     /,' `-`.|-'\ |      \ `-.    ,' ;  :
   :.`"..."'% _ ..................\|.......`.  `--'  /. :
        \__ |`.                           _ 7`"..."'
        /`.                               ,'| __/
--Babui d'Mortem--


      Desert of Despair - Still Worth Exploring?              by Fiebin

Desert of Despair - Still worth exploring?

Personally was one of my favourite areas before its quest was nuked. The lack
of explorational efforts in the area was speculated to be one of the main
factors for the quest's removal. Only a dozen or so adventurers investigated 
the mystery below the sands. Perhaps we should take this as a lesson and 
strive for greater co-operation.

The area was amongst the most challenging and novel, hightlighted by the 
various distractions to the main quest. A copy of the walkthrough for the 
main quest may be available on the forum or from the older players. It will 
give explorers ideas on puzzle solutions for future and current areas.

So is it worth exploring now, with the main quest removed? Although clearly
not as captivating, there are still some neat items to be acquired. Start off
by looking for the pick axe, the lightest shovel in game, especially handy 
for digging in the sands. Some extremely unique items can be found here, 
anvils, shutters, veils, dolls, treasures...

Try looking for the odd wooden sculpture and figure out how to open the metal
box. If you have a house and want to impress all your guests, the giant 
golden statue is a must. Whilst your there, you might as well snatch up a 
thobe and thin-rope belt for your leveling collection. I'm not even sure 
whether Kaerell still sells the anklets, hopefully he will be changed for 
the better. If none of this interests you, then you can try the explorers 
challenge below:

     Where are the rusted field plates located?
     Which item has 'May sleep bring you peace' in its description?
     How much does the golden statue weigh?
     Are the camels mountable?
     What do the etchings say?
     Where is the clue for the passage through the maze? (hint: the cook's
     Visit the ghost of Abdul, what have you learnt?
+ Fiebin R'aw + Hobbit Power!


      Lessons From The Headmaster: Aliases                    by Karkarov

This month's lesson is pretty simple, basically I want to give you some great 
ideas for the user of aliases .. that is the built in alias command.

The number of aliases you can have is unfortunately limited to only 10, it is 
therefore important that you make good use of the few you are allowed.

There are two things you need to ask yourself when deciding which aliases to 

       "What do I type lots of ?"
       "What do I type more than once, is complicated and I need to get
       "right every time ?"

For me, the answer to that first one is: q heal extra. Now, I really do not 
like typing too much, especially in the pressure of a fight, so the alias I 
use is 'qh':

       alias qh q heal-potion extradimensional-portal

Alright ! You boys can stop giggling now :), I shall explain.

Most objects in the Realms have at least 2 keywords. Brewed heals (the sort 
the vendor bots sell), have 3 keywords 'flask','potion' and 'heal'. A heal 
scroll also has 3 keywords: 'scroll','scribing' and 'heal'

Not everyone carries heal scrolls with them, but some do for special reasons 
and there are many other items which will match the keyword 'heal'. The result
is that if you simply try to 'quaff heal' from your container you get a 
message something like:

 You bring a heal scroll up to your mouth and try to drink from it..

...  and then you die for lack of healing.

A similar situation crops up with the container. My usual problem is that I 
can't be bothered typing 'extradimensional' every time and I abbreviate that
to 'extra'. Unfortunately, the keyword 'extra' matches the item 'a packet of
eel extract'. The end result is that you fail to heal once again thanks to 
keyword confusion. I have found a similar problem with 'portal', since the 
mages's portal for travelling has the same keyword. (nb. quaffing seems to be
clever enough to ignore travelling portals, but 'get' still gets confused 
thanks to the portal keyword).

The result is, that I recommend using at least 2 keywords for each item you
mention in an alias, and join the keywords with a dash '-'.

I feel the real beauty of using aliases is that you can use the same alias on 
different characters but you can vary the function performed. To any of my 
characters, 'qh' always means heal. On a level 2 character I set my 'qh' 
alias to:

 alias qh q glowing-maroon-potion shop-bag

Then as the character grows up, I change the alias, for example:

 alias qh q glowing-purple-potion basket

Now, I don't need to remember which character I'm playing, which heal they 
are using, nor which container they are carrying. Heal is 'qh', that is all I
need to know. For mana I use 'qm', this can be either quaffing a glowing-blue
potion from my container or even eating a qu'ari spice .. but whichever char
I am on 'qm' gives me mana :)

In a similar vein, I make aliases 'qt' for true sight, 'qs' for sanc, 'ef' 
for eating food and 'df' for drink from a spring: 
    alias df drink mystical-flow

Another class of aliases I use are for those things which are long to type 
but need to be got right. A typical example, is my hometown tage phrase:

    alias ht   tell tage the glittering sands call my name

Again this is different for each character, but 'ht' will send them on their
way to their hometown.

Finally for those if us who from time to time are tell-spammed and fear 
xtelling our secrets to the wrong persons ... Set up an alias to 'tell
person', for example:

   alias tv  tell karkarov

Now you can enjoy an enlightening conversation with me without fear of 
xtelling your darkest secrets to anyone else. Rather than using 'reply', or 
'retell', simply put in 'tv', for example:
   tv Hi karkarov, Great article this month !

That's it for this month's lesson, I hope this stuff is going to be really
useful and make your Realms life a little more manageable.

Vikktor Karkarov
The Headmaster


      The Eight Gates                                         by Vortok

They say I lived my life honorably.  Some would say I was one of the weak 
leaders, others would say being a leader requires a lot more than physical 
strength, but all would agree that my life was noble enough that the God's 
could have been more lenient with my death.
I can remember it as if it were yesterday, in fact... it was.  Max, otherwise
known as Maxivik was laying on the floor when I returned to Dungeons de 
l'Excordis from my long journey to the Pkill conference held in the Mountains
of Desolation 3 days prior.
"What in Aylssa's name are you doing naked?" I asked as I reached down and 
helped him to his feet.  "Where are your belongings?"
He slowly looked at me with disappointing eyes and replied "I... uh, went to 
the Tomb of the Sleeping Demon... I know you told me never to go alone, but I
was sure I was strong enough," his head dropped and his tone lowered, "Or so
I thought..."

It was too late to be angry.  All I knew is that by some miracle The Gods saw
fit to resurrect him, and now it was up to me to help him regain his 

"So, who killed you?  Mayes?  The Dark Shade?  Corruption?"  I said every name
that I could think of, except one, there is no way he would have tried to 
fight the Sleeping Demon himself.
"Naler..." He said, "I almost..."
The fire in my eyes motioned him to say no more.  As my luck would have it, 
he went alone to fight Naleriathek, the Sleeping Demon, and it was from there 
that we would have the displeasure of retrieving his corpse.
"What where you thinking?!" I replied as my blood began to boil with 
frustration, "Do you have any idea how difficult this is going to be to undo 
your mistake?"
He didn't reply, and I really didn't expect him to as nothing he could say 
would change the inevitable...  We were going to wake the Sleeping Demon, and
there was a good chance that we will both end up as he did moments before I 
walked in.
"Let's stock up" I said firmly, "We need to get going if we are going to get 
your corpse back"

Naleriathek, though not the hardest of villains in the realm, was still a bit 
much for two people, so I sought out the aid of my dear friend, Malador of the
Maleficae to aid us on this mission. He quickly accepted granted he was able 
to retain the rewards of the kill... the Aura of Darkness, talisman of the 
Sleeping Demon.
We sought out the worthless beggar that wonders through the streets of the 
Umbragious Ruins (otherwise known as pk town), for he was the only one who 
could grant us access to Naleriathek's tomb.
With the assistance of the beggar, we made our way to the Forest Of Mar 
Territh, beyond the swamplands of Mahntor.  After a brief search we found the 
monastery, and snuck past the Dark Shade that guarded the front door.
We made our way through the ruined monestary and down the dark staircase
leading to the tide pool.  After a brief swim through the blood filled waters,
we emerged into a large courtyard.
"Halt!" a voice yelled from the shadows.

We turned to face the direction of the voice just as the Second Shade leaped 
after us with his venomous fangs.
The battle was brief, for the Second Shade was powerless against us thanks to 
the protection spells and blessings the clerics in our clan enchanted us with.
Malador swung the finishing blow as he MASSACRED the Second Shade with an 
aggressive circle.
We pressed forward, onto the catacombs and down the thin hole leading to the 
Demon's chamber.  As I descended my heart began to accelerate.  The 
temperature of the tunnel rose dramatically as my descent the closer I got to 
the dim light at the tunnels end until finally I reached the bottom, looked 
up, and saw...
The Eight Gates
You have entered the abode of Naleriathek, the Sleeping Demon,
and as you walk closer to a mass of black coal, you see with horror
that it is in fact skin, and that the sleeping demon sleeps no longer.
Exits lie in almost every direction, and as you gaze down each of them
all you can see is a long, narrow corridor, of pitch darkness.
Exits: north east south west northeast northwest southeast southwest 
The guardian of the choices awakens as you invade his home.
Naleriathek is engulfed within a blaze of mystical flame
The corpse of Maxivix lies here in it's last stages of decay.

There was no time to waste, Max was about to lose everything he has faught so 
hard to get, and I wasn't about to let that happen.
"I'm going in!" I yelled, as the tunnel was too thin for more than one person 
to enter at a time.  I knew my backup was soon to follow.
The battle was rough, I was gouged as soon as I engaged the foul beast.  As 
my ill fortune would have it, my true sigh spell wore off just in time to 
receive 2 rounds of the gouge lag.
A few moments passed and my vision returned just in time to watch Maxivik 
recover his items from his corpse, and flee to safety.  I looked at Malador 
who appeared to be thinking the same thing as me, we had to get out of there. 
There was no way that only two of us were going to take down Naleriathek. As 
I relaxed my battle style to make a hasty mistake, Naler began beating on 
Malador.  Naler utter some incantation and Malador's luminous aura was 
dispelled from his body following a bash that left him disabled.  I tried to
fight more aggressively to distract his attention, but it was useless.

Naleriathek's blast of gas shattered Maladors body into a hundred pieces, and
left me near death.  I fled from combat as fast as I could.  As I ran down one
of the eight corridors leading out of Naleriathek's chamber, I heard him 
laughing in the distance behind me.  Moments later he appeared out of 
You flee head over heels from combat!
Naleriathek says 'Fool.. you cannot escape me so easily!'
Naleriathek utters the words, 'qagwag gpuyh'.
Naleriathek utters a few arcane words of power, bending the fabric of
the cosmos.
Naleriathek's shifting cosmos hits you!
(a Helm of Shattered Skulls gets damaged)
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
Everything begins to fade to black...


      Nations News - Gith and Sea-Elf                        via Romani

*Written on fine canvas with gold trim borders around the edges*
This month has seen a disturbance in the shadows of the afterlife as it is 
being said that Excane has risen for the grave, although these stories have 
not been proven fact yet. In other news our trade with other nations has 
increased which is a good sign for ending hostilities.

*Signed with the seal of the blue rose*
King Aslan de Rotheschilde
OOC News: Excane and Goomra are now both nation seconds.

Vedai Aerandiri,
I am sad to say I'll be leaving you temporarily to travel the lands in search
of magic artifacts to help our nation.  These past few months I have been
reading up upon books in the White Tower, and have rarely come out.  I am
sorry for this.  I am glad to say that one of the best rien our people have
ever had, Faya, is coming to take my place.  There is going to be a ceremony
for the transference of powers soon.  I invite you all to come.  All nation
leaders are also welcome to come.
Uelma Gendalf
*OOC* Vocab; Rien means queen, Uelma is a title for sea-elf leaders.


                        The Restoration of Unity: Part I
  As the bitter chill and dense snow of winter begins to fade away in the
Valley of Krozloy, the decimation that was left behind by the rebels melts
in a similar matter. Where had they gone? What would be left for the
Il'Khan people?
  Now an Il'Khan, the self-proclaimed "Lesser Chieftain", has assumed the
throne long coveted by the people of the nation, and the ancestral home of
the Il'Khan has begun to restore itself. Farms are being developed much
like the mighty stone walls which once again stand, proudly defending
the Valley's borders from attack. The Il'Khan militia is reformed, and
plots to reconfigure the government are in the works.
  Logging is on the rise once more, as the half-orcs return with axe in
hand to the forested patches in the mighty Mount Krozloy's shadow. Stone
mines are re-opened to fuel the development of new defenses, and to
construct towers.
  But the gold veins that the Il'Khan had been harvesting have long since
been completely emptied, a sign that the rebellion had not left Krozloy
  A new dawn has come for the half-orcs of Krozloy.


       Greetings all Hobbits,
I have good news for all of us. Poor Fiebin was found just in time. As I 
suspected he had been led astray but a woman. A clue for all hobbits in the 
future, if the woman you love has an oven big enough to cook you in, that 
might be what she intends to do. Fiebin has recovered from his ordeal of being
kept in an oven and plans on staying much closer to home.
       Also we would like to be on friendly terms with all nations but i must
urge caution, if someone seems overly interested in your feet, Run!
       Progress is continuing to be made in our search for a place to grow 
more crops and expand our territorys. I will update you when I have news.
Peace and Hairy Feet to you all,
      sincerely your Thain Zasperlyn.

For those of you who would like to be a part of history, we have plenty of
openings for differant jobs. One of which is role-playing which lasts only a 
half-hour and can be quite hilarious and fun, or a bit of a mystery.
Just write me a mud note and let me know if you would like to be part of the
We are collecting role plays as well so there is need of an editer of them as
             Take care all of you,


From the Opallinoc News Bureau -
Dateline Opallinoc: Vernal Equinox Fest
This years festival has many fingers pointing at Meeka and the 'tasty' 
victuals that she provided. Apparently a newly found plant from the Northern 
Plains was included in some of the recipes. A line to the Copse of Willows 
formed to see Hakupa, the Shaman healer of Opallinoc. Recksne, famed hero and 
Opallinoc's skills trainer, took charge of distributing the corn husks, 
bringing order to a perilous situation. Assessment of casualties and damamges 
is being tallied.
Dateline Opallinoc: Corn husks in short supply
Due to the rapid depletion of corn husks during the Equinox festival, the
Price of corn has risen dramatically. The local production of corn has been
increased. This will take a number of months before harvest time occurs.
Purchases of husks and alternative items from passing merchants is underway.
A warning from Hakupa, the Shaman healer, to avoid using the leaves of a plant
looking like a small green, thorny weed for any purposes.
Dateline Edo: Importation of Husks
An agreement with the Grand Daimyo of Edo has been achieved by Volstagg, the
Catacomb dweller. Husks from Edo are now in transit to Opallinoc. Hopefully
this will relieve the current shortage, but prices may remain higher. Klaatu,
your benevolent Leader, vows to punish any price gouging profiteers.


      Order News - Sanctus Irae                               via Aslan

*Written on canvas overlooking the city of Irae*
The soft spring air blends with the fine aromas of mixed fruits from the 
Orchards in Irae. As the cold air of winter fades, spring has obtained a firm 
hold on our fair city, flooding it with glorious light and splendor. The 
children of Irae play in the streets whilst the merchants tend to their busy 
stores, it is as if life has been restarted after the end of the long winter.
The city gates and docks await new adventurers and visitors to the great city,
a city that runs thick with amazing tales of new lands, mythical creatures
and a sense of harmony within its walls. 

*Signed with the crest of the Rotheschilde family*
Aslan de Rotheschilde
OOC News: Applications are currently open, please follow the links for
more information on the Order of Sanctus Irae.
New member(s) for this month: Aurelius
Help SI
(Features up to date Storyteller news and notes with current scenes)


      Deadly News                                             by Vortok

What's new in PK?  Remember, at any time you can type PKNEWS to see the
latest and greatest enhancements to the pkill way of life.
- PK was dead, and is now alive again... but for how long?
- Donatello (Dan) comes back to active PK, welcome back Dan!
- Catarrh slips slowly into the shadows, then comes back blazing.
- Art/Seothan takes leadership and revives the dead clan.
  -- He obtains 4 artifacts, then gets cornered and loses 3
- Pat returns, lowbie PK increases.  Welcome back Talon!
- Vortok gets VoDW from Tij and loses it in 2 minutes. (Record Time!)
- Tim (Xarvus) assumes #1 slot, Will(Atrayyu) assumes #2 slot.
- Aylssa steps off to Disney land, have a safe trip!
- 44 members outcasted, house cleaning time!

- Tij loses his artifact to Art, who loses it to Brad
- Vermicio/Gherla leaves for 6 months... where is he going?
- Maq joins the Feralis team, then quits pk.

- Brad leads his clan to victory, they kill Art and get 3 artifacts!
Versatch posts a note!
- PKC has become more active
  -- Immortal support remains strong, good thing may come soon.
- Still no Immortal Head for PKC?  Who will it be?
That's it, not much this month.  Hopefully things will pick up soon.
Data Updated: 28 March 2005 by Vortok @ 11:00am EST


      PKill Conclave/CoE Rulings                              by Vortok

- Honour channel
- Who peacekiller command to see people who want arena pk
- Adrenaline exits on pktown, we will wait for the PK GEO
- Blind/Curse will remain as is... bless+girth=good
- PK version of morphs
- Hand out 4 more sets of clan
- Increase Answeller Pop Rate
  -- Possibly make Answeller a NASR type weapon
- Multi while statrolling
- Raise Bladesinger 4th attack to 75, and 5th to 35
- Mature command to turn 18 instantly
- Re-instate gold into Drow Mines
- PK Mage resists to 20%
- True sight pots in town; awaiting code
- Copper gold system, cheap heals, etc; awaiting code
- Beggar in town no longer has access to sanctuary
- PKNEWS for more ideas that have passed


      The Worst PK Bug Ever!                                  by Vortok

So, how deadly is a 150dr thief that can do 5 simultanious circles?
Let's see:
Nadidadern's circle _demolishes_ Zanervyn!
Nadidadern fades into existence.
Nadidadern's circle _demolishes_ Zanervyn!
Nadidadern fades into existence.
Nadidadern's circle _demolishes_ Zanervyn!
Nadidadern fades into existence.
Nadidadern's circle misses Zanervyn.
Nadidadern fades into existence.
Nadidadern's circle _demolishes_ Zanervyn!
Nadidadern fades into existence.
Nadidadern's circle MUTILATES Zanervyn!
Zanervyn is DEAD!!
Zanervyn screams furiously as he falls to the ground in a heap!
Zarit's suspiric grasp hits you!
Dabec's circle _maims_ you!
Mezekht's circle _maims_ you!
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
Zarit's blast mauls you!

You lose 1 honour for defeat in combat. 
..Everything begins to fade to black.


      Wedding Congratulations                                 by Babui

A friend just got married? Want to congratulate them along with the whole of
You just got married? Want to announce to the whole of realms your love for
each other?
Well, here's the place!
Send me a mudmail with the couples' name, the date of the wedding, and any
comments you would like to make =)
Start NOW by showing you care! Start NOW by showing you are truely happy for
them/yourself! Start NOW by announcing to the world!
______________________-> HaPpY WeDdInG!

                          `.   ``-.                               .-----.._
                            `,     `-.                          .:      /`
                              :       `"..                 ..-``       :
                             /   ...--:::`n            n.`::...       :
                            `:``      .` ::          /  `.     ``---..:.
                              `\    .`  ._:   .-:   ::    `.     .-``
                                :  :    :_\\_/: :  .::      `.  /
                                : /      \-../:/_.`-`         \ :
                                :: _.._  q` p ` /`             \|
                                :-`    ``(_. ..-----hh``````/-._:
                                            `:      ``     /     `
                                            E:            /
      The Guild of Vampires                  :          _/
                                             :    _..-``
   happily announce a new vampie couple      l--``
            ALOCA and LEISA

May more blood flow, may more screams be heard, as the couple roam the realms
Married on 29th March 2005.

      A Game Of Chance                                        by Babui

A Game of Chance
In this MUD game we all play in, there about 22,500 characters....(says Conran 
- accurate approximation!) What are the chances of meeting a certain person?

What are the chances of finding someone you can call a close friend?
Chances are given, whether you take the opportunity, is entirely up to you.

This is a game created for chance. Well, for entertainment purpose too.
4 lucky people will be given the chance to meet someone...someone you may 
or may not is all up to...chance.
|                             ,---')
                            (  -_-(
                            ) .__/ )
                          _/ _/_( /        _.---._
                         (__/ _ _) ,-._   /  o    \
                           //)__(\/,-` |_| O  o o O|
                       _\\///==o=\'      |O o  o O |
                        `-' \    /        \O o   o/
                             )___\         `'-.-\\
                            / ,\ \       ____)_(____
                           / /  \ \     '--..---,,--'
                          /()    >()        \\_//   
                          |\_\   |\_\       /,-.\

Explanation of the process:

- 4 guys and 1 girl, or 4 girls and 1 guy will be randomly selected on a first
  come first serve basis. The 4 will choose a name to be associated with them.

- Assuming this is the 4 guys 1 girl scenario, the girl will ask a question and
  mudmail it to me. I will make 4 copies, and send them to each of the guys,
  and they will answer in a mudmail to me.

- Forwarding the 4 answers on a separate mudmail to the girl, the girl will 
  decide and choose 1 guy to be outcasted.

- This continues - 3 questions, 3 guys outcasted, and the girl will meet up
  with the remaining guy!

+ The questions must be general (eg, what is your favourite area?) and must 
  not reveal/hint at a person's identity (eg, what organisation are you in?)
+ The meeting will be arranged and logged, and after that, what they do is
  their own business.
+ The mudmails would all be posted to me, so it'll be anonymous - until the
  final meeting where the girl will know who she chose and who she gave up!
+ The results and questions/answers will be published on the cry, so be ready.

And so comes the final round of A Game of Chance!
Question 1
What made you start playing this game, and what is it that makes you keep what is your favorite thing to do or whatever.
Well I stumbled onto the RoD website and it looked interesting so I checked it
out, been hooked ever since. I think what keeps me coming back are my friends,
thats a tough question, RoD is addictive like crack or I guess
I'm a RoDhead.
Well, here goes.
The thing that made me start playing was that I was completely entranced by
this world of interaction and complexity, I loved it and felt that this was
where I belonged. It drew me in and captured me. As for what keep me playing,
I love the game and everything about it. It's like a drug that I can't get
enough of, but it's also more than that it's a place that I can call home, a
place where race, age, and sex have no real bearing. It's a place where you
can get to know people for who and what they are.
That's why I started and why i continue to play.

I started playing because I saw my friend and his older brother playing one
time...I didn't give rod too much thought, as at the time i considered it 
"lame" because it had no pictures. One night though I tried it, and found it
actually fun =)  The thing that keeps me playing now are my mud-
family and friends...questing, running, a little roleplaying every so often
with them keeps me here =)
I didn't have much to do during breaks (and lessons) in school. Two close
friends of mine were already playing the game and helped me out. I keep
playing for several reasons, I like questing and running some, and pkilling
and helping/teaching others alot. (I guess that mix sounds kinda odd...) My
two friends are also still playing.
Okie, after careful deliberation, I've decided to eliminate Flipplewoogan. 
Not for any reason beyond the fact that the other people had must more in 
depth answers, and it allowed me to understand more of why they started 
playing, and why they started playing, and why they keep playing. :)
*****Sinistro is OUTCASTED*****

Question 2
What defines you? What is it that makes you an individual among all the
faceless masses?
I suppose what defines me is how I can be joyous and carefree most of the
time, but still be serious when needed. I suppose I'm a good guy otherwise 
people wouldn't want to talk to me, but I can be a bit sarcastic. I am an 
individual among the masses because I know, like and accept who and what I am.
I can easily accept others for who and what they are. I don't discriminate 
against anyone. Another thing that seperates me from others is my tendancy to
be blunt and truthful, there are a few people who don't like me cause of that 
trait :P
I think the thing that defines me the most is my willingness to help. If I can
help out, I will. If I can't, I'll still try to find some other way...not that
I expect any recompensation or anything, and that, I think, complements my
willingness to help. A lot of times now people do things (in game, and in real
life) looking solely for "okay now what can i get back in return for helping
you out?" contrary to that, I will try my best to help, whether I'm given a
trillion coins, a thank you, or nothing at all =)

Trickier question this time. I guess it's my mix that makes me unique.
Some know me as a smart person, or someone with a very good memory... others
see my more social side, I know many, and many know me, though you can't get
to know a lot of people well, just somewhat.
I also have a very laid back approach to life and others, if someone does
something that others could consider annoying or immoral, that doesn't hurt
anyone else, and that makes him happier, I'm all for it, even if it's some odd
fetish. My goal with life is to enjoy it purely, though that often includes
helping others alot.
This one was easy, I'm eliminating garden-mower because I don't understand
how the one thing that defines you, is helping others...helping others is
a wonderful trait about a person, but that can't be the singular thing that
defines who you are. I just wanted something a little deeper :P

*****Rentuke is OUTCASTED*****

Question 3
Why do you want to win this contest? don't say anything like "I want to meet
new people" or whatever because you have the opportunity to meet new people 
everyday without having to go through the hassle of winning a contest. Sooo...
why do you really want to win. ie.. why should you be my choice ;)
Truthfully, I never really thought of it as a contest. Babui asked me if I
wanted to play a game of chance, so I decided to check out what it was. It
looked interesting so I sent a mudmail to Babui sayin sure, I'd like to try
it. So, since I never thought of it as a contest I was never really concerned
about winning anything (you :P). It was just somethin different from the daily
grind to try out. :)
Because I'm so cool! Well, really. I don't care alot wether I win or not, but
if I DO win, it'll be more fun for you :P All in all, I mostly joined because
I was bored. Still, that doesn't mean I'm not the best choice!
I'm not sure what interests you, but I think my humour has a chance! And if
not, I can always train you in pking, or help you talk about problems or
Well, this was a tough choice, but I think im going to eliminate Chillin..
so my choice would be Flameman :) It wasn't just this one answer that made
my choice, but I was putting into consideration, all of the answers and stuff. 
After weighing all of that, I've decided that I'd probably be more compatible
with Flameman, but hell who knows ;)
*****Bern is OUTCASTED***** 
So! Who is this mysterious Flameman, who was choosen by..MIYAKA?!
Namyar says 'hello'
Miyaka says 'hiya'
Miyaka says to Namyar, 'nice to meet ya'
Namyar says to Miyaka, 'nice to meet you too'
Miyaka wonders ' you wipe your ass with an owl?'
Miyaka wonders 'if you clean the owl afterwards?'
Namyar says 'nah, i throw them out the bathroom window ;)'

So that concludes the game, A Game of Chance.
I hope everyone who played met some new friends, had fun, and just enjoyed the
whole process.
Also, hope this at least brought some amusements and good read for all you
readers out there!
What are the chances of meeting someone, in this vast game with so many
players? What are the chances of befriending someone, in such a big world?
Cherish your friends, family and lovers etc. chances like that don't come all
the time ;)
Lastly, enjoy! =)


      Poem Contest Submissions                                by Aragon

*Submitted By Vanim*                                  *Submitted by Cordellia*

For every minute we're apart                       Shadows fall across my face
My thoughts are always on you                           Obscuring what you see
You've always been in my heart                      My heart continues beating
Whenever we're apart.                                But no life inside of me.
                                                       My pain is everylasting
For every minute you're with her                       My soul no longer light
My thoughts are still on you                      My body's actions are taxing
My life is all a blur                                 Every second is a fight.
Whenever you're with her                                 But I live on forever
                                                     Never once trying to flee
For every minute you're with me                Until I lay on a bed of heather
My thoughts are shared with you                  And all life escapes from me.
My heart is filled with glee
Whenever you're with me

*Submitted By Vessarr*
I am the night
I am ever fighting
Flighting as the sun overcomes the moon
I am the night
I cause fear in those who flee me
Called by the camp fires light
Looking for some delight in the darkness blue
I am the night
I am ever at my bluest
Ever dreaming of the end 
Where all men shall bend 
and i will once again rule over all
In a land i shall call my hall
I am the night


      Room Description Contest                                by Aslan

Dear all,
Last months competition has been extended until the May article of the cry. 
Please try to get all submissions in to me by April 29th at the latest. The 
winner will be announced in the May CoD with the winning description.
The competition is the following;
Design a room description for the following locations, please remember
to not have any rude descriptions or topics, and only one submission
per player, no alts.
1) A courtyard outside a lavish church
2) A market place full of life
3) A canal and gondola dock
4) A meeting spot over a covered bridge over the canal
Keep in mind that this is classical Venice, one of the most lavishly wonderful
cities known in the ancient world. The object being to submerge the reader 
(pretend it's going to be a new realms area and you want to impress a 
Aslan de Rotheschilde


      Cry of Despair - March's Quest Results                  by Alysira

Last month, I prepared a Find-A-Word for you to complete. I selected two
winners at random, congratulations to:
                       Mazian and Eisengrim!

There was a problem early on, I accidently misspelled Sewer, so I accepted
other abbreviated entries for the seventh answer. These are all the words
which were hidden in the Find-A-Word:

Thalos, Wastelands, Galaxy, Moria, Ofcol, Olympus, Sewer (I accepted ToL too)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Please read this issue's quest, I assure
you, it's different to every other!


      Cry of Despair - April's Quest                          by Alysira

This month, I'm starting something different. Somewhere in some article of
this month's Cry of Despair, the answer to this question is hidden. It's not
obvious at all, you'll have to read and think to find it! Once you think 
you've found the answer, MUDmail it to me, along with which article it's
hidden in, by the 30th of April. Two correct answers will be chosen as
winner! Here is the question:

                What does Sinistro describe himself as?

MUDmail what you think the answer is to me by the 30th of April! And if you
ask Sinistro, that's cheating, your answer will be discounted!

Good luck and have fun!


      From The Quill Of Alysira                               by Alysira

I apologise for the Cry being so late this month, an unhealthy cocktail of
real-life dilemmas and Realms dilemmas were the cause. It hopefully will not
happen again!

A lot of articles this month, from all our regular staff members, and a few
new faces and new articles!

I hope you enjoy this month's issue!

P.S. If you actually read this, I'll give you a lollipop!