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Waste of bloody time

News #1025 posted by Granitedge on 12/30/14.

So's I'm told by an old buddy that passed these parts that there is good
mining in the Barren Peaks of Tahlji...Talljeehe..whatever. The Barren Peaks.

Now I say to this buddy, because he drinks a lot for a human and he can't hold
it like a proper person should, that he must means the Southern Mountains. I
got kin making money there and he says 'No, my friend, leave this Wasteland,
there are diamonds there the size of yer fist!'

So, fine, fine, business ain't been good so I pack up my provisions and make
that long trek north. I'd followed his directions, avoided some of the more
dangerous things up there and set to digging. After working a week I'd found
what looked like the promise o' dem diamonds. That night as I'm sleeping, I
felt a horrible rumbling. I woke to a tremendous earthquake that tore all me
work to nothing. Buried it all! All that was left was a strange cave. Now,
I'm no coward, but I'm wise enough to know when something just ain't right.
There weren't nothing IN that cave, ye see, but I can tell there's something
under it. Something I want no part of. You'll think I'm crazy but I'm
sure I heard hissing deep in that stone. Yeah, hissing. So I was gone.
Left them blasted Peaks and that cave far behind. Never going back.

So, yeah, waste of my time, my money and my sweat.

Anyway, ya heard of any good spots to mine?