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New Skills: Lay Arcane Trap and Disable Trap

News #1026 posted by Kinux on 12/31/14.

It is now possible for Rangers to lay temporary room traps through the skill
'lay arcane trap'. This skill requires a coil of rope, available for sale in
Wyvern's tower, Ocean Keep, Salburg, and on a few Ranger mobs. The trap will
affect both mobs and pkillers who move into the trapped room. See HELP 'LAY
ARCANE TRAP' and 'DETECT TRAPS' for more information.

To counter this trap, it is possible for Rangers and Thieves to 'Disable Trap'.
Again, please see HELP 'DISABLE TRAP' and 'DETECT TRAPS' for more
information. Many thanks to Romani for the help files!