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Backlashing Casters Sends Mails, only not.

News #1029 posted by Belkira on 02/25/15.

A number of code updates have come in, the notables among them are :

Backlash will now hit the augurer's current target if the augurer is fighting
and a target is not specified.

Added support for MSDP FAVOR/WEIGHT variables.

Auction times have been doubled to allow players more time to get to an
appropriate auction room.

Casters who are sufficiently sagacious will find that they are sometimes able
to affect the amount of time their spells require to perform.

Mail to "Org Someone" will now work.

Players' previous recent 20 tells are now recallable using the tellhistory
command. See the helpfile for details. Thanks to Sherazod for the idea.

A number of bugfixes were also ported, thanks to everyone who reported the
assorted misbehaviours that were addressed.

Thanks to Gonnil and Sepharoth for the fixes and updates.