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Blind Visages Tinker With Mana (Or : Code Updates)

News #1036 posted by Belkira on 08/25/15.

A number of shiny things have been moved over, not all of which will be
visibly shining but are as follows.

Updated default prompts for non-mana users. Thanks to Zisty for the idea.

Tinker will now appear on spellstat so the more inventive gnomes will be able
to keep track of their progress. --Thanks to Elanna and Daryth for the idea.

Updated prompt message for when you can't see your opponent.

All characters will now see RIS info in aff by (not just level 20+).

Persuaded Estathius to stop being neutral in his feelings about visage of the

Attempting an impassable door will now provide a more informative message.

A number of bugfixes were also brought over although the number of aphids in
the academy remains undiminished.

Thanks to Stoneheft and Loril for assorted suggestions, especially the new
messages for name authorization denials, and other items that were added.

Thanks to Gonnil and Sepharoth for the code.