Code Updates

News #1206 posted by Gonnil on 2022-05-18 15:38:43.

- The retreat skill for Buccaneers now properly removes the retreater from
combat upon successful use.

- When attempting to haggle with a shopkeeper to get lower prices, the
duration of time when the shopkeeper charges higher prices has been corrected
to match what the helpfile shows for this command. Thanks to Zistrosk for
the investigation and code support on this topic.

Other minor formatting updates as follows:

- The duplicate message that sometimes occurs when using a skill or spell that
attacks the entire room has been fixed. Thanks to various players who have
reported this in the past.

- The messaging when Augurers cast their third eye spell and then their third
eye dies has been cleaned up.

- Some older spell affects that granted resists or suscepts that were
incorrectly showing a weird number when viewed in the score command now
display properly within the score command. Thank you Namsar for reporting.

- Spiral blast message was missing a period or full stop at the end, but is
now fixed. Thank you Speira for reporting.