Moldy Pillow Changes

News #1207 posted by Gonnil on 2022-05-20 07:07:42.

The Council of Elders recently discussed the "moldy pillow" item. This item
has been increasingly used across the Realms, for various uses that we believe
were unintentional and against the spirit of the item, which is really a
simple and funny program to spawn a flea.

What this innocent pillow has led to, is:
- people bypassing the alignment system, by whipping out their moldy pillows
and killing fleas whenever it is needed.
- people bypassing the favor system, by sacrificing corpses of fleas.
- people bypassing the blood system, by allowing vampires to gain blood
whenever it is needed, even during combat against a bloodless victim.

And we have seen other script-driven activity regarding fleas. In recent days
there have been 50000+ of these fleas killed every day.

So, due to all of these unintended consequences, the moldy pillow will no
longer be able to spawn infinite fleas. You will be able to see 1 flea come
from each pillow, to preserve the original theme of the item, but no more.

This protects the long term health of the mud, and keeps intact the alignment,
favor, and blood systems as originally imagined and designed. It also offers
us the design space to potentially incorporate items or abilities that give
benefits to managing one's alignment, favor, or blood. In a more thematic and
thoughtful way than just providing access to pillows with unlimited fleas.