Code Updates

News #1209 posted by Gonnil on 2022-07-01 11:09:52.

The IM line set by the "icq" command and shown in a player's whois now allows
uppercase letters, whereas previously it did not. Thank you Romani for
pointing out this issue.

NC members now have the ability to look at another character's slist, for
characters between levels 1 and 10. This is done using the pskills command.

Projectiles that are imbued will now have their description and keywords
changed, so that you can tell you have imbued the projectile. Thank you
Mossweaver for the suggestion.

The slist command has been cleaned up, and should no longer spam you with the
full list of skills and spells when you typo the name of a skill or spell.
Thank you Vorth for the suggestion.

When you do "scan all" in a room with no exits, you now get a message
indicating that you have no direction you can scan in, as opposed to a blank
line that happened previously. Thank you Namsar for pointing out this issue.

Corrected a message when certain spell component objects expire, showing a
more specific message to the caster of the spell when a component is consumed
(for example, a glowing crystal). Thank you Namsar for mentioning this issue.

Huge thanks to Zistrosk for contributing the code updates for all of the above.