Topmudsites Closes Voting and Forums

News #1216 posted by Romani on 2022-11-10 08:13:06. is no longer open as a vote/forum site.

News from the TMS site: TMS is going inactive as a forum and a voting
site. The front page is now a list of the all-time top MUDs based on
votes over almost the lifetime of the site (since the new database
in 2006). The forums will remain as a reference but are also read-only.
The rest of the article about this change is here:

During our time voting on the TMS site, we acquired 166,434 votes and
87,126 votes to our website leaving us proudly in the top 10.

We are looking for new, free ways of advertising RoD to help bring in
new players. RoD, as many know, has been an online home to our players
since June 1994. For a non-profit, this is quite phenomenal. Everything
comprising RoD is done so through donations of resources and time from
the immortal staff, who are also players of the game. With the diligent
voting and promotion from our players, it has continued through the years.

If you have ideas of places that we can advertise please mudmail me.
(See help mudmail, editor)

Thank you,