Code Updates

News #1220 posted by Gonnil on 2023-02-08 11:03:12.

Today's code changes are mostly brought to you by Incendi - much gratitude to
him for his efforts.

- Bugs regarding eqset bonus affects are now hopefully fixed. Thank you to
several of you who have reported issues with these. Please let us know if you
see any further issues with the eqset affects.

- Updates to certain incense objects to support one of the prizes from the
recent Rune Trading order event.

- Certain weapons with weaponspells, such as the sword of magic, will no
longer cause the wielder's fight round to stop when the spell fails to cast.

- Fixed issue where if a deadly used pounce on a peaceful in the arena, they
got no success or fail message.

- Fixed crash bug related to the dispel magic spell.

- Further changes to shopkeepers so that players receive clearer messages
about why a shopkeeper is refusing to sell an item to them (now including due
to level restrictions).

- Objects that display certain messages when consuming them now correctly
display "someone" to others if they can't see who is doing the consuming.