The Rise of the World Eater

News #1234 posted by Gonnil on 2023-10-30 15:27:04.

Witnesses report that today the ghostly donation chest that had appeared in
Darkhaven, now having all of the list of offerings that were inscripted upon
it, began to sparkle and vibrate, then suddenly disappeared in a terrific
flash of energy.

And a booming voice was heard by all in the land...


And somewhere, an unholy citadel from ages past rises up from the void...

But the being that resides there is not wholly indifferent to these Realms,
and having received what was asked, has in fact bestowed a temporary boon of
prosperity to all.

Starting on the next reboot on October 31, all players will receive a bonus
of double the normal amount of gold received from any mob in the world.

This benefit will end in one week's time, on November 7th, 2023.