Code Updates

News #1235 posted by Gonnil on 2023-11-08 14:11:57.

Currently, when attempting to pick up a number of items of the same type and
there is not enough room in inventory, none of the items are picked up and a
"not enough room in inventory" message is displayed. Now, the maximum number
of items that can fit in inventory are picked up, and any remaining items are
left on the ground. For example, if there are 15 healing items on the floor
and only room for 9 in the inventory, the player would pick up 9 and leave
the remaining 6 on the floor. This does not apply to using "get all." of an
object at this time, but we may revisit this in the future as well.
Thanks to Leeroy and others for bringing up this issue in the past.
Also thanks to Michelangelo and Ramsus for assistance in testing.

The detrap skill now displays a message to others in the room when used.
Idea submitted by Namsar.

Affects that affect damage by "x" now properly show "x%" to correctly
communicate that it is a percentage damage increase, not a flat increase.
Hunt/pursue repeat to stop command. Idea submitted by Tara.

The makeleader command now has a group echo when used. Idea by Miseria.

The "Line too long." message is now modified when using commands such as bug
and idea to show you where the line was cut off. Idea by Meriweather.

Thanks to Zistrosk for providing the new code for these changes.