Some minor area updates

News #1236 posted by Gonnil on 2023-11-16 15:42:04.

In the Wild Tundra area, the door of a hut was fixed so that it is no longer
mistakenly open on one side and closed on the other side. Thanks Namsar for

In the Valley of Mysts area, a door to the north of the stone cottage where it
shouldn't have been was removed. Thanks Grunton for reporting.

The flying broom from Nevermore now allows you to type "sit flying" which
works the same way as "sit broom". Thanks Namsar for raising this issue.

One of the Sewer exit grates to another area has been adjusted to properly be
openable and closeable on both sides. Thanks Ceeles for reporting.

The room of the deity Adendra is now lighted permanently so as to match what
the room description says. Thanks Clare for reporting.

The pair of comfortable leather boots from Blasted Lands now shows as having a
combined 30 mana affect, instead of separate lines for 10 mana and 20 mana.
Thanks Bigglesbee for reporting.