Code Updates

News #1241 posted by Gonnil on 2024-01-03 10:58:03.

Fixed message when using the refuge spell, and adjusted experience loss when
using the refuge spell. Thank you Baristan for reporting.

The ventriloquate spell had an issue where when it was used on an item that
has multiple copies in the room (e.g. 4 balls of iridescent light), the output
appears as if all 4 object are speaking. This bug has been corrected. Thank
you Aaric for reporting.

The halt command now stops the hunt and pursue skills.

Clipboard changes:
Clipboards should now display note votes when examined.
The coloring scheme for clipboards now matches the color scheme used for
displaying notes.
When taking notes from a clipboard, the order is no longer reversed.

Thank you Zistrosk and Incendi for their time spent on code development.