Web client Help


Screenshot of webclient

  1. Room name
  2. Game and Setting tabs
  3. Game output window
  4. Vitals information (Health/Mana or Blood/Movement)
  5. Experience to next level. Not displayed for avatars.
  6. Game input. Press the ENTER key to send.
  7. Shortcut buttons:
    • Connect/Disconnect (green = online/red = offline)
    • Toggle command parsing
    • Toggle triggers
  8. Character score.
  9. Spell affects
  10. Opponent information. Only visible during combat.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Esc (Escape key): Connect/Disconnect

Ctrl + Space: Scroll to bottom of game output

Ctrl + Left arrow/Right arrow: Switch tabs

Tab: Focus game input

Ctrl + click speedwalk: Send to world without pasting to game input

Alt + click speedwalk: Delete speedwalking entry

Advanced Usage

Command separation

Multiple commands can be sent at once using the command separator: a semicolon (";"). E.g.

eat jerky chest;drink fountain

Command repetition

A command can be repeated using the hash symbol ("#"). E.g.

#5 north

Command repetition and command separation can also be used together. E.g. speedwalking:

#9 s;w;#3 s;#4 w;nw;w

Tip: You can turn off command separation and command repetition using the Toggle command parsing button (7).

Known Issues

  • Some commands typed into the client are not registered by the game
  • Default window/zoom issues for some users


  • Different fonts and sizes for low vision
  • Trigger tutorial
  • Dedicated backscroll