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Getting Started - Newbie Guide


Stories: Exploring Quitting Recalls An Unsettling Encounter

Journal entry, 2pm, Day of the Great Gods, 12th, Month of the Battle.

I awoke this morn at Sonoria, for reasons unknown to me, with only my coin purse. I managed to get a rune covered bag, some food and a dragonskin easily enough. I'll have to go back through the Academy, pick up some more gear... hope my membership is still current.

Journal entry, 3pm.

Guess I head to the warehouse to beat up something for a small weapon first.

Journal entry, 6pm.

Well, that was a long tedious experience but it's done. I've gone from a wooden sword back up to a claw of the forest bear after a few detours through the warehouse, Tull manor (gawd those two nannies should get together!) Green Forest, Unholy Grounds... on and on, but I've done it.

Well time for a good meal and then perhaps a visit to Shattered Refuge. I hear there are some gnomes there that I wouldn't mind killing. Must remember to SAVE and make sure to QUIT out of the game properly when I stop for the day so that nothing can happen to my belongings without my knowing.