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Newbie Council

The Newbie Council is comprised of players that have agreed to be available to newbies whenever possible. Please DO NOT abuse the service they are offering. They will help direct you to areas, equipment choices, and assistance in locating your corpse when you die. Newbie Councillors WILL NOT help you gain levels.

Please contact any NC member if you require assistance or need questions answered. To speak directly to them, type who NC to identify Councillors online and available ([NC:ON]), then type tell name message (ex: tell Stoneheft Could you please help me?.)

Please note that these players are volunteers and are not compensated for their services. While they will assist anyone that they can, they ARE NOT obligated to help anyone. Their main concern involves new players between the levels of 1 and 15.

Immortal Heads of the Council: Stoneheft Loril
Immortal Assistant: Mekir

Mortal Members: Arina, Bolotomus, Jimothy, Mumra, Mab, Obsidianna, Kellian, Monrad
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The Symposium

The Symposium is a council comprised of mortals and Immortals. Immortal members serve as advisors for the mortal generated projects and oversee the advancement process from level 50-51.

The Symposium is constantly trying to develop new ideas and projects for the Realms, as well as improving on various aspects of the game. Projects can range anywhere from new races and spells to minor revisions of helpfiles or room descriptions. All mortals are encouraged to bring their concerns and project ideas to a representative, or post the idea on the Tome of Conception located e,s,u,3s, of Darkhaven Square. Posted ideas will be forwarded to a representative who will contact the proposer and help to direct the idea through the process.

Those seeking more information should contact the Immortal staff of The Symposium or the mortal head.
Immortal Head of the Council: Romani
Mortal Head: Beleth

Mortal Members: (GoM) Kisuke, (Cat) Gatersade, (GoT) Teddios, (Fer) Versetch, (DS) Jonus, (Exc) Miyaki, (GoF) Vachu, (RB) Malugrym, (SI) Ordem, (GoR) Emmalise, (GoW) Ezra, (AR) Dajjal, Halion, Cellador, Roxors, Selvetarm
Immortal Liasons: (CoE) Kali, (NeoC) Destre, (NA) Romani, (Code) Belkira, (QC) Malkatov, (NC) Stoneheft, (PKC) Gonnil
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Quest Council

The Quest Council, composed of Immortals, is responsible for the creation and running of the majority of quests in the Realms. The QC also handles issues related to the distribution and value of glory. For more information, please contact an Immortal with [Quest Council] in his/her title, or type 'councils quest council.'

Our board is located in Darkhaven Town Hall (e, s, u, s, w). Please feel free to post comments, questions, concerns and quest ideas there.

Immortal Head of the Council: Destre
Coded members: Mirabeau, Belkira, Malkatov, Eisengrim, Gawen
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Pkill Conclave

The Pkill Conclave oversees the proposal and implementation of improvements to the pkill system. Though the council contains only Immortal members, changes to the pkill system comes from its population. Ideas from deadly players are posted and then all deadly players with an Avatar character may vote once. Any pkiller with a legitimate suggestion to enhance deadly gameplay is encouraged to contact the PKC head or post their idea on the main pkill board (West of Gravoc) for further review.

Immortal Head of the Council: Gonnil
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Neophyte Council

The Neophyte Council is responsible for overseeing new Immortal and guiding their progress as they take on the responsibilities of Immortalhood. Through mentoring programs and working closely with Neophytes, the council members hope to help with any problems or questions they might have.

Immortal Head of the Council: Destre
Council Members: Akael, Ceirana, Conran, Kali, Kinux, Loril, Meekon, Romani, Stoneheft, Gonnil, Belkira, Malkatov, Eisengrim
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Code Council

The Code Council is responsible for development and implementation of all new coding. This includes coding projects submitted to TS and approved by TS and COE. Other coding projects involve major and minor code fixes and updates.

Immortal Head of the Council: Belkira
Immortal Members: Altrag, Tricops, Meekon, Lina, Conran, Sepharoth
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Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is formed of some of the highest gods experienced in both creation and administration, and is entrusted with complete and final executive power over the mud. No single Immortal holds sole executive power.

Immortal Head of the Council: Kali
Council Members: Blodkai, Ceirana, Conran, Kinux, Thoric
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