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Guild of Mages

'Strength in intelligence, Power in wisdom, Unity in kinship'

Drawn to seek out the Guild of Mages you journey out to find yourself standing tall next to a pillar of neatly posted parchments. Suddenly a voice gently whispers the words "guide please". A guide to the Guild appears in your hands. Wondering "What will this help me with? What will the guild bring me?" The magical voice whispers again, "Strength in Intelligence, Power in wisdom, Unity in kinship".

* At level 2 a mage can apply to join MAP (Mentor-Apprentice Program). Here you'll learn how to obtain better equipment for a Mage and how to use your spells to greater effect.

* At level 15 you'll now be able to apply to GoM, but before applying remember to have read your Guild Guide from front to back and read through the notes on the pillar.

* For more information on joining speak to a guild leader or IT member (identified by an IT in their title).

To receive the guide to GoM and apply to the guild travel E, E, S, SE from Darkhaven Square
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Guild of Clerics

'Honor, Health, and Holiness'

Light of Creation, Light that I am, I give thanks for all that I have, and all that I am. We invoke the Power of the Violet Flame, burning through up, and around our bodies, transmuting any energies out of alignment with our presence. We invoke the Power of the Sword and the Angels of Protection to surround and protect us within the impenetrable Sapphire Blue Spheres. We invoke the Power of the Light, filling and surrounding us in the protection and Divine Healing Grace. We gratefully rest in safety in the loving arms of our Blessed Mother. Anchoring in Mother Earth, we align ourselves with the Love of the Universe. We decree perfect protection by these powers and the Love of the gods that I am. Any energies operating outside of this light and Love must now depart to the Light voluntarily, or be taken there by the Spirit. Thanks to the Divine Spirit that, as we are chosen, we are protected.

For all in whose heart dwells respect, who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way, may your life prosper in the four blessings of health, beauty, happiness and strength within the Guild of Clerics.
Directions: NW, 2W, 2N, E from []
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Guild of Druids

'United to assist'

I believe in the way of an older law. When we used to dance to a different drum. And we are changing our ways. Yes we are taking on different roads. Tell me about the forest you once called home.

Check us out: nw,w,w,w,sw of DH[]
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Guild of Rangers

'With arrows nocked and silent steps, we blaze the trail where none dare tread.'

A Ranger is a hunter and woodsman who lives by not only his sword, but also by his wits. A Ranger should be kind and helpful, willing to help his comrades and those in need in times of trouble. The Guild of Rangers boasts a band of avid explorers who encourage the unique combination of camaraderie and independence. Members fight with honor and skill for the sake of adventure.

If you are a ranger of level 10+, visit the guild, 2ne e ne e se of DH[]
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Guild of Thieves

'Steal with Swiftness, Kill with Vengeance'

From the art of the con, to pickpockets, to enforcers, the Guild of Thieves is a haven to all who walk the shadowy paths. Here is found a safe refuge where prying eyes are limited to those of a like mind. Welcoming to those both beginning on the dodgy path and those with years of experience already behind them, the guild provides equality and aid to all who prove worthy of being admitted.

For those looking to gain entrance and show their worth it is said that information can be found in an abandoned warehouse 3s, 2w, 2n from Darkhaven Square.
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Guild of Vampires

'May the shadows of the night protect us and give us strength'

Darkness is a part of everything - We are that darkness. From the darkness comes a power - That power resides in us. We have banded together to help those of us who need aid, to guide those who seek to learn. The path of faith will not lead you here, the home of peril and mystery. The guild of vampires is a welcome sanctuary for all children of darkness. The guild assists all kindred in many areas and strives to be a place vampires of all kinds can call home. Those who seek residence must complete 15 levels of experience before they can gain an audience with a sire.

Swift shadows have been sighted in the southwest corner of Darkhaven.
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Guild of Paladins

'By our example we shall lead.'

The Guild of Paladins strives to purge the Realms of the darkness that lurks in its most hidden corners, to grant succor to those in need, to aid those in jeopardy, and to destroy those with hearts of evil!

The Guild barracks is located 4n, 3w, 2n,w, n, from Darkhaven Square. You may say the words "guide please" to get a copy of our guide. You must be level 10 to apply.
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Guild of Warriors

'Honor above everything, brotherhood always.'

* Long ago, a band of brothers, whose fame in battle far surpassed the other occupants of the realms, came together to form the Guild of Warriors. They put forward the proposition to Duke Luther, in which they would train all those who followed the path of the warrior in the art of warfare. Today, this guild still thrives, bringing forth the most skilled and artistic elements of combat to those who wish to enlist themselves in the ardious journey to train as a warrior. To apply to join the Guild of Warriors you must achieve level 15, although you must achieve level 20 before you may join the guild.

You may apply to the guild by travelling: 2ne, e, ne, 2n,e, n, ne from Darkhaven Square.
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Guild of Nephandi

'Swim with the firstborn, embrace the dark. Enter the madness'

"Legend speaks of a powerful mage, who in searching to unravel the mystery of the cosmos, accidentally opened a rift into a Nameless Plane. Sensing the opening, a horde of demons from within surged through the rift and rushed out. Quicklylearning of this breach, he sealed the rift in a rain of magic. The mage, drained, made a desperate gamble to throw the demons back from whence they came. From deep in The Void, his call was answered by the Dark Goddess Jade. Using dark magics she sealed the demons within the mind of the mage. However his mind was too weak and unable to contain the demons. As time passed his conditions worsened. Then one morning he was gone. Some claimed to have seen him vanish in a torrent of hellfire, others claim to have heard him utter words before being enveloped by a strange darkness..."
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Guild of Augurers

'Wizards of War, Unity in Knowledge'

Time is a wealth of change, but the clock in its parody makes it mere change and no wealth. Time, the infernal machine, enslaves all, paupers and princes alike. It is worthy of our study, and within the quiet halls of the Guild of Augurers, the river of time bends and dips, ebbs and flows. Those who have devoted themselves to the study of time should seek the Guild. It is through understanding of the unseen force that we command it and control it.
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Guild of Fathomers

'All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.'

Adept at both physical combat and the magicks of the sea, members of the Guild of Fathomers strive to become masters of the seafaring arts, while helping new recruits learn and explore their environment. The Shattering, as it has come t be known, had divided all the lands and people. Those who had known the seas for much of their life found either a restless sleep in the locker of the deep, or found themselves washed up upon shores both unknown and familiar. Scattered, bruised, and few in numbers the Fathomers began looking for a new home.
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