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Cry of Despair

Below is our archive of past issues of the Cry of Despair. The Cry of Despair was the player-written publication of Guild, Order, Race, and Clan news plus monthly quests, role playing information, interviews, adventure, poetry, and more exciting content.

All issues we could find have been migrated to the site and include issues until November 2015. Sadly, quite a few are still missing. If you find any, please contact Loril or Sepharoth in-game.

Some filthy copies of the ancient Times of Despair were found under a rock in the Kingdom of Juargan! Click to read! February, 1997, September, 1997, January, 1998


No.sort descendingTitleDate
2Interviews with Morphina and Bede04/1999
4In between hell and heaven, there were many pleasant stops for Serina...04/1999
5Interview with Abalon, Leader of the Human Nation05/1999
6Dria muses on Midway, building, and roleplay05/1999
7Comparing immortals to mobiles (NPCs)05/1999
8The Baali were out on a mision ...23/1999
9Conran Treves and Anaisse GreyBorne interview Edmond Nomaihr - Newbie Council05/1999
10In which we read Stories from the Bloodbath06/1999
11Jibberish by Thulkinn Krogenstar, Selina steps up in Guild of Warriors06/1999
12What would you do/change if you were immortal?06/1999
13Naeblis: this neverending cycle of rebirth; Amoria: eternal prisoner06/1999
14In which we dared ask, what does Darrek wear under his kilt?07/1999
15Brakko: journal of a Master Inquisitor; Interview with Viracocha07/1999
16Elbanon: Twas the Night Before Reunion; Anaisse WolfsHeart interviews Hoerkin StarProfit07/1999
17Interview: Iliana DarkRaven; Hmm: Happy Fun Ball07/1999
20Interview: Stoker; Micala: Of Gods and Beasts08/1999
21The Demon Within; Favourite Immortal - why?08/1999
22MUD Marriage; Juliana on roleplay09/1999
23The CoD Awards, MUD Marriage Part 21999
24Chat with Valanna, MUD Marriage Part 31999
26At the table with Cyril2000
28Nivek responds, Deathball, more Odessys in the Ruins2000
29Newbie Council interview; Lynda defies you to define insanity2000
30Poets Corner Issue2000
31Interview: Sal, the slimy slug2000
32A Life for a Life (Wight's Blade); Dear Trinda2000
33Shingo shelters Flareon; Pixie Myths; Life for a Life PART 22000
34Pixie Backlash! Mobs of RoD Unite! Life for a Life concludes2000
35Interview: Ceirsei, Part 2: Mobs of RoD Unite!2000
36Interview: Elisabet; Hired Assasins of Pelmen: Merf and Reol2000